My first ficlet for the BBT fandom. It's a tough fandom to write for! Written for the Penny/Sheldon Community at livejournal challenge. Prompt: mistletoe.

Penny had just climbed the step stool when she heard Sheldon wander over to her open doorway.

"Phoradendron flavescens." He said conversationally.

"What?" She asked, steadying a nail against the wooden framework.

Sheldon made a disapproving clicking sound with his tongue. "Phoradendron flavescens." He pointed above her. "You're about to hang it in your doorway."

Penny looked up at the cluster of greenery clenched in her other hand. "Oh, you mean mistletoe?"

Sheldon nodded. "Why on earth are you hanging a hemiparasitic plant with poisonous berries in your doorway?"

Penny rolled her eyes. "Because it's Christmas, and that's what you do at Christmastime. You put up trees and buy presents and be of good will to men, and fa la la la la." Penny reached for the hammer tucked under her arm. "And you hang hemiparasitic plants in your doorway."

"Oh," Sheldon continued quickly, coming to his own conclusion as he usually did about things. "You must be under the archaic delusion that so called mistletoe is the mysterious and sacred bestower of life and fertility." He sniffed.

"Excuse me?"

"Mistletoe was considered sacred by the ancient Celtic Druids. The ancient Greeks thought it had mystical powers, and in the Middle Ages it was hung in doorways to ward off evil spirits."

"What about hanging it in the doorways to ward off annoying neighbors?"

"No, not unless you were an ancient European and your annoying neighbor was a witch." He quipped, Penny's sarcasm lost on him.

"Okay Sheldon, that's interesting and all, but the only reason I'm hanging it is because it's a Christmas tradition." Penny lifted the hammer, and holding the nail steady, nailed the string of the offending plant into the doorway until it was secure. Carefully she climbed back down to the ground until she was standing beside him. "Besides, it's a great excuse to kiss any cute guys that should get caught under it with you."

Instantly Penny was aware of what she had said, and who she happened to be standing under the mistletoe with at that very moment, but Sheldon was his usual oblivious self.

"Ah, yet another archaic delusion. That mistletoe is somehow an aphrodisiac." He smiled smugly.

Penny narrowed her eyes. "Yes Sheldon, "She threw her hands up in defeat." It's a silly tradition. And we're all suffering under a mass delusion."

"So you admit it then." Sheldon smiled, satisfied.

"Yes." Penny sighed. She took a step closer to him, lifted up on her tippy toes, and planted a soft kiss on his cheek. Maybe she was deluded—she had just kissed Sheldon—but it was Christmas, and it was tradition. "I'm so freakin delusional." Penny gave him a little smile and she closed the door behind her.