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I sighed, looking around the crowded airport for my waiting mother. She spotted me first naturally; mothers always seem to pick out their kids like that. She called my name, waving her hand and smiling. I saw that the very convincing smile didn't reach her eyes. I didn't blame her. No parent would be happy to see his or her kid under these circumstances.

See, I was pregnant. 3 months pregnant. After my father and his new "lovely" wife Patti had found out they had come up with the first lame excuse they could to get me out of the house, away from the stares of our neighbors, and away from the rumors that would follow. My father didn't really care about any of that, he was to busy being disappointed in me. But Patti, who had him wrapped around her little finger, did. So they sat me down and told me they thought it would be better for me to go live with my mother several states away. I didn't blame my father. I didn't want to stay nine longs months under his heartbroken stare. His little girl had thrown away her life with some boy and gotten knocked up. I still remembered the conversation we had when they told me I was going to live with my mom...

"You want me to...leave?" I asked in a monotone. I glanced up at Patti as she gave a very convincing 'sad face', her pouty lips turned down in the corners and her perfectly plucked eyebrows furrowed together. My father was different. Anger and pain seeped through every pour in his body as he sat rigid in his kitchen chair, staring at the wall. Anywhere but me.

"We think it would be best if you went to live with your mother for a while." Patti said gently, but I could here the triumph in her voice. She couldn't seem to get that sad look to transfer to her tone. Normally, I would make some cheeky remark that would redden her cheeks and make her huff in irritation, but I didn't have it in me anymore. Not for the last two months. She still seemed to wait for it though, because she watched me carefully, her eyes taking on a hard edge.

"You mean you want me gone before I start getting big and the neighbors talk." I mumbled, glancing down at my hands in my lap. My still flat stomach was hidden underneath folds of fabric and even though I was just two months along, I was still paranoid that someone could tell I was pregnant. And I didn't want anyone to know. I shouldn't have even told my father, but when he talked about going to the doctor because of how 'sick' I'd been lately, I caved. I had nearly told him then too, but when I saw the look on his face as the words 'I'm pregnant' slipped from my lips, I froze. I couldn't do it. Couldn't take the chance that he would get angry and think I'm a liar as well as the utter disappointment he already had for the fact that I was pregnant.

"That's not it at all. We just think it would be better for you!" Patti said with a huff, folding her arms. I was the last thing Patti cared about. I screwed up her vision of her perfect little family. I never did as she told, never dressed as she liked. I didn't fit in her picture, and getting pregnant was the last straw.

"Dad?" I asked, looking up at my father again. Even after a week, he couldn't look me in the face. He even still flinched at the sound of my voice. Tears pricked at my eyes, but I quickly blinked them away.

"I don't know what to do Natalya. You won't go to the doctor like you should, you won't tell us who the father're not cooperating at all." He sighed, pinching his nose in frustration. After blowing out a long breath through his nose, he glanced up at me and I almost wished he had continued to look straight past me. All the emotions he had in his eyes was almost to much. "I don't know what to do, Ya-Ya. I need some help here."

"I'll go to the doctor." I whispered in a small voice. I didn't want to discuss the father...

"And the dad?" my father asked, almost as soon as the thought had crossed my mind. Naturally, he wanted to know who had done this to his little girl. But I couldn't tell him...I was too ashamed. And who would believe me? I never fit in, was always the smart aleck that teachers couldn't stand and others people didn't take to kindly to me either.

" don't know him." Yes you do. "I met him over break." You coached him on the football team. The monster was there with you everyday. "It just happened dad." He made me, forced me. He broke me daddy.

"This just doesn't happen!" My dad snapped, slamming down his fist on the table and making me jump. "I never expected this from you." he sighed, turning and exiting the room in a storm of anger, Patti on his heels with soothing words and a sent my way just before the door slammed. I was left, forgotten, to sob by myself.

"Hey sweetie." My mother smiled, wrapping her arms around me and pulling me back to the present. I gave her a hug back, surprised my how much I'd missed her. She leaned back, looking me over. Her eyes lingered on my still flat stomach, though I could tell she was trying to be subtle about it. I pulled my jacket around me tighter and her eyes immediately jerked back up to my face. But it was to late; I had already seen the pain flit across her face. My chest tightened. "You look so much older," she sighed, rubbing my arms and plastering on a big smile.

"Just since Christmas," I mumbled, shuffling on my feet. I wanted to get out of this stuffy Airport. Mostly I didn't want certain conversations or topics to be brought up here, in front of everyone.

"Who knew 6 months could feel like forever?" She whispered. "Well, lets go get your stuff and head back to my new house." I nodded, saying nothing more. She stared at me for a moment expectantly, and but when I said nothing more she gave a frown and headed toward the luggage. What else was there to say? I couldn't tell her anything either. I couldn't take the chance of them not believing me. I would loose what little strength I had left if they found out and didn't believe me. So I let them think that I was just another stupid girl going and getting herself pregnant. It was better than being rejected.

