A/N: I have been playing with the idea of writing this fic for awhile...what House and Cuddy were like together in college is very interesting to me. This story will eventually get into what happens after college and up through the begining of the series and then how they got to where they are right now...it is not, nor will it become a kid fic, but it will play with themes behind why House is so invested in Cuddy's quest to become a mother. I am pretty happy with the way the story is coming together and I'd love to know what you guys think as I go along.

Remember December

Chapter one

"Lisa Cuddy, Greg House. House, this is my girlfriend Lisa." Jack Fitz, one of House's fellow med-students, had invited him over to play poker before the start of the fall semester, and was eager to introduce him to the new girlfriend. House eyed the beautiful young woman in front of him. She was tall and had a runner's body: sculpted and lean. She wore fitted blue jeans and a NY Jets jersey cut off at the waist. Her face was soft, and her long brown hair fell over her shoulders while grey eyes danced over him. She was a startling sight and House understood why his friend was so proud to call her his. "I thought you two might get on pretty well. Lisa's pre-med, she's been accepted to the medical school for next year," Jack said.

"Nice," was all House said as he overtly raked his eyes over her trim figure and delicate curves.

Lisa stuck her hand out. "Good to meet you, Greg." She of course already knew about him, the handsome, brilliant, trouble maker and an abrasive smart ass. He had caused a bit of an embarrassment earlier in the year when he, a mere med-student, called a case that had stumped several of his professors and was right where they had been wrong. It was little wonder every pretty young woman on this campus was creaming in her panties over him. And from what Lisa had heard, he was always more than happy to oblige them. House didn't reach out to shake Cuddy's hand he just looked over at Jack and smiled.

"You know," House said to his friend but directed his gaze back to Cuddy, "if you wanted to break up with your girlfriend there are other ways of going about it than introducing her to me," House smirked at her, "Although it's good to stick to what's been proven effective I suppose." House turned and disappeared into the kitchen. Jack smiled at her apologetically then followed after House. Standing around the kitchen table sipping beers were House and two other fellow grad students, Jason Burke and Donald Hills.

"Would it kill you to be nice to her?" Jack said. Jack was a very good guy. Polite and ambitious. He had classic good looks, and House was sure he would one day open a private family practice in some suburban wasteland and settle down with a family and a dog and an SUV and make little impact on the outside world. Nothing too exciting about him but he did have a great house and free beer.

"I thought we were playing poker," House said. "Where's your fifth?"

Cuddy stepped into the doorway shuffling a deck of cards. "She's right here," she said to him.

House looked over at Jack. "You've got to be kidding."

"She's very good," Jason said reaching for another beer and handing it to her.

"She's a girl," House whined.

Cuddy took the beer from Jason and, without missing a beat, stepped close to House, assaulting his personal space and causing him to back away slightly. "House," she said in a voice that was sweet and calm but daring beneath the surface, "If you don't want to play that'd be alright with me. If I were you I wouldn't want to risk losing all my money," she paused and looked past House for the bottle opener sitting on the counter next to him, "to a girl." Cuddy reached around him and grabbed the bottle opener, cracked her beer open and touched it to the top of his. "Cheers," she smiled and spun away heading back into the living room.

Jack smiled and glanced over at House who was visibly taken off his guard. "Game on?" Jack asked. Jason and Donald snickered under their breath as House just started after Cuddy.

"Goddamn right," he said and followed her into the living room.

The next week, House came back for another game, despite having lost nearly a hundred dollars to Cuddy the week before. He had been knocked off his balance by this gorgeous charming girl who was fully able to hold her own with him. House was used being around beautiful girls; even smart beautiful girls weren't as much of a rarity as most people thought. But a smart beautiful, witty and evocative girl who was also on track to be a doctor and who seemed to have a strange way about her when it came to him, caught House off guard at first. But he fared much better this time around. He came this week having braced himself for her; ready even to make her as uncomfortable as she had him the week before.

