Kingdom Heart, Enter the Mystical Land of Wisdom

By Arecus. Conberma

Chapter 13

The Fierce of Wu Sisters

-Tai Lung's Old Training Ground-

Meanwhile, the two of the Organization XIII, Zexion and Larxene, both heard the news, bad news, from Tai Lung's army, that two of the Furious Five had been rescued by Sora and his friends in the crocodile kingdom.

"Those fools… what kind of villains they are? Couldn't deal with a bunch of kids?" Zexion furiously said as she clutched her fist.

"Calm down, we didn't expect that they would get the hands of the Keyblader nor the Keyhole." Larxene said strangely calm, as he flipped another page of his book of knowledge.

"Calm down? Calm down?" Now Zexion began to lose it, "How could I calm the heck down when I'm just sitting here with talking furry animals while those brats are going to lock the Keyhole!"

Larxene then closed his book and turned at her with smirk, "Trust me, Zexion. Things are going according to plan…"

-Wudon Mountain-

On the other hand, while we didn't know what the Organization XIII up to, Sora, Po, Donald, Goofy and Viper were walking near one of the peaks of Wudon Mountain, where Master Crane was captured and imprisoned.

"Do you have any idea where we are going?" Sora impatiently asked.

"Hey, I'm not a map, don't yell at me!" Donald shouted back, "Besides, we have to stay alert. There could be traps everywhere-"

Suddenly, a sound spooked him from behind. "Boo!"

Then Donald quacked as he jumped at least a feet tall, it was Goofy who was giggling sheepishly. "Hi-yuk! Gosh, Donald, you're really easily got scare!"

"Quit it!" Donald quacked again as he did his anger-signature-move.

Sora and Po chuckled when he did that, "Alright, knock it off, you two. We don't have all day, right, guys?" Po said to cut the fight.

When the Giant Panda turned to look at Viper, he then saw her with a depress face. He walked towards her and asked as gentle as he could, "Hey, Master Viper, what's wrong?"



"Why would you still help us after we despised you a disgrace of kung fu?" Viper said with guilt on her face.

Soon, Po recalled that night when the Furious Five all ignored him and saw him as disgust. It felt terrible and unbearable, but he knew this would come or happen. If this was suppose to be, then so be it, this is who he was!

"Sure, it hurt me a little." Po honestly said, the green tree viper lowered her head even more in shame, "But, that didn't change the way of who I am. In fact, if it wasn't for you guys, I wouldn't know where are my mistakes and to keep me for correcting them. I own you guys, to be honest." He finished it with a smile.

Viper lift up her head quickly, astonished by his forgiveness. "T…thank you, Po." For the first time, she bowed to him, with a lot of respect.

And so he bowed her back, with the same respect.

"Uh…sorry to interrupt." Sora said as he tapped Po's shoulders as he pointed a direction, "I think we've got a problem here."

In front of them, there were a gang of boars, crocodiles and wolves, waiting them expectantly to break their legs, or worse, eat them, or things much worse.

"Well, there's only thing we have gotta do." Sora sighed as he summoned his Keyblade, ready for the battle, and so as Donald for his staff, Goofy for his magic shield, Po for his kung fu fighting stance.

When they turned at Viper, Master of Viper-style, Po grinned, "Are you with us, Master Viper?" he asked.

"Please, call me Viper." Viper replied as she held on her fighting stance.

"Let's roll!" Sora announced as they charged towards the gang.

In a few more minutes, the gangsters had been defeated by the two kung fu fighters and the Kingdom Heart trio. "Whoa, five minutes, a whole new record." Sora claimed, jokingly.

With fearsome ahead our heroes, they had finally reached themselves to their destination, where they saw a giant cage with an avian warrior trapped inside. "Crane!" Viper cried as she saw her lover.

"Viper?" the avian asked, with slight hope.

"Crane, it's me!" Viper cried the joy from her heart when she threw herself into her lover's wings (or arms). And so as the Master of Crane style was very glad to see his reptile lover.

"Alright, we gonna get out him of here before someone sees us." Donald said with worry. Sora was ready to unlock the lock in the chains.

Until, suddenly, a ring blade flew across them and nearly cut Sora's face, they all stared at that particular blade and turned their faces. And what they saw, made them gasped in horror. There, on top of the cage, was standing three female snow leopards, which as known as the most specialist on deadly weapons…

"The Wu Sisters!" Po announced.

"I know the Wu Sisters are professionals in knives, daggers and blades. But I don't see-" Viper didn't have time to finish as a dagger flew beneath her. She glanced at it and then at the Wu Sisters. "I rest my case."

The one with emerald eyes said, "We will kill you as fast as we can." With that, she took out a pair of rings with curly blades on them, and held them up in a fighting stance.

