AN: So, I totally meant to have this done and out sooner, but I got caught up in stuff...English project, chorus concert, karate tournament, last minute gift shopping, college applications...But now that it is done, enjoy. Also, thank you to everyone who reviewed the first chapter!

The book I mention, Halfway to the Grave, is by Jeaniene Frost and is very good. I recommend it if you like first person urban fantasy stuff.

I drove home quickly, and as soon as my car was parked I was running back to Bella's. I knew Charlie would still be up, and that Bella wouldn't be going to bed for a while yet, but I had to return. Bella underestimates herself sometimes, wondering why I'm with her. To me, the truth is obvious: she's a siren, calling to me. I actually hadn't realized how fast I had been until I reach her room and hear the conversation that's going on downstairs.

"What got into Edward earlier?" I heard Charlie ask. Never left her side, and what was with those glares at Jake?

"What do you mean?" Bella asked. She obviously didn't understand what Charlie meant.

"He glared at Jake a few times. Then after the mistletoe was put up he never left your side."

I heard Bella laugh. "Dad, Jake's my friend and all, but he also likes me. Edward knows this. So of course he isn't going to leave me after mistletoe is put up, especially after I broke my hand punching Jacob for kissing me. Mistletoe would give Jacob an excuse."

Still.... "What about the glares?"

"Edward was probably guessing what Jake was thinking."

Guessing. Right. I picked a book up off Bella's floor. It was Halfway to the Grave, something Alice had given her recently. Of course, it would be about vampires. I started reading it, waiting for Bella to come upstairs.

"I think I'm going to head up to bed." she finally said. When I glanced at the time, I realized I had only been here ten minutes, about as long as I usually took to return to Bella's. She asks me to hurry back and only comes up at the usual time...I smile at the thought.

Bella smiles when she catches sight of me on her bed. "How long have you been here?" she asks.

I shrug. "Ten minutes."

She smiled. "You did hurry, then."

"Of course." I reply. "You know, this book isn't that bad. Of course, most of the information is wrong, but at least these vampires can be active during the day."

"Yes, but they don't sparkle."

I groaned, pretending embarrassment. In fact, I was embarrassed, even if Bella claimed that it was 'beautiful'. Bella smiles and grabs her bathroom things. "Ten minutes." she says.

I go back to the book, waiting for her to return. Eight minutes, twenty three seconds later (but who's counting) she returned. She hops into her bed next to me, and I tuck the covers around her, making sure she wouldn't get chills from me during the night.

"Edward?" she asks after a few minutes.

"Yes, love?"

"I know there isn't any mistletoe, but will you kiss me anyway?"

I smile. "Of course."

And so I did.