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Bella's POV

As it so turned out, Edward had in fact asked Jasper for my hand in marriage and my brother acquiesced and gave his blessing. Being me, of course, I thought little of the whole process; I figured Edward and I would say a few vows before a judge (or Emmett in the case that he had oddly acquired his license online), have a small party with the family, go on a small honeymoon and then be done with it.

Alice had many, many other plans. And I had many, many ill thoughts towards her over-the-top designs and plans. Thankfully, she had allowed me to veto as many things as I saw fit.

After deciding that we would set the date for early summer as we were supposed to be graduating in the spring. It would look a bit odd if we were "allowed" to marry before we were graduated; at least, that's how Carlisle saw it. I couldn't help but agree.

But, after Alice had thrown design after design at me, I put my foot down and demanded that she stick to a 1918-esque theme. I would wear a dress that was in style from when Edward was still a human: so elegant, the high standing collar, the lace overlay on the bodice, the flounces of the overskirt, and the train of the under-skirt. Nothing more need be suggested. Edward had asked if I would rather center our wedding theme on another era, such as when Jasper and I were both human, but I had absolutely no desire to wear a design that would make me think of when I literally fought the boys away with a rifle.

No, I was quite content with the style of the late-Edwardian period and I was also quite content in vetoing as many hair-brained schemes that Alice concocts.

Everyone was also refusing to tell me where we were going for the honeymoon.

At the moment, mere weeks before the date of our wedding, Alice was putting the finishing touches to the dress. I kept my eyes closed, as even though I enjoyed looking beautiful, I hated the process.

"Bella, you could at least pretend to enjoy yourself! Its your wedding, after all," Alice clucked.

"I'd enjoy it just fine if we weren't dragging it out into this big party, Alice," I retorted, "I mean, just who are we inviting anyway? We don't have any human friends."

Alice stopped her ministrations with my dress and flittered before me, "Oh Bella! The Denali family; Kate, Irina, Tanya, Carmen and Eleazar of course!"

I shook my head and sighed as it was useless to argue with Alice, "Whatever you say, darlin'," I whispered, allowing my old accent to flutter through. I closed my eyes again and imagined myself in a meadow with Edward.

Alice suddenly pulled the dress from my body, "There! All d—" she stopped mid-sentence and my eyes flew open to stare as her eyes glazed over for a moment. I stood and waited, hoping that her vision wasnt anything bad.

She shuddered and shook her head quickly, "Oh, no! Hurry Bella, get dressed! We need to get downstairs! Call Edward and Carlisle!"

I nodded and not bothering to question her, tossed on my jeans and cashmere cardigan, ran downstairs and found my phone. Thankfully they were close and within minutes our entire family was gathered in the sitting room.

"So," Emmett began, "what's this about?"

"Alice had a vision," I answered, "She didn't give me time to ask her about it, though."

Alice suddenly stood and began to pace, something quite unusual for the pixie-like vampire, "Bella is right, I had a vision. I can't make much sense of it as it involves your wedding reception being crashed, I'd say, by another vampire."

"Do you know who it is?" Jasper asked.

Alice shook her head, "I know I haven't ever seen her, but she looked Hispanic. She had long dark hair, and red eyes. I see her asking questions about—Oh no!"

We sat on edge as Alice apparently figured out who would be crashing my reception, watching as she wrung her hands and looked at Jasper fearfully, "Maria, Jasper! That's who it is! It fits! She's going to ask about the newborns, but I cant see how it will end!"

"Calm down, Alice! Can you see any wavering on her part?" Jasper asked as he stood to comfort my sister-in-law. My heart sank as Alice shook her head.

Carlisle stood suddenly, his arms spread wide, "Then let us be prepared, shall we? Now she cant catch us off-guard, which, I'm sure, is what shes planning. Does she appear to know about Bella and Edward's wedding?"

Alice shook her head, "No, I see her being surprised."

Rosalie spoke suddenly, "Well, if there's nothing we can do about it, let's just go about our business and hope to God that a fight doesnt break out."

