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**Jacob PoV**

I lay there next to Bella wondering how I'd ever managed to end up so damn lucky. I mean here I was lying next to the most beautiful woman on the planet and she wanted ME… We were getting ready to start a whole new life together. We'd finish college and maybe buy a house closer to home. I hoped to stay close to Forks and La Push, but we hadn't talked about anything that far ahead of us yet.

I'd dozed for maybe half an hour, but then I couldn't fall back to sleep, and as much as I was lovin' having her silky smooth skin pressed up against mine, there was something I really needed to do. So I slid back out of bed, slipped into my boxers and dug my phone out of the pocket of my jeans. I crept back out of the bedroom silently pulling the door closed behind me. I stopped in the kitchen and grabbed the opened pizza box outta the fridge. I hunted through the fully stocked cabinets until I found a glass, and spent a minute in silent reverence and awe of the amazing woman currently sleeping in the next room.

I filled the glass with water from the tap and carried it, my phone and the pizza box to the table in the far corner of the kitchen. I chewed a piece of cold pizza as I picked up my phone and scrolled through my contact list. I found Sam Uley and hit send; he answered on the second ring.

"Hey Jake, you make it to Seattle yet?"

"Sam. Yeah, yeah I'm here, been here a few hours… Listen, man…" I struggled for words, and just couldn't find them. There was only one way I could get him to understand what had happened and what I needed to know. "Sam… Could we um, phase and talk that way? Save on minutes and all?" I tried to make light of my request.

"Sure Jake, we can do that. Is everything ok?" He asked, his voice filling with concern.

"Oh yeah… nothin' to worry about," I assured him.

"OK," Sam replied, not sounding entirely convinced. "Give me ten minutes to talk to Em and get to the forest."

I thanked him and hung up, taking note of the time so I'd know when to expect him. I ran to the bedroom and grabbed my jeans pulling them on as I walked back out of the room. I'd seen an area on my way in, near the pizza parlor, where I should be able to get away with phasing long enough to talk to Sam. I found a pen and paper in a drawer in the kitchen and wrote Bella a quick note just in case she woke up before I got back.

I didn't bother with shoes; I quickly drove the short distance to the small but densely wooded area I'd notice on my drive in earlier. Seven minutes after hanging up with him I left my keys and my phone hidden in my car and ran into the trees. There didn't seem to be anyone near, so I shed my clothes and felt the fire erupt from within and I exploded into my wolf form. Sam was waiting.

"Jacob, what?"

Without a word I focused on the events that had transpired earlier. I tried to stop the memory at when Bella and I left the living room but a few bits and pieces beyond that demanded to be relived.

"Jacob!" Sam's thoughts boomed happily through my head, that's great man! Wow, you finally imprinted on Bella. And I um," he chuckled, "I take it things went well from there?"

"Dude, you're starting to sound like Jared, shut up," I growled, but I knew he was happy for me.

"Sooo…" Sam prompted, "What's up? You didn't need me to confirm that you imprinted…"

"No, it's just that… Well… I thought it was supposed to happen the first time you see your "imprintee" after you start phasing? Ya know 'like love at first sight only stronger?' Isn't that how they describe it?"

Sam sighed, "That's how some people describe it yes. I do have a theory, but mind you that's all it is. You wanna hear it?"

"Sure," I said interested in any insight I might be able to gain from him.

"OK, so we think the purpose of imprinting is to ensure the strongest potential for future wolves right?"

"Yeah..." I knew this part damn it. Patience? Not so much…

"Well, I think she wasn't really capable of being that person for you until she finally got over the bloodsucker and all the shit he put her through."

"And all that suddenly happened today?" I asked uncertainly.

"Well now, that wouldn't exactly be a question for me now would it?" he teased.

"Look," he started, "like I said it's just a theory, but I think Bella had some internal battles or issues that she had to get through before she really was right for you. Whatever it was, it obviously isn't anymore. Maybe you should just focus on that." I could hear him smiling, "Damn Jake, how long have you been pining away for this girl? Well… she's yours now," he laughed, "so shut the fuck up and go be happy."

He was laughing, and then he was gone. I phased back and yanked on my jeans opting to carry the boxers instead of taking the time to put them on also. I ran back to my car and drove back home in a daze.

Sam was right. I had everything I could ask for and here I was over-thinking shit… trying to sabotage my own happiness before I'd even had a chance to experience more than a minute of it.

I got out of my car and headed up to our door; I could still smell traces of the strawberry candles she'd had burning earlier. Stepping across the threshold and into our apartment, I felt a wave of peace settle over me. Bella was holding the refrigerator door open with one hand and holding a slice of pizza to her lips with the other, wearing nothing but her enormous U of WA t-shirt. She turned hearing me come in and her face lit up with a big beautiful smile. She released the refrigerator door and rushed to greet me with a warm hug and a pizza flavored kiss. My mind wandered to the lifetime of welcome homes I had to look forward to with Bella. I lifted her into my arms and carried her into the bedroom - where we would predominantly spend the next two weeks…

(App. Five years later…)

**Edward's PoV**

It had been nearly six years since I'd paid a visit to Forks. We were vacationing as a family in Europe when Alice had the vision. It took her by complete surprise because it was the first vision she'd had regarding Bella in over five years, and the few she'd had since the cliff diving incident were fuzzy and often unreadable. But this was crystal clear; it even frightened me at first. Bella was screaming in agony and panting heavily. She let out an ear-piercing scream and collapsed onto a pillow. Jacob was at her side and a moment later they were presented with an infant.

