Peewee was a small mouse, very small to be exact. And this little mouse had a so called "Bad Habit". And this habit was going to be a very small adventure. It all started on one chilly night... CRASH!!! "OUCH!" cried Peewee as he tumbled down "EXCUSE ME, PEEWEE, BUT DO ME A FAVOR AND STOP TRIPPING ALL OVER US GIANT ROBOT REGIs!!!" Boomed an electric voice "S-s-sorry ." Peewee sobbed weakly. Later that afternoon Peewee came up with a brilliant genius smart plan. "I'll go lock myself up in a dungeon, and rot there so I cannot trip anymore!" See? I told you genius! So Peewee set off. At about 12:00 AM Peewee Came to a door. A very lovely door (HINT: Lovely was part of our spelling words!) So lovely with all the flowers,princess designs and all, he couldn't help but open it. It was the most horrible , gruesome , bitter place that I would probably die just seeing it. "SORRY WEEPEE ALL TAKEN!!!" A giant Regirock dressed in a hannah Montana costume boomed. Peewee scram "AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" and ran away. When he finally stopped to catch his breath he saw a horrible, gruesome , ugly door. THAT HE OPENED! It had the most lovely statue of a Regirock, Regiice, Registeel and Regiagis in the room. What do you most desire will become reality it said in engraving at the base."I-I wish for pasta no sauce and to never trip again." FLASH!!! BOOM!!! KA-WOOSH!!! "Ouch!" cried Peewee as he tumbled down. "EXCUSE ME, PEEWEE. I DIDN'T MEAN TO TRIP ON YOU. HERE I'LL PUT YOU IN YOUR PASTA NO SAUCE BED. REST UP OKAY." Regiagis boomed as he put Peewee down. Peewee scratched his head " I guess I don't trip over you,you trip over...ME!" He told Regiagis. This went on the rest of Peewee's life...Or does it?