After they got tired of playing cards House lit a cigar and the other four of them followed him out onto the deck. They had been drinking for most of the night and weren't giving up yet. Jason dragged the cooler out onto the deck with them. Cuddy sat on the porch swing and tucked her legs underneath her. Jack followed close behind and sat himself beside her. He dropped his arm lazily behind her and House watched them intently as Jack smoothed his fingers over her bare shoulder and upper arm.

"What did you think about my Wegener's diagnosis on the cheerleader chic?" House asked the group, though he was still staring at Cuddy. She smirked, not surprised that House wanted to talk about himself and his brilliance.

"She was a gymnast, not a cheerleader," Cuddy said. "And I think it was a very lucky call."

House smiled."Lucky?"

"Of course if anyone had bothered to question the abnormal results of the basic antibody test they ran on her admission way back at the beginning and run an ANCA, you would've discovered the Wegener's three weeks before her kidneys shut down and she had to have a transplant." Cuddy leaned back against Jack.

Jack and House exchanged surprised expressions. "You think of that brilliant idea before or after she was cured?" House asked her. He knew damn well she wouldn't have even had access to the file until long after the case was solved.

"After. What's your point?"

House shrugged. "You're not going to impress anyone until you're able to throw something like that out during a case while the patient is still sick and they're still looking for the answer. Otherwise you're just speculating. That is why I'm the boy genius and future world famous diagnostician and you're the surly undergrad who has pent up sexual frustration and a chip on her shoulder with something to prove."

Jack stopped stroking her shoulder and she stared at House with her mouth slightly agape. Yes! House thought. He had thrown her, and at least momentarily rendered her speechless. House's smile grew wider. "You wanna have dinner with me sometime?" He asked her.

"House!" Jack said, "I'm sitting right here."

"Would you rather me hit on your woman behind your back?"

"I'd rather—" Cuddy stopped him with a hand on his thigh.

"House," she said, "I think you're going to have to cut yourself off after three of those," she pointed at the beer in his hand with her own. "You clearly can't hold your drink; you start talking crazy." She smiled at him briefly and House laughed. Either she was trying to defect embarrassing him because she was turning him down or she didn't want to indulge this flirtation in front of her boyfriend. The two held each other's gaze for what felt like several minutes. Jack shook his head and stood up.

"I'm going to take a piss," he said. Cuddy stood up with him and Jack caught her arms and pulled her into a deep kiss. House didn't look away, though Cuddy was clearly uncomfortable with the exchange.

"I'm gonna put House in a cab," she said when they had broken apart.

Jack stumbled back into the house leaving House and Cuddy alone on the deck. She stared after Jack and when he was out of view she turned to find House watching her. "I don't need a cab," he said. "I rode my motorcycle."

Cuddy rolled her eyes. "You're drunk I'm not letting you drive home. Leave your bike here; I'll call a cab and you can get it tomorrow." She grabbed his arm and let him back into the house. House glanced behind them and stared at the way her green skirt gripped her ass and hips like a hug.

"Nice." He said. Cuddy let go of him and he fell into a nearby chair, nearly dragging her down with him, but Cuddy regained her balance before he could pull her into his lap. "You wanna split a cab?" He asked her.

Cuddy laughed. "No, House, I'm staying here tonight," she told him as if it were common sense; which House supposed it was. Jack was her boyfriend; of course she would spend the night with him.

The cab pulled up outside the house within a few minutes and House stood up grabbing his jacket off the back of the chair where he had thrown it earlier that night. "Can I at least get a kiss goodnight?"

"Goodbye House," she said, ignoring his crass advances and maneuvering him toward the door. He slipped his arm around her waist and planted his hand on her hip.

In his daze House pushed his nose into her hair, and took in the scent of cherry blossom and vanilla shampoo. "Night Cuddy," was the last thing he said before she released him, gently shoving him away from her and toward the cab at the end of the drive.