JL: The Newest Recruit

Part One:


Rookie, eh? That's what Green Lantern called her. She was the most beautiful rookie he ever saw. Clark watched Diana talk with J'onn, Flash and Hawkgirl. Green Lantern and Batman were nearby discussing the physical aspects of the Justice League satellite called the Watchtower. It was only ten minutes ago Superman, Flash, Hawkgirl, Martian Manhunter, Green Lantern, Diana and even Batman agreed to come together and form the Justice League. Less the twenty-four hours ago, these seven members came together to save the world from it's latest near apocalyptic disaster.

They were now in the new constructed Watchtower, a satellite that was monitoring the Earth. Own of course by Bruce Wayne but no one other than Superman and Batman, Bruce Wayne, himself knew that.

Now the new members were walking around their headquarters. For Diana and J'onn, it will be a home to them as well as work. Clark continued to watch Diana. He only knew her for a day but he was quite fascinated with her. She came from an island not yet discovered on Earth. She was an Amazon Princess and though tough she obviously was, Clark also detected a softness to her. She was also downright gorgeous! Perhaps the most beautiful woman he has ever or will ever see. Innocent, too. She didn't know anything about the world she was now living in. The press would eat her up. What if the press overwhelm her? Suddenly, he felt a protectiveness for her and Clark was thinking of ways to do so. She would need an identity or something the people of Earth should call her other than Diana. Everyone had special names for themselves. Diana would need one as well if she was to live in this world.

Superman approached Diana as she listened to Flash make a joke. Diana didn't get it and Shayera was shaking her head in disgust. "Diana?"

Diana turned to him. "Yes, Superman."

Eyes he could drown himself in. He always thought that statement was cheesy but he never realized how true it was until now. "I've been thinking. Everyone here have names they are known to in the public. Since you are going to be living in this world now, you will need a name, too."

Her eyebrows wrinkled in confusion. "I have a name. Diana."

"What Supes means," Flash chimed in, "you're gonna need a superhero name. We all have regular names like Joe Smith but when we're out saving the world, we go by our heroic names like Superman, Flash and Hawkgirl. Plus, it keeps our identity safe."


"People who know our true names, will know what we do in our off time when we're not heroes. They could attack us or hurt someone close to us."

"The only ones close to me are my Sisters and my mother. There isn't a way the people of this world will find Themyscira," Diana explained.

"Suppose you become close to someone here," Shayera said. "You'd want to protect them. Besides, when you save the day you have to have a different name."

"I do not fully understand," Diana said, "But if you think it is best, I will agree to it."

"Cool!" Flash grinned. "Do you have any names in mind?"

Diana shook her head innocently. "No."

"How about Huntress?" Hawkgirl suggested. "Your name comes from the Goddess of Hunt."

"I think we already have a Huntress," Flash stated.

"What's going on?" Green Lantern asked as he and Batman joined the group.

"We're trying to help Diana come up with a name." J'onn explained.

"She's an Amazon. What about the Amazing Amazon?" John suggested.

"It could work," Shayera said. "Do you like it Diana?"

"It's a possibility," Diana remarked.

"No," Flash disagreed. "Amazing Amazon sounds more like a description you know like Superman is described as being the Man of Steel."

"Man of Steel?" Diana looked Superman over. "Why do they call you that?"

Diana was looking at him with interest which made Superman feel on the spot. "I guess you could say I'm pretty indestructible physically. I can take a lot before I'm knocked down," he quickly explained. "Bullets, missiles, stuff like that."

"Oh," Diana understood. Sort of.

"Hey," Flash interrupted which caused Diana to turn her attention back to him. "I know some people who could make a cool theme song for Diana." Flash snapped his fingers. "Let's see. What would be good?" Flash hummed a tone. "All the world's waiting for you and the power you possessed. In your satin tights, fighting for your rights, something, something, something."

Superman rolled his eyes.

"I'm not wearing satin tights," Diana said and then asked, "What are satin tights?"

Very innocent indeed Superman noted.

Flash looked at Diana's legs and Green Lantern nudged him to put his eyes back on her face. "Right. You don't wear them. How about: Make a hawk a dove. Stop a war with love." Diana looked baffled. "No? How about: Stop a bullet cold. Make the axis fold. Change their minds and the change the wooorrrld!" Flash sang the last one off key.

"Axis?" Diana repeated puzzled.

Green Lantern smacked Flash on the back of his head. "Shut up with that nonsense! She doesn't need a theme song! She needs a name!"

"But it would work for her. She could sell anything!" Another tune flowed in Flash's mind. "Oh, I got it! You guys will love this one! All's the world is waiting for you and the wonders that you do." Flash stopped himself. "No, that *does* sound stupid. "How about: Putting all your might, on the side of right and our courage to the tesssssst!" Flash looked to the others. "That's good right. Right?"

Batman shook his head. Was he making a mistake joining this League he wondered.

Hawkgirl glared at Flash. "You are an idiot."

"That is true," Superman agreed, "But he is on to something."

John and Shayera looked at Superman as if he was nuts. "You don't actually think she should have a theme song, do you?" Shayera asked.

"No, but he is describing the things she can do. Diana can stop a bullet cold with her bracelets. 'The wonders that you do,'" Superman repeated the line. "She comes from what was thought a mythical land with mythical people. People would consider her mysterious, a wonder of sorts, like a wonder of the world. Wonder could be a good first name," he suggested.

