Wakey, wakey upper class teens and open those well rested eyes to a new day. It's a scorcher outside, but who can think of the weather at a time like this? Yes, unless you've forgotten our fave fivesome have resurfaced in the Upper East Side and we're already predicting trouble for the weeks ahead.

So far we haven't seen much of the recently M.I.A five but we bet that'll change.


Blair removed her eye mask and blinked several times before her sight was focused. She smiled to herself as she saw her fiancé standing in front of her mirror (where she had spent many days criticizing herself) fixing his tie. Wait, fixing his tie? He never wore a tie unless he was doing business.

She suddenly shot up in bed. At the sudden movement Blake spun around and looked at her, giving her a charming smile.

"Good morning sweetie. Have a good sleep?" He sweetly asked as he moved to kiss her forehead.

"I did until I woke up and saw you fixing your tie. Where are you going?" She asked, getting up.

Blake gazed upon her tiny porcelain body clad in a black satin slip. He loved Blair a lot but never more then when she first woke up, it's the only time she ever looked less then perfect.

"I have some things to take care of." He said, spraying on some cologne.

Blair took her robe and wrapped it around her body. Since moving away from home Blair had been battling with herself about her weight and because she was at Yale and not at home she couldn't call Serena and have Serena come over. She had been alone and her weight had often bounced from extremely low right back to normal.

Even now, being completely happy with Blake, her weight issues still troubled her. Sometimes she'd sit up at night and wonder why Blake was even with her.

"We have brunch with my mother this morning Blake." Blair said sourly.

"I know baby. But I met with a possibly business partner yesterday and he wants contracts drawn up as soon as possible. So now I have to go get the contracts from my lawyers and personally give them to this guy. I promise I'll be back before you know it." He said softly, kissing Blair's cheek.

"Promise this is the last business thing you'll do all summer? I want to enjoy my trip here and I can't do that if you're constantly running off to have business meetings."

"I promise, Blair."

Blake leant down and kissed Blair sweetly on the lips before disappearing down stairs. Blair smiled to herself and flipped open her sidekick to check Gossip Girl. She may now be 25 but good gossip was always a bonus in the morning. As she scanned over the latest news and then Gossip Girl's entry last night her heart stopped.

Chuck was in town.

And C back in town for what exactly? We assume business but maybe he's heard B's back in town.

She hated him. They had left on bad terms and she hated the fact that he never called her to say sorry. It was after all his fault they could never work out, he would constantly screw things up by being with other girls. If it wasn't for his philandering ways they could be together right now.

But she loved Blake. She loved the way his light brown hair tickled her neck when he kissed her neck. She loved the way his sparkling green eyes apologised without him saying a word. She loved the way he was nothing like Chuck.

Her fingers tapped on her sidekick. Quickly she typed a text to the only person she knew she could talk to.

Hey S, heard yr bk in town 2. You busy 2night?


Serena woke up to hear her family (which now included the Humphrey's) laughing down stairs in the dining room. Her eyes struggled to open, she barely got a wink of sleep last night. She contemplated staying in bed until she heard a familiar voice.

"No, no, no! It went more like this 'Jenny Humphrey what are you doing!?' It was hilarious!" Eric laughed.

Serena immediately jumped out of bed and ran downstairs. Her younger brother was right there sitting at the table next to a mysterious male. Across from him sat Jenny and next to Jenny sat Dan. At either ends of the table were her mom and Rufus.

"Oh Serena you're up! Come, come sit." Her mom said, gesturing for Serena to join them.

Eric turned around, Serena almost cried. She hadn't seen her brother in seven years.

"Eric!" Serena squealed racing over to hug him.

"Hey." He replied as Serena squeezed him.

It was an icy greeting but you'd be icy too if you're older sister didn't speak to you for seven years.

"Oh who's this?" Serena poked.

Jenny grinned. "That's Eric's boyfriend Sam."

"Boyfriend?" Serena raised her eyebrows. "Hi I'm Serena Eric's sister."

Sam politely shook Serena's hand but Serena could tell he wasn't excited about it. The table fell silent and Serena looked over at Dan who looked up at her and glanced down her body. Serena blushed only then realising she was only wearing her Brown College t-shirt and her underwear.

"I might just go get changed." Serena said, racing up stairs quickly.

