JL: The Newest Recruit


Five Years Later

It was a chilly winter's night when Clark and Diana Kent returned home after a memorable wedding. Not only was it a special wedding with it occurring just an hour before New Year's but the couple who got married was one for the history books for no one saw the union coming.

"I saw it but I still can't believe it," Clark confessed as he helped Diana out of her coat. "Flash got married."

Diana chuckled, sharing the same feeling. "Flash and marriage doesn't sound like words that should be said in the same sentence."

"Maybe I'm being too hard on him," Clark said as he followed Diana up the stairs. "I guess I shouldn't be shock about Flash getting married. It's who he married that surprises me. Ipthime! Who would've thought?"

Diana flipped on their bedroom lights. "Certainly not me. That's a bet I don't think anyone would've won."

"Honestly, I thought Ipthime was more into females," Clark admitted.

"I never thought that." Diana plopped onto the bed and kicked off her shoes. "She never had a relationship like some of my other Sisters."

"Are you tired?" Clark suddenly asked her.

Diana rolled her eyes, knowing why Clark asked the question. "I'm fine, Kal."

Clark loosened his tie and unbuttoned his shirt as he told her, "I knew we should've left after the ceremony. It was late to begin with."

"You worry too much," Diana told him as she relaxed on the bed. "Remember when I invited Ipthime back to the Watchtower to apologize for her dealings with Circe?"

Clark knew where Diana was going. "Flash forgave Ipthime for using him and told Ipthime how hot their kiss was and his desire to repeat it."

"I couldn't believe he kissed her in front of everyone." Diana shook her head. "I'm even more amazed she didn't kill him then and there."

"That slap she gave him wasn't a light caress," Clark reminded her.

"Amazing how things don't turn out how we think. I never thought when I banished Ipthime from Themyscira she would marry a man. I only expected her to tolerate them. We certainly do not give Flash enough credit. He certainly has a way with women."

"He does," Clark agreed. "He got a date out of you."

If she wasn't lying down, she would hit him with a pillow but circumstances prevented her from moving so swiftly. "He tricked me. You know that. Even if I did wanted more with him, you wouldn't have allowed it."

"Damn right I wouldn't." He joined Diana on the bed and moved closer to her. "So, is that the only thing you didn't expect?"

Diana matched his smile as she knew what he was thinking. Her hands touched her swelling belly. "No. I never thought with my body and your Kryptonian genes, we would be having a child together."

Clark kissed her belly and looked at the child growing inside the woman he loves so much. "Neither did I, but I am happy for this miracle even though you do hog the covers and kick me in my sleep."

"It's the baby. I have to keep moving to find a comfortable spot."

Clark rolled his eyes, "Riiiight."

"It's your fault," Diana accused him. "You seduced me."

"My fault?" he laughed. "Conception was in July, and if I remember correctly, you were very randy that month. It had me wondering if Cupid struck you with an arrow."

Clark rest his head against Diana's belly and she ran her fingers through his dark hair. "Cupid had no influence over me, but I do recall you walking around the house shirtless a lot."

"It was summer," Clark justified himself. "And a hot one at that."

"Ah, but with your Kryptonian body, the heat doesn't get to you. You deliberately tempted me. Do you think it was in South America in the jungle?"

Clark shook his head. "Nah. What about the time we stayed in Atlantis in Arthur's palace?"

Diana shook her head. "No. We had to control ourselves. You were afraid we may shatter the windows and flood Atlantis."

"We did break a window in the Watchtower," Clark reminded her. "Not too mention almost knocking the Watchtower out of orbit," he chuckled at the memory.

Diana playfully hit his arm. "You laugh now but it wasn't funny explaining why we almost knock the Watchtower out of orbit."

"I've never seen you so red," Clark told her and paused. "Well, there was that other time in the fortress, when you wanted to experiment with my powers in our lovemaking. You know, when I---"

"Stop," Diana stopped him. Just thinking about the incident had Diana blushing. "We can't do that now so don't bring it up."

But Clark wasn't willing to let go of the topic just yet. "I can't wait to do it again. You never came so hard."

"Kal!" Diana warned him.

"Okay. I'll stop but I'm betting that's when our miracle happened."

Diana linked her hands with his. "Agreed. I must admit I'm scared about our miracle. What powers he will have? What about his schooling and making friends his age?"

"You keep saying it's a boy," Clark said. "I never told you what the sex is."

"That's because you won't tell me," Diana reminded him. "I'm just grateful we don't have the likes of Circe and Darkseid to deal with. We haven't seen them in years. There is still evil in the world but having major threats as those two gone certainly eases my mind."

"Mine, too. I don't think I could spare Darkseid's life if he got his hands on our child," Clark confessed. "But," he grinned, "if we can take on the likes of the costumed villains, mad scientist and a reluctant Godfather in the name of Batman on a daily basis, I think we are going to be all right."

Diana pulled Clark to her for a kiss as she tells him, "You know, I think you're right."

The End