Chapter 1: Running

I'm running as fast as my feet can carry me. The only thought that ran in my mind, while my two best friends are running with me, is how the hell I got them into this.

Next thing I heard a loud *BANG! Behind me and then one of my friends hits the ground with a loud *thump

"Alice!!!" I screamed

"Keep running…" was all Alice said before I heard the next *BANG!

"Rose!!" I screamed again. This time I stopped running and turned back to my two best friends. I knew the second I turned around that I was going to die tonight on this road.

"Ha, ha, ha. So you decided to join our party?" he said while looking at me with terrifying black eyes. "I thought you would just leave them here with me, to enjoy their company" he said to me with a wink.

"Please, please just leave us alone" I yelled trying to drag Alice up to me and Rose.

"Why would I want to leave the three most gorgeous girls I have ever laid eyes on?" he mocked.

"Please, we won't tell anyone" I begged.

"Do you honestly think I care what other people know? I told you from the start, you will never live without me! Where in the hell do you get off thinking that you could leave me?" he yelled.

Leave him?

"Please I-I….." *BANG!

This time I felt a large, hot stab in my stomach. The pain was endless; I could not imagine anything else that would hurt me so much. Not the countless times I fell on my head or twisted an ankle could compare to this pain.

"You see, you and your two little 'sisters' are never going to leave me now, your girls are mine!!" he frantically said.


That last shot hit me in the back of my hip. Another hot scorching pain wrestled up my side. Looking at Rose and Alice I saw they were also screaming in pain. He must have shot the two of them as well. I was sobbing by now. My body is hurting so badly I could hear ringing in my ears. What hurt the most was the fact that that I put my two best friends through this. They did not deserve this.

"Oh god, please stop!" I faintly said.

"Oh please stop! Oh please yourself." He mocked again. "Do you think I'm done, puff, we just got started!"


That last shot hit me in the thigh. Another hot pain filled my body. Hearing Rose and Alice screaming made the pain even worse.

"Well what? Do you have nothing else to say?" he said.

I felt something pulling my ankle and suddenly sliding down the pavement. My stomach, hip, and thigh were excruciatingly hot. All of my wounds where beating to the sound of my rapid heart.

Then, he began to spread my legs. He got on top of me and started breathing down into my neck and ear.

"You smell so good. Do you know how good you smell?" he asked. "ANSWER ME!"

"No" I said faintly, growing deeper and deeper into unconsciousness. I started fearing for the worst. I began to realize I could no longer hear Rose and Alice screaming anymore.

"Well you do, you really do." He said. "Your smell is so intoxicating" He began kissing my neck.

His breaths were becoming more horse. He started moving on top of me and shot pain throughout my stomach, hip, and thigh. I could even smell the burning of my own skin.

"I bet you're still a virgin" he murmured. "A girl like you would never give it up to anyone. You would just tease the ever loving shit out of them then leave them with their dicks in their hands" he was becoming angry.

"Please, just leave-"


I felt his left hand slap me across my cheek.

"Don't beg anymore! I am going to do what I want and your begging is starting to annoy me. The next words I want to hear from you is 'don't stop.' Do you understand me?!" He said this as he plunged his hand to my aching stomach.

"Oh, don't stop" was all I could say. I could faintly hear the noise of sirens in the background. Hope started washing over me. If they were coming for us, we would be hard to miss because we were in the middle of the road.

"Yeah, that's what I want to hear from you. Now," He began unbuttoning my pants. He whispered in my ear while unzipping his pants too, "I want you to say my name…"

The sirens where close now. All I need to do is prolong this situation until the ambulance came, but then he interrupted my thoughts.

"Shit! That didn't take them long" he said. He was very upset now. "Don't you think for a second you and your friends are going to make out of this alive!"


A hot sharp pain hit my chest. All of a sudden everything went black.