This is a work of fiction using the characters created by J.K. Rowling. They are not used with her permission. All actions follow the events of book six of the series. Any similarity between any person living or dead is purely coincidental and unintentional. If you happen to find your life reflected in this piece I'll be impressed.

The Chalice and the Wand

Heather O'Malley

Story ideas by Heather and Wintermoon

Chapter One

Ron slowly awoke, true consciousness eluding him, blinking his eyes. He moved back from Hermione a little and slipped a foot out from under the comforter. It was a little bit cold and he really didn't want to leave the warmth of the blankets but his bladder was rather insistent. He really needed to go. He moved a bit farther away from her and started getting out of the bed. Hermione mumbled a bit as he moved away.

He sat up and his sleep fogged mind noted that something was off. He felt odd, like his balance was off or something. And was the room larger? 'Maybe I'm getting a cold?'

He padded towards the lavatory over the wooden floor. Again he could tell his body was moving differently, his hips moving strangely. His chest also felt strange, heavier. Parts of his chest felt tight from the cold air on his shirtless torso. He also was holding up his pajamas up with one hand, as they were trying to slip from his body. Ron really was too tired to care. All that really registered was his desire to pee and then climb back into his warm bed with his fiancé.

A faint smile stretched the corners of his mouth as he felt his love for Hermione fill him. It had been three months since she had accepted the ring from him. The ring had been the very one his father had given his mother years ago. Since it looked like Ron would be the first Weasley boy to marry he was given the ring. He could hardly wait.

He didn't bother turning on the light in the lavatory when he got there, as he knew where everything was. Ron stumbled his way to the seat, lifted it and set his feet, his eyes faintly closed. He let go of his pajama bottoms and they fell to the floor, obviously larger than before. Ron reached down to grab his penis in order to aim as he started to pee. He grabbed his opposite thigh as he felt a warm spray began to trickle down his legs.

Something was really wrong here. That wasn't supposed to happen. Ron opened his eyes to look down and figure out what the problem was so he could fix it, before he soaked his pajamas. As his eyes opened he saw his new firm breasts move with the rise and fall of his breath and his exploring hands could feel that he had no penis, just a fleshy gash. His eyes grew wide is shock.

Ron took in a deep breath, screamed in fright and passed out cold on the floor.


Ron awoke with a foul smell assaulting his nose. He blinked his eyes open into the light, waving a hand in front of his face to clear the air. He was lying flat on his back in some sort of puddle, looking up at the wide eyed Hermione who asked, "Ron, are you alright?"

"Uhn…I had the weirdest dream 'mione, where I was a girl. I think I screamed when I realized I had no penis. What happened?" Ron's vision was still a little blurry; he could see Hermione and these two pink mounds on his chest. As his vision cleared and the mounds didn't disappear Ron yelped, "Bloody Hell!"

Hermione sighed and rolled her eyes, smiling down at Ron. "Honestly Ronald, how do you manage to do this to yourself?"

"Me? I didn't do anything. Ewww…let me get out of these wet pajamas." Hermione helped Ron to his feet. Ron noted that she didn't have to work as hard as she had before. He seemed lighter and smaller as well. He was able to look Hermione in the eyes, something he hadn't been able to do since their third year. She had always needed to look up at him after that year. Now they were eye to eye, with maybe Ron actually being a hair shorter.

"Ick." Hermione steadied Ron as he swayed slightly while pulling off the wet and still slightly warm pajamas. He tossed them into the clothes hamper and used a towel to clean up after himself. Hermione handed him a warm washcloth for him to wipe his legs clean. The feeling was odd, as if his skin was more sensitive. "Uhm…'mione, do you have any idea how anything like this could have happened?"

Hermione looked thoughtful as se stared at Ron. "I don't think it could be a switching spell. Perhaps something from dinner last night had been cursed or laced with some sort of potion? Why don't you put on your robe and come to the living room. I'll put the kettle on and get my books."

She smiled at Ron, kissed him on the cheek and headed off to her books. Ron ran his hand through his hair. It was still the same length it had been when he had gone to sleep. He turned to the mirror and looked at himself, a little afraid of what he must look like. His reflection looked like an older and slightly different version of his sister. He could still make out his face, as the pattern of his freckles hadn't changed, but it was odd. His eyes were also the same but there was no denying it. He had a girl's face now. Among other things.

Ron shuddered. He was cold inside and out. His nipples were crinkled tightly and that hurt. He hustled out of the lavatory and put on the robe his mother had knitted for him, with a big R on the breast pocket. It now swam on him a great deal more than it had before, enveloping his smaller body. The yarn felt different on his skin as well. He did notice that he had also lost pretty much all of his body hair. 'That would certainly explain why I am so bloody cold right now.'

