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He watched her make her way to the bar where Amber picked him up from. He saw her sit down and start ordering drinks. She was continuing her downward spiral. He made his way up to her, pulled a chair and sat down. She drank fast. Within minutes, the drinks she ordered were downed.

"Can you hold your liquor?" House asked Thirteen.

She didn't reply. But the bartender did.

"Oh, it's you again. You seem to get all those hot chicks in here eh?" said the bartender that took his car keys that time.

"Anything for you mister?" asked the bartender.

"Nope. I'm going to be responsible and make sure she doesn't go dragging girls off." Said House.

"Oh you know about that heh? She's a good drinker. She comes down here everyday, drinks, normally doesn't get drunk and leaves with different people every night. Anyway, today she's ordered slightly more than usual. Probably gonna get tipsy soon huh." The bartender rattled off.

And he was quite accurate. She got up and planned to leave but couldn't even stand up.

House threw a bill at the bartender and told him to keep the change. Thirteen put her arm over House's shoulder as he helped her out of the bar. He had 'borrowed' Wilson's car the day before so it was much easier driving a drunkard somewhere.

He parked the car in front of his apartment and carried Thirteen up to the doorsteps. Neighbours and people walking nearby were flashing him dirty looks.

"Don't worry. I'm a gentleman!" he yelled at them.

He brought her to his bed, put a bucket next to it and went to sleep on the sofa. Only to wake up to the sound of Thirteen puking. He went to check on her, happily finding that she had not messed up his carpet. She really had a bit too much to drink. House decided to sleep next to her to check on her. Besides, his sofa wasn't the most comfortable place to sleep on. He lay next to her and soon sleep consumed him.


Thirteen woke up confused. She was in a house she had no idea how she got into. House was already out of bed and had taken a shower. He made breakfast too. House walked in and found her awake.

"Oh good morning sunshine." Said House.

"God, did I sleep with..?" Thirteen trailed off.

"Me? I wish." Muttered House.

"Come on, House. D'you really think I believe that? You go about getting hookers, whatever." she snarled.

"Woah. Okay, little run through of events. You were drunk, I paid you bill, gave you a lift to my apartment, explain to my neighbours that it wasn't date rape and made sure you didn't barf all over my carpet. Yeap, that's about it." He pretended to think.

"Why do I find it so hard to understand?" she asked.

"Hmm. Let's see. If I were to well, sleep with you… it wouldn't have been worth it 'cause you were knocked out cold. And the clothes you're in, are your clothes. No redress, my dear Thirteen." Growled House.

"Okay… why?" she questioned again.

"Good lord. You ask too many questions, young one." He replied annoyed.

Wow. For once she did keep quiet.

"Here's the thing. You're a young, intelligent doctor. So what if you have Huntington's? It's not the end of the world yet. You still have some good years left to live. Everyone has to die eventually. Maybe you're just going a little earlier. Don't waste your life. Seriously." House growled angrily.

She was taken aback. Then she nodded and got up.

"Thank you House." She said and looked down.

"I made breakfast. Go eat. You can use the shower later, if you want to. By the way, it's Saturday so… eat, shower and go home. Go home and think. Don't ruin your career." House turned around and limped towards the living room leaving Thirteen to her own thoughts.

"If this stupid act of mine gets out, I can't imagine what people would say of me." House thought.