As she got upstairs her phone beeped, indicating a text.

Hey S, heard yr bk in town 2. You busy 2night?

Serena smiled. She hadn't really spoken to Blair since they had left for college let alone seen her. She missed her best friend.

Hey! No plans we should get dinner?

A knock awoke her from day dreaming, she turned around expecting to find Eric but instead found Dan. She grabbed her robe and quickly wrapped it around her.

"Uh hi, sorry. Should I come back…later?" He fumbled.

God he looked good. From what she heard he was doing good too. Apparently he did really well at Dartmouth and was working on a book about his struggle to fit in or something.

"No. It's fine. I was just texting Blair."

"You guys still friends?"

"Yeah, well I haven't seen her since we left for college but yeah I guess we are."

An awkward silence fell over them. Serena's phone beeped again.

We should. Early dinner 5pm Sophia's?

Serena smiled as she awkwardly texted Blair back.

Yeah sounds good. Meet you there at 5. Xx


Dan stood there silently as Serena texted her best friend back. From what he could see nothing had changed about her at all. Her perfect features still looked perfect. Serena always had this carefree attitude about her which Dan had always loved and from what he could tell she still did have that.

Serena looked up from her phone. Dan smiled.

"I uh I'll let you get dressed." He said before spinning around and exiting Serena's room quickly.

Just as he did his phone rang he was tempted to ignore it until he saw the caller ID. He walked quickly to his room and closed the door, answering it.

"Hey." Dan said softly.

"Hey." The voice on the other end sadly replied.

"What's wrong? Is everything okay?" Dan asked.

"Dan…" The voice crackled, clearly indicating the person on the other end was crying. "I can't do this. I…I can't."

"Rachel what's wrong? What's going on? Is she okay?" Dan started to panic.

Seven years ago Dan relished the fact that unlike all the other people who attended Constance Billard and St. Jude's he didn't have one secret that he kept hidden. A lot had changed since then.

It was true, Dan did exceptionally well at Dartmouth, he was always top of his class and graduated with the highest marks and ended up writing a book about his struggle with being from Brooklyn and going to school in the Upper East Side.

But no one knew about what happened in his second year of college 5 years ago.

"She's fine Dan. She's sleeping, finally. I just, I'm so overwhelmed Dan, I need you. She needs you." Rachel sighed.

Dan took out his wallet and pulled out a scrunched up picture from one of the pockets in his wallet. The picture held three faces, himself, Rachel and a small beautiful, dark haired child with chubby red cheeks and the most angelic smile.

"Rach, I'm back in New York right now and I can't come back home for at least 2 weeks. If you really can't cope, I'll call your parents and they'll come stay with you until I get back. I wish I could come home but right now I can't."

Five years ago Dan met Rachel Kinski, a desirable, petite older woman Dan met at a book reading of one of his favourite authors. She was beautiful and intelligent. They're relationship started off as being purely sexual, they'd meet several times a week for sex until 3 months later Rachel informed Dan that she was pregnant.

Dan had no idea what he would do. He couldn't tell his dad because that would get back to Serena and he didn't want her to know. So he told Rachel that he'd be there for her and she ended up giving birth to their daughter Ashley.

Ashley was the apple of both her parent's eyes and was never any trouble. She was energetic and healthy until she turned 3 years old and was diagnosed with Leukaemia which was rapidly spreading through her body. She underwent surgery and then chemo-therapy and 3 months ago was cleared and was now in the progress of recovery.

"No Daniel, I just. I miss you. She misses you. She asked for you tonight. Sorry, I just didn't know what to do. She's fine though."

"Okay. I'm really sorry I can't be there Rach."

"It's fine. Have a good time with your family."

"I'll call you tomorrow. I promise. Give Ashley my love."


Nate and his wife Amelia stepped into their 4th baby store that day. It was probably a little to early to start shopping for baby stuff but they were in such a good pre-baby bliss that they thought they'd have a look around and put a few things on hold for the months ahead.

After a few hours of shopping, Nate buying a new tie and cashmere sweater and Amelia buying a new pair of expensive designer flats they walked into a restaurant, stopping to eat an early dinner.

"Table for two." Nate asked the waitress.

"Table for three." Amelia whispered to Nate, giggling.

They seated and both picked up their menus. Amelia happily scanned over the expensive foods. Nate started too as well until he heard a familiar laugh and two familiar names.