After getting my luggage and several failed attempts to start up a conversation with me, my mother lapsed into silence and walked toward the car. The car ride was just as silent as I stared out the window, watching it rain outside for 45 minutes before we finally pulled into her house on the rez. It was bigger than her old one, but not by much. I got out, grabbing my things and heading into the house. I smelled like new paint and vanilla candles. The living room was plain, not over done with fancy antiques like my father house. That was one of Patti's projects. Her way of marking her territory in our house.

It was nice; with a white couch against the furthest wall, and a loveseat both facing the TV in the corner. Pictures of our family and me were along the top of the fireplace.

"Your room is down the hall. I didn't decorate it. I thought you would want to pick out stuff for it." She shrugged, heading toward the direction of my room. I followed, dragging my things behind me. She showed me the bathroom, her room, the computer room before she finally came to mine. She opened the door, revealing a small room with a bed, a dresser and a naked closet. "Like I can decorate it," she mumbled, looking over at me. "I'm glad your here." She smiled, reaching out and tucking a piece of my hair behind my ear. I gave her props for trying to convince me she was happy. In a way I knew she was, but she never wanted me here for this reason. The gaping hole in my chest flared up at the pain in my mother's eyes. I was causing her and my father so much pain.

"Me too." I said, hoping my smile was right. It seemed to please her a little, because she smiled wider and her soft brown eyes sparkled a little. "I love you mom." I whispered. She took a deep breath and nodded before she left me alone in my room.

All this drama and pain for this baby I didn't even want. I knew most would have had an abortion in my situation. Most would have had one even if the pregnancy was their fault but I couldn't do it. This baby wasn't at fault for how it had been conceived. It wasn't the baby's fault that its father was a monster. I had to give it a chance. I would have it and then give it to a loving family that would give it the right kind of life. In 6 a mere months this would all go away.

I unpacked a couple of clothes before a wave of nausea came over me. I covered my mouth and made a mad dash for the bathroom. I barely made it, almost vomiting all over the clean tiled floor of my mother's bathroom. Stupid morning sickness. I would praise the Lord when it went away.

I started getting sick again when cool hands pulled my hair back. "Alright?" My mother asked from behind me. I gave a cough and wiped at my mouth with some toilet paper, before I nodded. She stood, grabbing a paper cup from the side of the sink and filling it with water. "Here." she sighed. I took it, swooshing it around in my mouth before spitting it in the toilet. Helped a little. "I know this isn't the best time Natalya, but..."

"Please mom," I begged. I didn't want to have this conversation in a vomit smelling bathroom. I didn't want this conversation at all. "I'm pregnant: end of story."

"I know. My little Ya-Ya is having a baby." Her voice broke, making me wince. I didn't dare glance at her. I couldn't bring myself to see that sad look on her face, mirroring my father's. She took a steady breath before continuing. "Your father said you wouldn't tell him who the father is. We need to know Natalya. He needs to take responsibility."

"He knows and doesn't want anything to do with me and" I mumbled. It wasn't that big a lie. After he had...hurt me, he never he gave me a second glance at school. Like it was nothing that he had killed me on the inside. But it wasn't like I wanted him anywhere near me either. That was the last thing I wanted. One of the best things about getting thrown out of the house was getting far, far away from him. I would never have to worry about running into him at the local store or anywhere else in town.

"To bad!" My mother snapped, folding her arms. I recognized the look in her eyes. She was on a rampage, and I wasn't going to get away from this. I'd seen that look countless times when I'd gotten in trouble at school or at home and didn't feel like answering. Not even my father dared to test my mother with that look on her face. "He had as much fault in this as you did. He will have a part in this."

"I don't want him near me mom. He's a jerk." I sighed, clenching my fist to stop the shaking. Jerk wasn't even close to what he was.

"Look at me Ya-Ya." she said firmly, using my pet name. I didn't, I couldn't. "Natalya Rana Belov!" She snapped. I reluctantly looked up, seeing the pain and hurt in her eyes. It made the air in my lungs rush out and the pain in my chest flare painfully. "You are so much better than this. I told you not to make the same mistake I did," she sighed, tears filling her eyes.

My mother had me at 19 with my 21-year-old father. I was a surprise. A big one. She had quit collage, gotten married to a man she didn't even love, and threw her life away. But she loved me. I knew it from all the times she had assured me I was the one thing in the situation she wouldn't have changed. But she always, always told me to wait for sex, to wait until I knew he was the guy.

I did listen to you mommy, I wanted to say. I told him no. He wouldn't listen.

I bit back those words, just taking what she had to say. All I could say was I'm sorry. I knew it did nothing. Nothing would help the fact that she thought she had failed. "Don't hate me mommy." I begged, a tear escaping the corner of my eye.

She brushed it away, making me look up at her again. Her eyes were fierce again, but not out of anger this time. "I could never hate you Ya-Ya. Never." she whispered. "But I am disappointed. I expected more from you." She whispered, repeating my father's words from the month before.

"I'm sorry." I whispered again.

"I know, sweetie," she whispered. "We'll get through this."

I looked up at my mother, and for a moment, staring into her determined eyes, I almost believed her.