Carlisle nodded in agreement, "Just be prepared, everyone."

So, with the knowledge that my reception was going to be crashed by a possibly insane newborn-army-creating vampire, we stood and with hesitant hearts finished with the preparations for the wedding.

A few days after the revelation that Maria was going to make an appearance at our reception, Jasper and I were sitting alone in the house while everyone else was either hunting or merely going about their business. His arm was wrapped around my shoulders as we watched the History Channel.

"Is that true, Jazz?" I asked him about something one of the historians stated as a fact.

"I wasn't there for that particular battle, I was in another area at the time, but I believe it is," he answered.

"Oh," I mumbled, going silent for a few moments, "Jasper?"


"I'm so glad I found you," I whispered.

He suddenly pulled his arms around me tighter and placed a kiss on my forehead, "Me too, Bells, me too. So very glad."

No more words were needed between us, it was just another brother-sister moment and I was content.

And I knew he was too.

The day of our wedding dawned over-cast and, according to the weatherman, warm with only a slight chance for rain. Alice assured me that the sky would not let go of a drop, however.

I smiled; I was getting married today to Edward! I never thought that I would ever get married especially after all of those times I scared the men and boys away with my fathers spare rifle. I chuckled to myself as Alice and Rosalie pulled at my hair and applied my makeup.

"Alright, Bella," Esme interrupted my musings, "Let's get your veil on, shall we?"

I stood and allowed Alice to smooth my dress while Rosalie helped Esme place my veil just perfectly. Alice looked ready to cry as I stared at myself in the mirror.

"Oh Alice!" I cried, bending slightly to hug her.

"Don't you dare wrinkle that dress!" She scolded as she laughed, kissing me on either cheek, "Now, lets go down, shall we? Jasper is getting restless."

I smiled; my brother was to be walking me down the aisle toward Edward, toward my life. Maria was at the back of my mind, however never gone.

"Alright, lets go," I took a deep breath and walked through the door and down the stairs to see my brother waiting at the base. I grinned at him and he smiled in return.

"You're actually getting married, Bella," He muttered.

"It's surreal, Jazz, but Im so glad," I whispered as I reached to hug him.

He smiled as he took my hand and led me forward, Alice was already ahead of me, and Rosalie and Esme had gone to sit outside. I could hear the music begin and recognized, "Trumpet Voluntary" also known as "The Prince of Denmark's March."

I watched as Alice stepped gracefully outside and waited for my turn; she was my only bridesmaid.

"Ready, darlin'?" Jasper asked quietly.

I looked over to my brother and smiled as I felt my nerves melt away, "Yes."

And so we began to walk.

Jasper's POV

I had no qualms as I walked my little sister down the aisle toward Edward. I glanced over to see my Alice as she grinned wide at us. She, too, was wearing a dress from the era when she and Edward both were still human*. It was like a flashback, everyone here was dressed in the same era attire. I smiled as once again, Alice's plan of perfection had come through.

My sister looked breathtaking and I knew by the emotions that Edward was giving off, that he felt the same. The love that burst from him was staggering.

My sister had chosen well and I couldn't have been happier for her.

Sure, Edward was moody, over-analytical, cocky, and constantly over-thought things, but Bella somehow balanced him out with her irrational actions, worrisome countenance, and for some stupid reason, her insecurities. It shocked me that while they were opposites, they were also the same.

Now wasn't really the time to think about those things though, I chided myself. My baby sister was getting married today and no, it didn't matter that she has been walking this earth since the mid-1840s; she would always be my baby sister.

The music quieted and came to a close as we neared Edward. I shook his hand and nodded at him, 'I know you will, but I just need to tell you anyway, take care of her, Edward. Shes strong, but so very fragile too,' I thought to him. He nodded in understanding.

I looked at my little sister, my Bella, and kissed her cheek, "I love you," I whispered.

"I love you too," She whispered back.

And I let go of her hand and went to stand by the altar as Edward's best man.

