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Kingdom Heart, Enter the Mystical Land of Wisdom

Chapter 5

Hall of Heroes and Training Hall

The crowd has followed their new Dragon Warrior and chanted loudly, "Dragon Warrior! Dragon Warrior!" as they have reached the Jade Palace with the palanquin.

"Thank you! You're very kind!" Sora cheerfully responded as he waved his hands…ur…paws.

And when the palace gooses quickly closed the door, Sora had changed his attitude as quick in a flash, "Phew! Being a hero is tough!" he claimed.

"And by you, you mean us?" Donald asked grumpy as he crossed his arms.

Sora could only nervously chuckle as a response. Suddenly, Po interrupted them, in whisper, "Guys, look! We're in the Sacred Hall of Heroes!" he wanted to yelp but needed to control his excitement a little.

While the trio was having a tour around, Po was in silent deep thought, 'They can't really believe that I'm the Dragon Warrior. This is so crazy!! But yet, so awesome.' Then his mind has flashed about Master Tigress, and remembered what he had spoken and acted like a hero to her said 'Princess', 'Oh no! She's gonna kill-'

Suddenly, Goofy has interjected Po's serious thought, "Hey, Po! Do you have any idea what's this?" he asked as he pointed at the Rhino armor.

Heart of kung fu fans has already blinded Po as he put that thought behind his head, "Are you kidding? That's Master Flying Rhino's armor," he then took a closer look, "with authentic battle damage!"

Before Sora laid his finger on the Sword of Heroes, Po quickly cried at him. "DON'T DO IT!!!" that had frightened Sora the porcupine as he back away from the sword a little, Po rushed beside to Sora's side and explained, "The Sword of Heroes, said to be so sharp that you can cut yourself just by looking at it—OWW!!" as he demonstrated, true or lie, he cried by his finger seemed to be cut by just looking at the Sword of Heroes.

Sora, Donald and Goofy both exchanged their looks, and glanced at Po who was caressing his finger. The giant panda had run all the room, gasping and astounding of the ancient kung fu artifacts. Shouting, exclaiming, "Wow! The Invincible Trident of Destiny! The Lady Wu Song's Fan! The Golden Spear!" the trio was kind of impress or embarrass of Po's fans heart that they didn't know how to say.

Then something else caught Po's eyes. "Nooooooo!!!!!" he lowered his tone in disbelief. "Guys, you have got to see this!!" he claimed and the trio followed.

They rushed over to look at an object sitting on a pedestal. It was the Urn of Whispering Warriors.

When they leaned their eyes close to the urn, Sora shrugged his shoulders, "I don't see anything special of this." he honestly said.

"Shusss!" Po shushed him. "Be quiet, this is the Urn of Whispering Warriors," he continued, "it's said to contain the souls of the entire Tenshu army," Po whispered, and told them the story, "according to the legend, it is said that one day, the 500 warriors of the Tenshu army were called upon to fend off the attack of the 10,000 demons of the Scarlet moon. Although they were outnumbered 20 to 1, they didn't stop. They fought shoulder to shoulder, whispering, 'hold fast brothers, hold fast'." He paused and looked at his friends to see if they were going to say something.

But when they didn't, he continued. "They were able to defend the village they were protecting for 100 days and finally drove the assassins away. The grateful villagers worked together to make the most ceramic vase that they have ever created. Do you know what it's made of?" he gave them a quiz.

"Umm… not really…What?" Sora curiously asked, and so did Donald and Goofy.

"…Usually urn are made of clay, and it has to be softened. So it must have been softened with," suddenly he paused and stared at the urn continued, sadly, "their tears…" he said in a mere whisper.

Sora, Donald and Goofy were all felt heart shattered after they heard the story, then Po added one more thing, "If you are quiet and still, you can hear them whispering their chant: 'Hold fast brothers, hold fast…'" They leaned in, careful not to make a single sound. Their breathing was steady and quiet, and their movements were still. They tried to listen carefully, and heard the slightest whisper, 'Hold fast brothers…'

The animals have saddened felt some creeps as then back away a little. Suddenly, a voice asked, "Have you finished your sightseeing?"