Ron walked over to where his clothes from last night were piled on the floor. He grabbed and pulled up his underwear. They slid down after he let them go, no longer fitting his waist. Ron went to his dresser and pulled out another pair, this one rattier and older, and pulled them on. They slid off him as well. He sighed, belted his robe tighter and headed out of the bedroom.

Hermione already had her face buried in a book, the large volume Curses through the Ages by Phygria Tourdalles. She had a quill jotting down the notes she was mumbling as she went page by page through the tome. Crookshanks was rubbing up against her leg purring. The kettle was starting to whistle.

Ron took the kettle off the stove and poured the hot water into the two mugs Hermione had already gotten down and placed tea bags into. He could smell the Irish Breakfast tea waft up from the mugs. He smiled, glad she had gotten his favorite out. He really needed something nice at the moment. Ron got down the honey, looking forward to the tea soothing his stomach, which churned unhappily sine the discovery of his missing penis and maleness.

When the tea was ready Ron carried her cup over to her and placed it near her right hand. " 'mione, your tea."

She murmured her thanks and kept taking notes, her quill scratching away on the parchment. Ron sat down opposite her, sipping from his mug. The hot, honey sweetened tea was nice and helped to calm his jangled nerves. He defiantly needed that. The caffeine was also nice, helping him to get more awake, since he felt pretty sure that he wasn't going to be able to get any more sleep that night. Waking up to this new body was defiantly a shock to his system. He leaned forward, resting on his elbows and felt his breasts yield against the table. It felt odd and it startled him. He sat back upright, managing to avoid spilling his tea. He shook a little and wiped the sand from the corners of his eyes.

Hermione sipped occasionally from the tea and smiled, as Ron had again managed to get the honey just right. She put down the mug and flicked her wand, sending the book whisking back to the bookshelf filled with her other magical reference books. She had already amassed quite a collection. She grinned at her fiancé. "Well Ron, this doesn't seem to be as bad as all that. Apparently this was a very popular curse in the fifteenth century and there are several variations of the spell. I have written down the counterspells and I am ready to give them a try. Are you ready?"

"I guess so. I mean I can't bloody wear this robe all day now can I?" said Ron, gesturing to himself, catching one of his breasts with the edge of his hand. He eeped in surprise.

Hermione rolled her eyes and delicately picked up her wand. She looked back over her notes one more time and smiled at Ron. With a soft gesture she spoke, "Quidam Restituo."

Nothing happened.

Hermione looked a little flustered at this. Her eyebrows moved closer together as she frowned in concentration. "Quidam Restituo!"

Nothing happened.

Hermione huffed and looked back down over her notes. She scanned the page quickly and looked up again. "Perhaps it was this other spell. Incanto Homo Repeto."

Nothing happened.

"Incanto Homo Repeto!"

Still nothing happened.

"Solvo Mutatio!"

Ron sat there looking up at Hermione expectantly. He couldn't figure out why it wasn't working.

"Solvo Mutatio!!!"

She dropped her wand on the table, her irritation plain on her face. "Honestly! I'm sorry Ron but this does not seem to be a traditional curse or transfiguration. Perhaps I need to look into the possibility of some sort of antidote being needed?"

Ron sighed. He had hoped this would be an easy fix. If there was a cure out there Hermione would be able to find it; she really was clever. She had even managed to invent a few new spells that she had turned around and sold. That helped with their money and kept her from having to work at any other job other than spell research. His job at the ministry wasn't necessary but Ron really liked it. Working in the Department of Mysteries kept him from running into either Percy or his Father. He really enjoyed it.

Hermione was busy working through another big tome, getting more notes, a wrinkle forming between her eyebrows as she concentrated. As she continued to read she began to frown. "Ron, I know you won't like this idea but I think we need to talk to Professor Snape. I think we will need his experience with potions. It would really help."

"Do we really have to talk to that git? I don't want him to know what happened to me." whined Ron. He frowned, not wanting anyone to hear about this.

Hermione sounded exasperated when she replied, "Ronald, Professor Snape does know more about potions than I do. I can't think of any potion that could do this to you and stick. Polyjuice certainly doesn't work that way and my books don't mention any other possibilities. I just want to Floo him."

"Alright." humphed Ron. He padded over to his favorite armchair and sat in it. He had more room in the chair now so he shifted about until he got comfortable, with his legs tucked up next to him. That seemed to do the trick.

Hermione looked over her shoulder at the now female Ron. He looked really cute and totally feminine. She wasn't used to seeing him this way and it was a bit unnerving. She really wanted to fix this. She grabbed some Floo powder and knelt by the fire. She tossed it into the fire and said clearly, "Hogwarts, Severus Snape."

Her vision shifted and she was looking into Snape's rooms at Hogwarts. She looked about but didn't see the hawk nosed professor, however Harry was lounging on a chair in a pair of boxers reading the Daily Prophet. She was a bit surprised to see him. "Harry?"

