bella POV

i have been on the run from him for only 3 days . until now i never new vampires existed and now i had one

after me . not to kill me but stalking me he had a strange obsession for me . i had no one my family died

recently in a wreck . I'm alone in the world running from a vampire in a stolen car going full speed i was in a

small town town now. i decided to stop at a hotel i drove in a store a block away from the hotel to

hopefully throw him off . i walked in the hotel front door their was a middle aged woman siting behind a desk

" excuse me is their a room available "

" yes were not that full tonight "

" hears you key have a nice night"

" thank you "

she went back to typing on her lab top i went to my room and unpacked my cloths then went to take a shower i took long i haven't bathed in days i felt tired and put on cloths and fell in a deep sleep on the bed .

that' the first chapter tell me what you think peace out