The trio and Po gasped in surprise. They thought that the urn was talking back! "He-yuk!!" that was all Goofy said, frighteningly, and ran behind Po's back.

"Sorry," Po said, "I should have come over to see you first."

Another reply came back instantly, "My patience is wearing thin."

"Oh well," Donald told the talking urn, "It's not like you're going anywhere." He sarcastically said.

The voice sighed, "Would you turn around?" it snapped.

"Oh, sure." Sora said as they spun around, and saw someone was standing behind them, scowling. It was Master Shifu, who was crossed his arms in annoyance.

"Hey, how's it going?" Po said. Then he and Sora turned back at the same time back to the urn, "Now how do you get five thousand souls----"

Abruptly, Po spun around again, "Master Shifu!" he cried. His massive body lurched backward as pushed Sora, lost his balance, knocking into the urn. It smashed to the floor.

"Oh no!" Po and Sora said in unison. "Someone broke that. But I'm going to fix t. do you have some glue?" he asked Shifu sheepishly.

Shifu glared at them standing before him. "So you're the legendary Dragon Warrior, hmmmm?" he said sarcastically.

"Urrr…I guess so." Po answered nervously.

The red panda smiled tightly, "Wrong!!" he told Po, shaking his head furiously. "You are not the Dragon Warrior. You will never be the Dragon Warrior until you have learned the secret of the Dragon Scroll!" the teacher pointed to an elaborately carved dragon. In its mouth it clutched a single scroll.

"Cool," the gang said in unison, staring in awe, especially Po and Sora.

"The Dragon Scroll!" Po exclaimed, he turned back to Shifu. "So how does this work? Do you have a ladder or trampoline or something so I can get up there?"

Shifu glared at him again, he snickered, "You think it's thateasy? That I am just going to hand you the secret to the limitless power?"

"No!I…" Nervous, Po let out his words trail off.

"One must first master the highest level of kung fu," Shifu snapped. "And it's clearly impossible if that one is someone like you."

"Someone like me?" Po echoed uncertainly, Sora and Donald and Goofy began worry.

"Yes!" Shifu declared. Slowly, he walked around Po, looking closely at him and poking various body parts with his bamboo flute. They have completely forgotten the existence of the trio, "You'll never master kung fu with this fat butt or those flabby arms!" he scoffed.

Then he eyed Po's stomach, "And that ridiculous belly," he added, smacking him there.

"Hey!" Po protested.

Shifu sniffed him, "Not to mention, your utter disregard for personal hygiene."

"Oh, he had gone too far…" Sora murmured.

"Now wait a minute!" Po agrued, "That's a little uncalled for!"

"Don't stand that close to me," Shifu ordered. "I can smell your bad breath!"

"But he got the point." Donald agreed with Shifu, merely murmuring.

"Listen." Po tried to tell him. "Oogway said that I was the---"

Shifu quickly grabbed one of Po's outstrenched fingers and pinched it hard. Po grimaced and gasped, "The Wuxi Finger Hold! Not the Wuxi Finger Hold!" he said.

The red panda grinned slyly, "Oh, so you know this hold?"

Po furiously nodded, "It was developed by Master Wuxi in the Third Dynasty, yes!"

'What's the big deal with this hold?' Sora thought.

"Oh, then you must also know what happens when I flex my pinkie," Shifu went on.

"I know what happens!" Po muttered, whimpering.

"You know what the hardest part of this move is?" Shifu asked. "The hardest part is to cleaning up afterward." He snickered.

'Is it that bad?' the trio thought in unison, skeptically.

"Okay! Okay!" Po begged, "Take it easy. Please take it easy!"

"Now listen closely, panda." Shifu snarled at him. "Oogway may have picked you, but when I'm through with you, I promise, you're going to wish he hadn't. Are we clear?" then he turned at Sora, Donald and Goofy, snarling, "And you three, same as the panda! That previous battle we were just loosening up a little, maybe it was your lucky. But afterward this, we're going to show what kind of real warrior should be! Do we clear?"

The gang and Po nodded vigorously. "Yes, yes. We're clear. We're soooooo clear!"

"Good." Shifu let go of Po's finger, finally satisfied. "I can't wait to get started." He said in a tone that made Po and the gang nervous-----very, very nervous.