"A baby…" Alice muttered in awe.

"What's going on Alice?" Jasper asked as he wrapped his arm around her protectively, his face full of concern.

"Baby?" Rosalie chimed in.

I cleared my throat and all of them, less Alice, turned to look at me. "It would appear," I started, "that Bella is… with child."

Their thoughts were filled with loving awe and happiness for Bella. I wanted to be happy for Bella, but instead I felt the familiar ache in my chest. I rose from my seat where we'd been people watching and headed back down the sidewalk to our hotel where I could brood privately.

Alice was at my side a moment later. "He stopped transforming," she informed me. "They can decide to do that and after a while they start aging again. I think that's why I can see them now. Edward they're going to be so happy. I hope knowing that gives you some shred of happiness in return."

I tried to push the situation from my mind, but I simply couldn't avoid thinking about it. I tried to imagine Bella pregnant, her belly swollen as though she had a basketball hidden under her shirt. I couldn't quite picture it. I wondered what the child would look like, and if its mind would be closed to me like Bella's.

It was almost a year later; we were visiting Denali while awaiting Carlisle's latest hospital transfer to go through. I'd been out hunting and was just returning home. Alice was sitting on the front porch swing as I walked up the steps. She stiffened, her eyes glazing over momentarily, "You're going to Forks? Edward… Why now?" she asked quietly.

I stepped inside hoping she wouldn't follow and knowing that she would. "I just need to go... I guess, maybe I just need to see for myself."

Alice gave me a sympathetic half-smile. 'Can I come with you?' she asked silently.

"I don't know Alice," I told her, "I don't want a big production like last time. I just want to go and see, perhaps hear his thoughts…"

'Just you and I?' she thought. Her eyes wide and pleading, Her own thoughts filled with joy at the prospect of glimpsing Bella again. She loved and missed her almost as much as I did.

I sighed in resignation and nodded to her in acknowledgement. I could not deny her when I understood her need as well as I did.

She followed me into my room and we set about making plans for our upcoming trip. Alice made all of the necessary travel arrangements, we'd be heading out the very next day and we'd be in Forks the following morning. I was a mess of nerves and anticipation.

We arrived in Forks shortly before noon and spent the overcast afternoon in town. At the local library Alice did some research in an effort to locate Bella and her family. It appeared as though Jacob and Isabella Black had married right after they both graduated from the University of Washington. They bought a piece of land that ironically straddled the old treaty line, where they'd built a house and lived ever since.

Jacob and two partners had recently opened a garage in Forks and were doing quite well for themselves. We drove past it, but according to the thoughts of the men working inside Jacob was spending the day at home. Bella worked from home as a freelance writer. The thoughts of the local residents showed that they were both a well-known and well-liked couple.

Just after sunset we decided to head out to 'visit' the happy family. We parked my Volvo at the old house and set off walking through the woods. Just before the treaty line we encountered a clearing that I didn't remember being there before. We stayed within the safety of the trees and skirted the clearing. After walking another moment we caught a glimpse of a moderate split-level home in the middle of the clearing. There was a patio behind the house and sprawled on a chaise lounge on the patio was a sight more breathtaking than I could have ever prepared myself for.

Isabella Black, wearing cut off shorts and a navy blue tank top, was leaning back in the chaise her nose stuck in a paperback book. I couldn't think of the woman I was gazing upon as Bella. There appeared to be very little of the girl I knew left in this exquisite, mature, sexy woman. Her bosom appeared heavier; her hips had become more round, her waist was more pronounced and her legs had filled out and had a lean muscular appearance to them.

Just a foot or two away from her was a baby swing complete with a dark haired pink skinned infant swinging in the seat. The child was dressed in pink confirming Alice's vision of a daughter. Even from our distant perch I could see that the tiny child had her mother's beautiful brown eyes. The swing stopped moving and the little one inside cried out her disapproval. Bella rose from her spot on the lounger and was at the little one's side in a second. She moved with a dancer's grace, nothing like the awkward self-conscious girl I had known. She lifted the child into her arms and returned to her chaise cooing and talking in high-pitched silly tones.

The sliding glass door leading into the house opened and out stepped Jacob Black. His face instantly broke into a wide smile when he looked at his wife and daughter. He smelled human and I remembered Alice saying he had given up being a wolf so that he could grow old with Bella.

I envied him that; if I'd had the option to stop being the monster that I was in order to be with Bella I would've done it in a second. But that was simply not meant to be.

Jacob looked out toward our hidden spot in the trees, and he wondered if he should tell Bella that we were here. I was shocked at his casual attitude. He smiled toward the trees remembering their first day in their first apartment when they'd gone off to college together. He wanted me to know that he had in fact imprinted on Bella. His thoughts were in no way malicious, he meant to assure me of his bond to her. He remembered exactly how it had felt when it happened and I was in fact left in awe.

'You don't have to hide in the woods and spy on us,' he thought, 'you could come say hello to Bella and meet Alicia.' He didn't feel the least bit threatened by my presence.

There was no way that I could approach her. I'd walked the earth for over a century but at that moment I felt like a mere child and she was unquestionably all woman. I was not worthy of her presence.

Alice had been staring in silent reverence at the woman she'd once cared so dearly for and the infant she yearned to touch and know.

Isabella pulled herself up and handed her bundle to Jacob, she kissed her child and her husband before gliding into the house.

Jacob looked toward us again shrugged his broad shoulders and grinned happily, 'Thank you Edward,' he said wordlessly and followed his beautiful wife into the house.

*** THE END ***

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