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Waking up when he didn't remember falling asleep was worrying; waking up on a couch in Klink's office was frightening. Hogan shot straight up and turned to Helga. "What happened?"

Helga turned to him with big eyes. "That Englishman punched you, Colonel Hogan. You have been unconscious for almost two hours now." She pulled away from her desk ever so slightly and crossed her legs. "I was very worried."

He massaged his aching jaw as he asked of McPhee's whereabouts.

"Colonel Klink ordered him into the Cooler."

"For how long? Do you know?"

"No, I do not, Colonel, I am sorry."

Without another thought Hogan threw his feet to the floor, stood up, and stocked towards Klink's office.

As soon as his office door hit the wall behind Klink rose to his feet, ready to berate the intruder, but when he saw it was Hogan he relaxed and settled into his chair again. "Colonel Hogan," he greeted, eyeing the discoloured mess that covered the lower half of the left side of his face. "You must do something with your jaw."

"My jaw's fine, Klink. How long'd you put her in the Cooler for?"

"That is of yet undecided, Colonel," Klink said. "Striking a superior officer warrants a severe punishment, Colonel. Even you must know that."

He huffed and leaned forward, settling his arms on either side of Klink's cigar box, and glared at the German Colonel. "She hit me, Klink. Don't you think I should have had some say-"

Klink folded his arms on the desk in front of him and eyed the irate Colonel with an infuriatingly even look. "You are a prisoner, Colonel Hogan, I'm in command here. In reality I could have just as easily ordered her in front of the firing squad if I had wanted to."

"You wouldn't-"

"No, but I could have Colonel. You seem to forget, Colonel Hogan, I'm a member of the German Army. I do not have to answer to a P.O.W." He lowered his eyes and waved his hand. "Dismissed."

Hogan shot back and stared at Klink for a few seconds before coming to his senses and storming from his office.

As soon as he skipped down the few steps in front of Klink's office, the guys started gathering around him.

The crowd got so bad half way to the barracks, he had to literally push his way through it. At any other time he would have happily stood and addressed the crowd, but at the moment all he wanted was to get back to the barracks.

Even before he had the door closed Carter approached him. "Oh my gosh, Colonel, what happened?!" The sergeant's exclamation quickly brought the rest of the men over and Hogan soon found himself facing a smaller imitation of the larger crowd he'd pushed through outside.

Kinch eyed the bruise and asked, "Who the hell hit you?" thinking it was one of Klink's men.

"We'll get 'em, sir-" Newkirk assured with raised fists. "Just tell us who it was an'-"

"Now just wait a minute! No one's going after anybody. Nothing happened."

"Then how'd you get that shiner, sir?" Carter asked without missing a beat.



"Yeah, sir, I thought she was on our side."

"She is!" Hogan pushed through the men blocking his way to his quarters and pushed the door open. He sat at his desk, took his hat off and ran his hands over his face with a heaved sigh. Unsurprisingly, not even 30 seconds later, Kinch entered, followed closely by Le Beau, Carter, and Newkirk. They all circled around the desk and waited for Hogan to continue.

When he noticed that the colonel did not seem to want to talk, Kinch took it upon himself to make him talk. "What happened, Colonel?" Normally he wouldn't have bothered him if he hadn't wanted to talk, but because of who the incident had involved he figured information was more important than privacy at the moment. "Colonel?" He touched his shoulder gently and shook it, sharing a look of concern with Newkirk, who stood across the desk from him.

Hogan seemed to jerk back to life. "I heard you, Kinch!" he exclaimed in an aggravated manner as he shrugged out of Kinch's hand. "There's something up with McPhee. I need to find out what it is."

"What's there to find out, sir?" Lebeau interjected.

"Exactly. She's bloody bonkers, is what's wrong." Newkirk agreed.

Kinch smirked, but wiped it from his face just as quick when he saw that Hogan had turned to him. "Sir?"

"Does that tunnel to the Cooler still work, Kinch?"

"Yes," Kinch answered. "Why sir?"

"Because Ms. McPhee is gonna have a visitor tonight."

That one sentence set the bunch of men into a frenzy again, but with one wave of Hogan's hand they all stopped. "It's the only way we can figure out what's really going on without Klink getting suspicious."

"But sir," LeBeau objected. "She may hit you again."

Hogan turned to the Frenchman and shrugged. "She hits me, she hits me. Why? Ya scared of a woman, Louie?"

"No," Lebeau huffed. "It's just I don't want nothing to happen-"

"It won't." Hogan pushed the stool away from his desk and shot to his feet. "After roll call tonight I'm going. Kinch, get on the radio and see if you can find out anything about our new camp mate."

"Right, sir!"

"LeBeau, could you fix her something to eat? I'm afraid of the slop Klink may be trying to pass as food."

"Alright. Any requests, sir?"

"Nothing too rich, we don't know when she had her last real meal."

"Newkirk, how far along are you on that blanket are you? The one with the pockets?"

"Making her feel right at 'ome, are we Colonel?" Newkirk sneered.

Hogan rolled his eyes skyward and then pinched the bridge of his nose and sighed, "Just answer the question, Newkirk."

Seeing that his C.O. was not going to let up anytime soon, Newkirk quickly gave in. "I can 'ave it finished in a couple hours."

"Right," Hogan started, "get on it."


The light haired sergeant stepped meekly from the shadows and smiled at the Colonel. "Yes, Colonel?"

"Is there a way for you to obtain or create a kind of sleeping agent?"

"Like a pill, sir? I'm working on it right now…figure it may help with Klink during a few missions."

"Great, what's the dosage?"

"I don't know sir," Carter rolled his shoulders and drew his brows together. "Enough to knock a grown man out cold for 3 or 4 hours."

"Good, go get me some."

The blond nodded his head and turned on his heel. "Right sir."