still bella pov

i turned around to see a annoyed looking Edward .

" silly bella tricks are for kids " he said ( that line goes to i luv the cute sexy vampire )

" why can't you just leave me alone what do you want with me just kill me all ready ! "

" i can't do that bella your blood sings to me like a song sung by angles . " this guy was deep as a black hole the never ends .

" just leave me alone Edward ! " i ran off not caring that he was a thousand times stronger and faster than me i just wanted to get away from it all i couldn't take it any more my parents dieing my best friend being a werewolf .

i just need out ! i ran out in the street hearing angry drivers honking their horns telling me to get out of the way .running to to find the nearest bridge .

i stooped at a old bridge made of wood and faded green paint .i stared down at the deep muddy water . i climbed on the railing bracing my self to plunge to my death .

" here goes nothing " good by world good by Jacob . as i jumped of into the muddy water a pair of strong protective hands held me and pulled me to safely

" what were you thinking i can't lose you bella i need you ! "

" who do you think you are i can kill m self if i want ! "

" your parents would want this for you bella they would want you to live a full live and that is what i'll make sure of that one way or another Isabella Marie swan . "

how do you know my full name have you been spying one me before we even new each other ! "

" yes I'm sorry "



we drove home in a weird silence i was even shocked she went with m willingly . on the way we stopped at burger king. my bella ate upstairs in her room again , i was indeed a monster keeping her here just

because of her blood i was falling beep in love with that woman . i couldn't stand to be away from her fro long worrying what might happen to my love .

" Edward can you please control your emotions you make me want Alice in to a room alone and the the next minute i wanna rip her head off "

" sorry jasper "

" Edward you should really go hunting you look hungry ".

" will you watch bella for me jazz "

" no problem Edward i got your back "

" thanks " i left out the back door running faster the a race car . i sucked dry three mountain lions , and 2 grizzly bears . and hurried back to my bella .

i walked in to find jasper and bella sitting on the couchwatching secret life of a American teenager . jasper

looked into it as much as bella did i sat down next to bella her not seeming to notice or didn't care care . by watching the show show far ii learned the th girl was having a baby and a boy was helping her through it

and he wasn't the father like that would really happen. the show was really addicting they had the best come backs to thing it was so entreating

i'm stoping their i haven't uploaded in awhile cause my changed the adress and i forgot it so that's why you all rock the house peace out