--Training Hall--

"Are you okay, Po?" Goofy asked while they were the path to the Training Hall.

Although, Po was still nursing his wounded fingers a little later, "Well, a little got scared…but, yeah, I'm okay." He replied.

"I don't get it, what's the big deal with this holding a finger thingy? It doesn't look like a powerful technique." Sora sarcastically said as he held up his two fingers each of his hand and motioned it like a crab.

"You have no idea. The Wuxi Finger Hold is not only a technique, it's one of the highest level of kung fu. Once you got it, no one knows what happen to the victim." Po seriously said.

When the doors to the Training Hall slid open, inside were all kinds of equipment for working out, including a harrowing obstacle course full of spinning spikes and moving wooden clubs. The Furious Five were also there, training and performing some of the most dazzling kung fu moves that Po had ever seen, probably including Sora, Donald and Goofy.

Po's jaws dropped when he saw Tigress pulverized a swinging, spiked ball made of wood, sending splinters everywhere. And one of the pieces have hit Po's forehead to snap him awake.

"Ouch!" Po cried and quickly caressed his forehead.

However, Shifu didn't care about him, "Let's begin." Shifu calmly said, gesturing to the gauntlet.

Po and the gang's eyes went wide. "Whoa! Wait! Wait! Wait! Now?" Po asked, uncertainly.

"Here?" Sora, Donald and Goofy added, eye-widened.

"Yes, now!" Shifu snapped back, "Unless ou think the great Oogwya was wrong, and you're the Dragon Warrior." He teased.

"Oh, well, I—I don't think if Po could do all those moves." Sora stammered, Po sighed of relief of thank Sora.

"Neither do us can!" Donald and Goofy added.

"Well, if we don't try, we'll never know, will we?" Shifu said smugly, and quickly changed his attitude at Sora them, "And this is none of your concern!!" he snapped.

"Uh, yeah," Po tried to explain. "It's just—maybe we can find something more suited to my level."

"And what level is that?" Shifu demanded.

"Well, you know," Po said, "I'm not a master yet. But let's start with zero, level zero." He suggested.

Shifu then chuckled smugly, "Oh no, there is no such thing as level zero." Shifu retorted.

"Hey!" Donald spotted a training dummy. It had a friendly looking smile on its face. "Maybe Po can start with that." He suggested.

"That thing?" Shifu scoffed. "We use that for training children! And for propping open the door when it's hot." He explained, a little in disbelief. Then, he added, "But if you insist…"

"I do!" Po said. As he turned toward the dummy, the Furious Five gathered around him to watch the so-called training session.

"Wow!" Po exclaimed in amazement. "Here I am with the famous Furious Five." He looked at them more closely. "You're so much bigger than your action figures! Except for you, Mantis," e added, "you're about the same."

Then Mantis gave him a dark glare, everyone knows how he hates when people talk about his size.

Po then quickly realized he had made a huge mistake, Shifu snapped before he slipped into a deep thought, "Go ahead, panda," Shifu said impatiently. "Show us what you can do."

"Come on, Po, you can do this." Sora tried to encourage him.

"Yea!" Donald cheered.

"O!" Goofy added.

Shifu then coughed to stop their encouragement, although Po had already thanked them in heart. However, he wasn't so sure what to do. "Um…" Po glanced self-consciously at the Furious Five again. "Are they going to watch?" he asked uneasily, "Or should I just wait until they get back to work?"

"Hit it!" Shifu commanded. "Hit the dummy, panda!"

"I mean, I just ate." Po said, stalling. "So I'm still digesting. You know what that means—my kung fu may not be as good as usual." He was trying to make an excuse.

"Just hit it!" Shifu repeated.

Po took a deep breath. "All right," he murmured. He danced around the dummy, pretending it was a bad guy and trying to tune out the fact that six kung fu experts were watching his every move. Not to mention, that Sora, Donald and Goofy were watching, too, occupied.