"Wonder what?" John asked. "Wonder Girl? Wonder Rookie?"

"Woman," Diana said suddenly. "Wonder Woman."

Shayera smiled as did J'onn and Flash. "Wonder Woman. I like that."

"We're gonna have to make a statement to the press," Superman said. "The world will want to know about our two new heroes," he indicated to J'onn and Diana.

"Hey, I'm all for press conference. Just tell me when and where," Flash said. "I love the attention."

"Count me out," Batman said.

"I can arrange it for tomorrow afternoon," Superman suggested. "It's best to get this over with."

J'onn nodded in agreement. Everyone else look to Diana to agree as well. "Perhaps, I will agree as well, as soon as I know what a press conference is?"

"Maybe we better hold off the press conference another day," Superman suggested and the others quickly agreed. "Diana needs to catch up on how the world works." No way was he going to allow Diana appear before the press as green as she was.

"She's a rookie in everything," John grumbled.

Diana scowled insulted by that remark. "And what are you implying?"

"Look, Princess, you're strong and all but you are too naïve for this world," John said. "It's gonna take you a while to catch up on a society you isolated yourself from for centuries."

"It is because of the history of what the men did to my mother and her people that we isolate ourselves from this world."

Diana was furious and Superman intervene before she went off on John. "Whoa," he said getting between the two. "John, I'll catch Diana up on the world and prep her for the press conference. No one knows more about this than me."

"That is true," J'onn agreed with a knowing smile to Superman.

"I can help her catch up," Flash offered.

"No way," Shayera argued. "You'll do nothing but put the moves on her."

"Well, if this is over," Batman said. "I'll be leaving."

"Wait for me!" Flash said following Batman. "That Javelin ship is my only ticket back to Earth."

Shayera followed as she decided to leave as well. Green Lantern who didn't need the Javelin flew out of the Watchtower using his ring. This left J'onn, Diana and Superman alone.

"I'll retire to my room so you and Diana can talk alone," J'onn said. "Good night."

And then there were two. Superman looked to Diana nervous. This was the first time he was alone with Diana and he felt like an awkward teenager alone with his first girlfriend. "Are you up for a crash course in the 21st Century?" he joked.

"Crash course?" Diana repeated. "You speak in strange tongues."

"It's local lingo basically meaning if you're ready for a quick study."

"Oh, then yes," Diana agreed. "It seems it's the only way I will understand this world. Are there books in this place for me to read? I'm quite learned and I'm a very fast reader."

"There might be some books but you'll learn more with the information on the computers here. I'll show you how to use them but for now I'll give you an oral review that will help you through the press conference."

Diana nodded in agreement. "Fair enough. Should we do this here?"

"There's a lounge on the next floor near the kitchen," Superman said. "I could make us something to eat and then we can get started."

Diana waited in the 'lounge' Superman had called it while he prepared a snack for them. Diana thought over the things she has seen since arriving in this world. So many new, strange things in this world she would have to know. So many different types of people to understand. Her mother and her Sisters must be worried about her. Diana knew she really should go home and tell her mother what she had done. That would be the wise thing to do. Worried her mother will be, she was probably furious too with Diana for disobeying her command and running away.

If she returned to Themyscira now, Diana felt her mother would forbid her from returning to this world. A world that opened new feelings and emotions to her that she didn't quite understand. At that moment, the doors in the lounge opened and Superman entered a tray of food. She would also be cut off from a world with people she would like to get to know better.

"That didn't take long," Diana said.

"I'm pretty quick. Hope you hungry." Clark placed the sandwiches and root beer float drinks on a table before her.

Diana looked at the food before her. Sandwiches and two glasses of root beer floats. She never had those on Themyscira. Diana picked up the sandwich, curious at the new food and took a bite into a sandwich. "This is good."

"Try it with the root beer float," Clark suggested. "It's great."

Diana did. "It's delicious. Thank you for the meal. I was famished."

Clark finished off one half of his sandwich. "Thank you."

"Before we begin, may I ask questions about you?" Diana requested.


"How is it you are invulnerable to bullets and missiles?" Diana asked. "How did you come to have such powers of flight? The strength of Heracles? The power to shoot heat from your eyes?" Diana stared at him with interest. "Are you a God?"

Superman shook his head with a light chuckle at the compliment. "No, I'm far from it. I come from another planet. Krypton. My parents sent me here as a baby to save me from it's destruction. When I came to Earth, the power of the yellow sun gave me my powers."

"I see," Diana said. "We have something in common. We are both gifted by the Gods. The God Apollo gives sunlight which gives you your powers while I am gifted by several Gods for my gifts. What other gifts are you blessed with?"

"Speed." He stood. "I'll show you." One second he stood before her and the next he was across the room then back in front of Diana.

"Incredible," Diana said awed. "That is faster than I can run!"

Clark sat back down feeling confident he was impressing Diana. He spent the next half hour showing off to Diana his powers of vision, hearing and his freeze breath. Diana was amazed each time but suddenly became apologetic. "I'm sorry. I'm going on asking questions about you, wanting to see your gifts, when you should be preparing me for this press conference."

"No, I understand," he said easily. "You're new to this world. You have a lot of questions. You can ask me anything you like."

Diana appreciated his kindness. "I will but for now let's focus on the task at hand."

Clark agreed and as he prepared Diana for her press conference he felt something beginning with them. Friendship or something else, he wasn't sure but he knew it will be special.