We didn't talk about the pregnancy again for the next few days. Luckily my school got out weeks before the one on the rez, so I didn't have to go to school and meet a bunch of new, strange people. It was June and the kids here were just getting out. I would have 3 long months before I had to go to school, which would be wonderful I was sure. Everyone knew the best way to start their junior year at a new school with complete strangers was 6 months pregnant. I couldn't wait.

"I'm going to the beach." I said, walking past my mom. She gave a nod, smiling gently. My mother lived a block from the La Push beach, where I had taken a long walk at the day before. The swishing of the waves and the light breeze were calming. I would just sit in the sand and read, trying not to think to hard about all the different things going on in my screwed up life.

The first thing I noticed when I stepped onto the cool sand was a large group of boys about 200 yards away throwing a football around. They were all huge. Not fat, but extremely tall and buff. Each of them was well over six foot with large bands of muscles around their arms and torsos. They were like those giant wrestlers you saw on T.V. I felt fear bubble up in my chest, spreading through my whole body.

No. I would be fine. Not every male over 10 was a sick monster. I continued to chant that as I walked slowly up the beach, hoping no one would notice me. So I continued walking and silently hoped they wouldn't notice me. I pulled up the hood on my hoodie, trying to walk a bit faster as I passed them. I heard their booming laughter as a football suddenly landed in front of me, spraying sand.

"Sorry!" One of the booming voices's called, jogging closer. Fear took over my whole body, making me shake. I froze as one of the boys jogged over to me casually to retrieve the football. He stopped in front of me, picking up the football and throwing me a smile when he straighten up. Jesus… he was even bigger up close. I stared at his chest instead of his eyes, because I knew as soon as my eyes met his, I would take off running. "Sorry." He repeated shyly. I gave a stiff nod, praying he would go away. "Are you alright?" He asked, actually sounding concerned. I glanced up at him, giving a stiff smile. He was handsome, with full lips and soft dark brown eyes. His mouth fell open with a pop as I looked up at him, his eyes going wide. I felt myself flush, my hands starting to shake. What was his problem?

What was my problem? I actually felt warmth spread through me at his stare. I felt drawn toward his deep, kind eyes. But with a shake of my head the feeling was gone, snapping me back to fear.

"I'm fine, thanks." I mumbled hurriedly, trying to move around him.

"Wait!" he boomed, grabbing my wrist as I began to walk away.

"Don't walk away from me!" he cried, jerking me back. I gasped, slapping at him. "Bitch." he snapped, taking my hands and shoving me back against the couch. He moved over me as I struggled, his hand coming up under my shirt-

"Don't touch me!" I cried, yanking back my hand. My eyes filled with sudden tears as I took another step back from him. I blinked them away quickly, trying not to show to much fear. But my whole body quivered with the memories. They ripped a fresh hole in my chest and I felt like I was just going to pass out. I wanted to get out of here…

"I'm sorry!" He cried, his voice filled with worry. He jerked his hands away, lifting them in a sign of surrender. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you. I'm sorry."

"Just...just don't touch me." I whispered, folding my arms against my chest. Protecting myself.

"I'm sorry." He repeated and for some reason, against all my instincts, I believed him.

"I-It's fine." I mumbled. "I have to go." I turned to leave again, restraining myself enough to just walk and not run as fast as I could.

"Wait." For some reason I listened, turning back to look at him. "What's your name?" He said, his eyes bright with excitement.

"Natalya." I blurted out before I could stop myself. Why was he doing this to me? I had to get away.

"Embry," he said suddenly, making me look back at him.


"Embry, my name is Embry Call." He mumbled, going red. He was actually blushing, an odd sight on someone so large and intimidating.

"I really need to go." I said again. I had to get away from this strange boy. He looked hurt at the words, like me leaving was the worst thing ever. Who the hell was this kid?

"One more question?" he asked, sounding almost like he was begging. For some reason I took pity on him and nodded.

"I-I guess." I whispered, wanting nothing more than to run.

"Are you new here? Do you live here?" He said hurriedly, sounding breathless. It was like he was determining something extremely important.

"I-um ya." I mumbled, caught of guard by his attitude. His face lit up, like it was the most amazing thing in the world that I lived here. It disturbed me. Would he follow me...?

"Cool." he smiled. "I'll see you around Natalya." He said, and for some strange reason he said my name like it was something precious. I nodded, turning and walking as fast as I could up the beach back toward my mothers house. I glanced behind me every once in a while to make sure he didn't follow me. I thanked God he didn't. Once I knew I was out of sight I took off into a run, completely out of breath by the time I reached my mothers. My mother's head snapped up in alarm as I came bursting into the kitchen like a maniac.

"What's wrong? Are you alright?" She asked, standing and moving toward me in a panic.

"F-Fine." I said once I could breath. "Just...exercising. I read it was good for the baby." I mumbled. My mother gave me an odd look and I could tell she was deciding whether or not push me further, but after a moment she nodded. "I-I'm going to my room."

"Okay." She mumbled, watching me as I walked coolly toward my room. I closed the door once I reached my room, slowly sliding down the wall and tried to catch my breath. I closed my eyes, but immediately opened them back up when Embry's smiling face swam behind my eyelids.

"Freak." I mumbled, shaking him out of my thoughts. I didn't want to see Embry ever again.


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