Bella's POV

As Edward took my hand from Jasper, my world was suddenly a whirl-wind: we listened to Emmett as he spoke of why we were gathered, we said our vows, we stared into one another's eyes, and then my world slowed just enough to hear Emmett ask me if I will take Edward as my lawfully wedded husband.

"I do," I whispered.

My world nearly stopped as I heard Edward whisper the same; for a split second I worried that this was a dream, but suddenly he was kissing me and I knew.

I knew he was mine for eternity, I knew I was his wife, I knew that all of my troubles weren't for nothing, and I knew that I was meant for this life.

"Ahem," Emmett cleared his throat forcing us to part for unneeded air, "I now present to you Mr. and Mrs. Edward Cullen!" And our family broke into applause. I smiled as I hugged Edward to me, "I love you, darling," he whispered in my ear.

"As I love you," I replied.

Our moment was interrupted quite suddenly when Emmett shouted, "PARTY! Let's start!"

"Come on, love," Edward smiled, "Shall we go?"

The Denali's and the Cullen's were all inside the structure that Alice had had erected for the purpose of our reception; lanterns and bunches of flowers hung everywhere and I was suddenly very glad that it had been she who planned the whole thing as I wouldnt have ever thought of half of the decorations. There was going to be a cake, however, it was a fake one just for the sake of the pictures.

As Edward and I entered, our families were clapping and catcalling as we gathered ourselves on the dance floor for our first dance as husband and wife.

I smiled warmly as I recognized the lullaby that Edward had written for me playing as we swayed and twirled with each other, blissfully unaware of the others around us as they slowly joined in.

Minutes passed as we stared into each other's eyes.

"I love you, so very much," he smiled seductively.

"Oh, Edward, I lo—," But I was interrupted by a loud crash.

"What--?" I began, but then Alice's prediction came tumbling down on me, "Oh no! I forgot!"

Edward held me tight as we looked on, the music turned off, toward the source of the noise. I stiffened as I watched the graceful, beautiful Hispanic vampire waltz into the area through the broken glass doors.

"Oh, it seems someone is having a party!" She exclaimed as she looked around.

I felt myself shudder as her red eyes settled on Edward and myself, smirking, and then travelling over my brother, her eyes widening, "Jasper! It's been years, darling! Hows life?" She smiled maliciously before continuing, "I could use your help you know, I'm willing to overlook your, shall we call it, truancy."

My brother stepped forward slowly and cautiously.

"Maria," Jasper was stiff and his words were crisp as he spoke to his maker, "I left with reason and I'm doing fine. I must decline your offer, however as I have a family now."

"Is that so? A family?" Maria sneered, clearly not caring. How had Jasper spent so much time with this woman?! "Well," she continued, "That is not what I came for anyway, I came to see what was so important that the red-headed woman, Victoria, needed my newborns so desperately for and also to see who or what had so definitely disposed of them."

"Well, now that youve seen," Emmett spoke up, "Are you planning to leave?"

Maria smiled maliciously, "Oh," she licked her teeth and curled her lips once more, "Perhaps for a little while. Those newborns meant quite a bit to me, you see, and I'm quite cross about losing them," she sighed dramatically, "Alas, I shall take my leave as even I can see I am outmanned and outnumbered. Perhaps another time then, take care."

And with that, she flipped her black hair and made her way back from the hole she had created and disappeared from sight.

"So, Alice, did you see this coming?" Rosalie asked quickly.

She shook her head, "no. No I didnt. I dont know if she's actually going to come back or not, though I think were safe, for now."

I looked at Edward and saw worry swimming in his eyes and pulled him to me, "We didn't even get to finish our first dance," I trailed off.

Suddenly I was twirled around and dipped low to the ground before feeling his lips pressed to my mouth. I smiled as he suddenly made things so much better for me: my Edward, my husband.

And I knew that no matter what happened, we would be okay and I couldn't wait for our honeymoon, wherever it may be. It didn't matter that the threat of Maria and her newborn army was floating over our heads, I had my family and they weren't going anywhere anytime soon.

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