"Whatcha got, buddy?" he said in the dummy's face. "You got nothing because I've got it right here. You picking on my friends? Get ready to feel the thunder! I'm coming at you with the crazy feet. My feet are a blur. I'm a blur," Po went on as he danced in place. "You've never seen panda bear style, you've only seen praying mantis! Or a monkey style! Or a slid-snake--"

Shifu had had enough as he demanded, "Would you hit it?" he tried to be polite.

Finally, Po stopped his dancing feet, "All right, all right." He replied.

He hit the dummy lightly, and it rocked back into place. However, it didn't impress anyone, not even Sora and the gang, in spite of they wanted to laugh out loud.

"Good," Shifu told him. "Why don't you try again? A little harder this time." He requested.

Po then obeyed as he punched the dummy again, this time knocking it all way backward. He turned back to Shifu, a proud look on this face. "How's that—" he started to ask.


Just then, the dummy swung back and smacked Po hard. Dazed, Po tripped and stumbled his way through the obstacle course. When Sora and the gang wanted to jump over there to save him, Shifu immediately stopped him by his rising palms.

"I thought I told you three this is none of your concerns." He stated coldly.

Sora gritted his teeth and backed away a little and watched the scene with Shifu and the Furious Five, who were half amused and half disgusted. They had never seen a demonstration like the one being put on by this enormous, bumbling panda.

"Po! Look out!!" Sora, Donald and Goofy cried in unison as a warning.

"What—" but it was too late.

A spiky tethered ball slammed into Po, sending him flying into the jade turtle exercise bowl that rattled him around. The trio could feel what it like when you were rolling in a round bowl without stopping, which would make you puke (vomit).

"This will be easier than I thought," Shifu remarked to the Furious Five and Sora them. "The panda will be gone in no time."

"Oh yea, how can you be so sure?" Sora leaned close himself to the small elder red panda.

"Sora!!" Donald cried, thinking of he was being unrespectable.

"What does that mean?" Shifu asked, narrowed his glared into Sora's sky blue eyes.

"You can't change a heart which is already become a light." He said firmly with his finger pointed at his heart.

Before Shifu could answer, the jade turtle exercise bowl had spilling Po out, and he stumbled into an army of spinning wooden clubs that were studded with metal points. "Ow! Those are heard! Oooh! I think I…Ooof!" the last club slammed into his tenders, hard.

"Ohhhhhhhh!!!!" Po gasped.

Not only him actually, all the males, except Shifu, could feel what sort of pain he was suffering when a club hit on your painful place. Especially for males, if you know what I mean. Sora tightened his eyes and covered his important place by his paws, "Ooohh! That's definitely, really, really hurt!! I don't know how you guys suffered?" he claimed.

Back to Po, he reached out to grab a pole, so he could pull himself up to his feet. That was a mistake actually. Immediately, it spun him around, and let Po got pummeled all over…again.

When Po emerged out the other side, battered and bruised, he then found himself standing on a floor covered with small tubes that shot out bursts of flames. "Yikes!" Po cried, feeling his feet get singed. He hopped across, trying to blow out the flames.

As they watched the firework scene that Po created, everyone couldn't help but to avoid those bright flash lights of flames. With a last strike, the last flame was the biggest as it sent Po up in the air and made the ground trembled after he fallen on the ground.

"That's new." Crane calmly commented.

"I'm following you." Viper agreed.

"P-hew!! Smells like a burnt panda corpse!" Monkey declared.

"Is he dead?" Donald asked.

"Five percent for unknown, and as for the rest, definitely." Mantis joked, chuckling sarcastically on Monkey's shoulder.

Finally, Po had managed to crawl over to a side part of the room, where is friends, idols and kung fu master were standing. He looked up at Shifu, who'd been watching Po's 'workout' with a look of astonishment on his face.

"So," Po wanted to know," how did I do?"

"You did…very well, Po." Sora tried not to make him too upset.

"Pathetic." Tigress cold-bloodily shot.

The trio's eyes went wide on her, that was too honest and harsh! Couldn't she can make an easy encouragement for their new teammate!? But Po didn't mind of her as he kept staring at Shifu.

Shifu stared at him for a full minute before answering. "Thanks to you, panda, there is now a level zero." He said and blew out the small flame that on Po's top head. And then they called t a day, the longest day they had ever been.

To be continued...