For Now

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Summary: He's willing to let her keep her armour for now. VesperJames –during CR–

Author's Note: This is a random drabble, stream of conscious writing really so it probably won't make much sense. It was born out of watching way too many youtube videos and re-watching CR. Hasn't been beta'd and I hope that enjoy this. Once again any thoughts you have are welcome.

Her kisses are light.

And yet commanding; every inch, every pore, every bit of skin those light and beautiful lips touch make him aware of her presence. Her hand on his chest seems to brand him, burn him, leave a mark that marks him as hers. He's done living in logic and reason.

It seems odd that one girl can make him feel this way.

Completely vulnerable and yet every bit stronger.

Women used to be a distraction, something to keep his bed warm at night. They used to be for fun, something that free from the darkness of his world, of his nature. Something to make him feel pleasure, to make him realise there was some innocence in life.

And yet she defies that.

She isn't innocent; she holds many secrets, he can tell by the way her calculating grey eyes look around, can hear it in her voice. She may have stripped his armour, made him feel the warmth of the sun, the light of innocence but she hasn't let go of her carefully constructed armour.


Because with each second, with each moment he's with her, kissing her, her kissing him, loving her, her loving him, he's slowly taking it away, discarding her armour to the side.

But in the mean time as she kisses him he's willing to let her keep her armour.

For now.

At least.