Author's Note: This is a crossover between Stargate Atlantis and SG-1, but since most of the action happens in Atlantis, I thought it was better off here!

Spoilers: Ark of Truth and up to Missing in Season 4 of Atlantis

Fait Accompli

By cheeky-chaos


The woman once known as Morgan le Fay slowly became aware of the sound of a beating heart… a sound she had not heard in a very long time; particularly since this heart beat within her own chest. Groaning as she felt a sudden shooting pain at her temple, Morgan squeezed her eyes shut tighter against the pain and barely stopped the cry that escaped her lips. After more centuries than she remembered as one of the Ascended, she was finding the mortal realm more disconcerting and painful than she ever could have imagined.

But it had been the only way.

More soul-weary than she ever remembered being, Morgan struggled to sort out the strange sounds and smells that were assaulting her senses. The mortal world seemed far more chaotic than she could comprehend and it would take a while before she could move from where her body was curled in the dirt.

After what seemed like an eternal struggle, Morgan opened her eyes and blinked rapidly as they were battered by the golden light of sunset. Thankful that she'd had enough control of her powers to retain adequate clothing after she had returned to this plane of existence, Morgan gazed down at the white robes she was wearing, now smeared with the dirt she was lying in.

With a great sense of exhaustion, she carefully sat up, marvelling at the way it felt to have a body once more. Even with the knowledge and powers of ascension, it had been something that she had missed greatly; the simple feel of the cloth of her robes whispering against her skin and the slide of her hair against her cheek from where it tumbled in knots around her shoulders… for a brief minute she revelled in the feeling of being human again.

Once on her feet, Morgan looked around the planet she found herself on and tried to gain her bearings. Spotting a familiar landmark, she stepped forward, taking it slowly until her legs stopped shaking. The slight breeze brushed across her cheek and brought with it the sent of tree sap and wildflowers. Birds sounded in the trees and the remaining sunlight warmed Morgan's skin. It was a tranquil scene that belied the true purpose of this planet and more importantly the secret lab hidden here.

The lab took more time than Morgan had hoped to find. Covered in creepers and leaves, it looked like little more than a ruin crumbling away between the trees, but she knew that it had been purposefully designed to look that way. Anyone who knew the language of the ones known as Ancients would see that the markings meant nothing – but few would have a reason to journey to this world and even fewer would have the ability to read it.

The people who had built this place had ascended long ago, but the information it contained would still be crucial to her plans. To defeat an enemy, one must know of their past; and in the case of the Ori, their secrets. They were not quite so defeated as the humans believed.

It did not take long for Morgan to gain access to the lab and gather the relevant control crystal, as she had retained much of her heightened senses. It had been the only way to retain all the abilities and memories she needed to warn the humans of what was coming.

The only way to stop Adria.

Slipping back out into the dying sunlight, Morgan made her way back to the area where she had awoken not long ago and felt a surge of relief when she saw the other woman lying not all that far away from where she had been. Also dressed in white robes, the blonde woman was only just now beginning to awaken.

Carefully, Morgan moved to crouch beside the woman that had helped her convince the other Ancients that the Ori were a threat and who had sacrificed so much of her own power to help Morgan fight Adria.

Groaning, the blonde opened her blue-green eyes only to shut them tightly again. "Oh, that hurts," she hissed.

"Aurora," Morgan said gratefully, relieved that her friend had survived what they had attempted. "It will hurt for a while," she cautioned gently. "It will take time for your consciousness to remember what it is like to have a form."

"You know what?" Aurora asked her as Morgan helped her to her feet. "Descending really sucks."

Morgan smiled a little, Aurora's way of talking so different to her own despite everything. Then she sobered. "I found the crystal we need," she said.

Aurora took in a deep breath, before letting it out slowly. Nodding to herself, she turned her gaze to Morgan. "I guess it's time then," she replied. "Atlantis, here we come."