"I can't believe that S!" Blair laughed lightly, holding back a little.

"I can't believe you! You're getting married B. That's so amazing!" Serena's carefree spirit added to the atmosphere.

Nate's heart skipped a beat. He had never quite gotten over Serena, yes he was married and expecting a child but sometimes at night when his wife was sleeping silently his mind would drift to the blonde haired beauty he had so often dreamed about in his adolescent years.

"Nate?" Amelia questioned, bringing him back to reality.

Nate looked at the waiter standing there questioningly. "Uh I'll just have a scotch please." Nate said.

Amelia reached over the table and grabbed her husband's hand. She smiled sweetly and looked into his glassy eyes.

"What's wrong?" She asked gently.

He wanted to tell her the truth. The truth being that he's just layed eyes on the girl he never got over. But he didn't have the heart to say anything. Instead he told her part of the truth.

"I've just seen two old friends." He smiled.

"Oh. Why don't you go say hi? Or invite them to join us."

Nate stood up and walked over to the table where Serena and Blair sat at. He placed a hand on Serena's shoulder. Serena turned around and Blair looked up at him, both in shock.

"Nate!" Serena squealed, standing to wrap her arms around him. "Oh my God what are you doing here?" She asked.

Blair stood and gave an awkward hug to Nate whom she once was deeply in love with.

"I'm, uh, I'm-." He was cut short by his wife.

"We're visiting his mother." Amelia smiled graciously. "I'm Amelia, Nate's wife."

Serena and Blair both were stunned.

"Would you like to join us for lunch?" Amelia asked.


Chuck out stretched his legs, extending them to rest on the couch. Across him, sitting on the other sofa was Blake with contracts in his hand.

"So I assume you've spoken to a girlfriend, partner, wife etcetera, etcetera about moving to New York." Chuck said lazily sipping on his drink.

"I have and we've both agreed that New York is where we want to be. We'll stay with her family until we find our own place but I'm sure we can make it work." Blake said, eager to get back to Blair.

"Alright then. I'll have my lawyer look those over tonight and I'll call you tomorrow." Chuck said, sitting up. "Now if you don't mind I'm going to be entertaining soon." Chuck said, a trade mark smirk set on his face.

Blake laughed and stood. "It's completely fine, my fiancé and I are having brunch with her mother anyway."

Chuck laughed, remembering the days when he had been to brunch with Blair and her mother. If this fiancé of Blake's was anything like Blair was about these things he was going to get a scornful glare when he arrives at brunch.

"A little tip Mr Parker, I once dated a girl who was all about appearances, brunch's and looking nothing less than perfect. I suggest you never upset a girl like that and never underestimate them. The moment you're on their bad side you're life turns into hell."

Blake laughed. "Thanks Mr Bass."

"Have a good brunch." Chuck said, letting Mr Parker out.

Once Blake had left Chuck poured himself another scotch and looked around the hotel room he spent most of his teenage years in, smoking pot with Nate and fucking numerous woman. Yet, the only memory of a fucking a woman he never forgot was Blair.

Everywhere he looked he could picture a night when they'd fucked there. Against that wall near the bar, Blair was pinned with her legs around his waist. Over by the sofa, Blair bent over and he fucked her until she came, screaming his name. And his bed, they'd had sex so many times in that bed, in so many positions he couldn't even guess how many times it could have been.

A knock on his door awoke him from day dreaming and in walked his company for the morning, two lovely European woman he'd ordered two weeks ago for this day exactly.

Some people never changed.



N and wife having an awkward dinner with N's once long time girlfriend and N's secret love affair from his teenage years. As far as awkward conversation goes, we'd say this would take the cake.

"So how do you guys know each other?" Says wife.

"Err I was N's girlfriend and S was N's lover." Says B.

Oh how I would have loved to be a fly on the wall for that conversation.

Also spotted.

C escorting two women into his teenage retreat. We hear he hasn't changed one bit, although maybe this time around he's just filling a hole B ripped in his heart.

Lonely Boy shopping for…my little ponies? Unless he has some secret obsession (which we totally wouldn't be surprised by!) we think he's hiding something and we know it's bound to surface soon.

You know you love me.


Gossip Girl.

Second chapter! Hope eveyone had a good Christmas and new year.