"And you're lucky that you will die without any time to feel the pain." Said the pink-eyed as she elegantly twisted her body.

"The Master will be very pleased of this." Finally, the sapphire-eyes one said.

Goofy curiously said, "You mean Tai Lung?"

The sapphire-eyes snow leopard gasped. "How dare you speak our master's name? Fearless and brave, but foolish at the same time. Prepare to die!" she announced as she and the other two leopards made a shape of triangle.

"I've got a bad feeling about this." Sora blurted.

"Ya think?" the group scolded at him.

"Viper, try to cut the rope to let the cage down and get Crane while we're buying you some time to escape to the Jade Palace, Donald will help you on the transportation." Po suggested.

"What about you?" Crane asked.

"We're going to give these kitties a lecture." Sora said, standing in front of the avian warrior.

The Wu Sisters burst out laughter, the emerald-eyes said, "Well, good luck with that." With that, the Wu Sisters had gathered up in a circle, and one of them held the other two's legs each and so she spun them like a razor spinner.

On the other hand, the team could see the bad situation they were now, Crane urged, "Flee while you still can! Don't worry about me! Just go!" he cried, clutching the metal cells.

"No way, Master Shifu gave me this task to rescue you guys and I'm not leaving one behind!' Po replied firmly.

Now Po was ready to face anything, he held up a fighting pose, a new pose for the masters, a new style of kung fu was born. "Now, get ready to feel the thunder! And prepare to face my Panda-style!" Po declared.

"We're right behind you, Po!" Sora announced as he stood beside him, with his Keyblade ready for the showdown.

Along with Donald and Goofy by their side as well, they goth gave their panda friend a confident smile, and Po grinned them back. However, the snow leopard sisters showed no amusement of their friendship so they just started their first attack before they could act. Po wasn't fast enough to avoid as the blade came closer to him.

He shut his eyes tightly to embrace the attack, but strangely, he didn't feel a thing. Nothing until he heard a desperate cry from Crane, "Viper!"

That had hit Po's head as he was quickly snapped. He opened his eyes and gasped in horror. Viper had taken his place to take the blades, causing lots of blood spitted out from the corner of her mouth. Goofy rush over and made a shield to prevent the Wu Sisters' continuous attacks, and Donald to do the aid on Viper.

Viper coughed a bit of blood, Crane leaned out of his wings and caressed her blossom hairclips to comfort her, while Donald cast a healing spell upon her. Unfortunately, Donald had used too much energy already as he started to feel weak, he could only stopped the blood bleeding. The duck was exhausted and tired from over-using his magic.

Sora saw it too as he told Donald to take a rest, and Donald agreed. Right now they needed a plan, and Goofy seemed could not hold up the Wu Sisters' attacks any longer. When Po saw the snow leopard that the one who did the spinning, he had an idea. He whispered his plan into Sora's ear and he nodded to him with agreement.

'Let the game begin!' they thought in unison.

"Hey, kitties!" Sora shouted, getting the snow leopards attention.

And so he did, whenever a woman gets angry, things will be bad, really bad, including the feline. The Wu Sisters growled loudly and they charged to Sora, who was surprisingly smiling widely. When the Wu Sisters nearly approached him, a gong was showed as the leopards quickly hit the break.

Goofy asked, "Hi-yuk, ready?"

"Ready!" Po and Sora cried as a signal.

With that signal, Gooofy hit his shield which Donald transformed it into a gong, the tremble sound had echoed the mountain and nearly broke the Wu Sisters' eardrums. The felines cried of pain so hard.

"This isn't the last you see of anything! You won't get away with this!" the sapphire-eyes said, in a few seconds later, they ran and left a puff of smoke.

Po and Sora shared a nod as Sora threw his Keyblade in the air for a while, and he gave Po a friendly push. The Giant Panda appreciated it and continued his quest, he wouldn't fail his Master Shifu, he knew he had a destiny to face Tai Lung and to defeat him.

Before Donald could send Crane and Viper back to the Jade Palace, Po asked, "Master Crane, do you know where Master Tigress is?"

"She has been locked up in the Chorh-Gom Prison, be careful, Po. There are many traps there and you must stay alert, always." Crane suggested.

"Thanks for the advice. Don't worry, I will." Po replied with a smile.

Sora then added, "Oh, and Crane."


Crane looked at Viper, which reminded him of Kari when he saw her motionless back at the pirate's ship with Peter Pan, and smiling face of her flashed in his mind. He repeated the words that Riku told him before they closed the door of Darkness, "Take care of her." He said.

Crane then gently smiled, holding Viper tighter, "I will." With that, they were transferred to the Jade Palace, and the team was heading off to the Chorn-Gom Prison, where the last member of the Furious Five trapped.

To be continued…