Harry looked up, taken aback by the sudden voice and spotted Hermione's face in the green flames. He smiled broadly at her, his hair tousled as normal. "Hermione! It's great to see you. How are you and Ron doing?"

"Uhmmmm…..he's okay." evaded Hermione. "Is Severus there?"

Harry turned his head away from the fire for a second. He turned back and replied, "Yes. Let me get him."

Harry moved out of Hermione's line of sight. She looked at the austere furnishings of Professor Snape. She could however see a few touches of Harry's presence in the few splashes of color. Soon the severe brooding Snape walked up and gazed into the fire. His expression was unreadable as usual. "Granger."

"Hello Professor. I have a potions question to ask you." She asked politely.

"Really? Something you don't know? What would that be?' asked Severus, with an eyebrow cocked upwards.

"Well, are there any potions that can turn a man into a woman?" asked Hermione hesitantly.

"Trying to spice up your love life I see, Ms. Granger. Surely, you of all people are aware of the Polyjuice potion." replied Snape as he lifted an eyebrow disdainfully. "Trouble with the Boomslang skin?"

"Some thing more permanent than Polyjuice." she said, looking flustered. "I have consulted my books and I couldn't find any reference to such a potion. Is there anything that can do that?"

Snape's eyes flicked off to her side and widened a little in surprise and amusement. He smiled thinly. "I take it then that Mr. Weasley has had an accident?"

Ron grumbled from behind Hermione at those words. She smiled weakly at Snape. "Something like that. It isn't some sort of curse or transfiguration as far as I can tell. I have used several countercharms but nothing seems to work. And since it has been over an hour since this has happened Polyjuice has been ruled out."

"I see." Snape's dark eyes narrowed in thought. Hermione could almost hear the wheels turn in his mind. Harry looked concerned as he stood behind Snape. "There was a rare potion used by the Ephesian Mystery Cult that was rumored to have such an effect. There is doubtless an antidote. Otherwise, I know of no other potion."

"Thank you Professor. Do you have any other information on it?" asked Hermione, whose eyes sparkled in excitement at the prospect of brand new information.

"I would check the Library at the Ministry Museum. They might have a copy. Other than that, who knows?" Said Snape, his lip curling disdainfully.

"Thank you very much Professor. Don't worry Harry, we'll call back later. If I have any questions Professor I'll call back. Good bye." Hermione pulled her face from the fire and the flames returned to normal. "Did you hear that Ron? If I find that I should be able to cure you."

"That's great!" Ron beamed at her. He then thought of something and his excitement faded, as its realization set in. "Uhm…'mione?"

"Yes dear?" replied Hermione quizzically.

"How long do you think this will take? You know, to brew?" asked Ron, nervously.

Hermione thought about it, eyes narrowed in thought. "I'm not sure. Certainly it shouldn't be as long as Polyjuice potion, but it could be. So, certainly no more than a month after I am able to get the directions."

Ron looked crestfallen. He looked over his changed body, felt overwhelmed by emotion and began to cry. This confused Ron even more and added to his tears. Hermione's eyes widened in surprise and shock at Ron's response to the news. She rushed over and hugged her fiancé, concerned. His changed body felt odd and wrong under her arms. It made her a bit uncomfortable. "Ron, what is it?"

"Oh, Hermione, what am I supposed to do about work? I can't just leave for a month. And my work was going so well." Ron was able to choke out an answer between sobs.

"Should we tell them what happened?" asked Hermione gently.

"No! Yes. Maybe. I don't know. I had hoped you could fix this really easily so I wouldn't have to be like this for long." Ron slowed to sniffles, wiping his eyes on his robe.

Hermione looked ready to say something and then it was obvious to Ron that something new occurred to her. "Ron, do you think your brothers could have done this?"

"Fred and George? I suppose they could." Ron admitted. "They would find this whole thing tremendously funny."

"Oh! If they did this I will curse their ears off! I'll talk to your mother." Hermione was obviously getting angry and worked up. Ron shifted back away from her. It was safer to not be in the way of an angry Hermione. "I should Floo her or we should apparate in and tell her straight away."

"Am I supposed to go like this? In my bathrobe?" asked Ron incredulously, hoping to forestall the impending row.

"Well, your clothes obviously won't fit you anymore. You should be able to wear something of mine for right now. Maybe Ginny has some things that she can let you borrow until we get this all sorted." responded Hermione.

Ron followed her to their bedroom, shuffling his now smaller feet. What had happened to him? Why was this happening? He didn't want to be a girl. He had never even thought about it or what it might be like. And now here he was, a girl. His body felt weird and he wasn't looking forward to facing Fred and George about this. They were probably very pleased with themselves. When he made it into the room Hermione was busy looking through her dresser for things.

She pulled out a pair of bra and panties, made of both satin and lace. They were really feminine. Ron shuddered as she handed them to him. "Here you go Ron. Put these on."

"But 'mione…don't you have anything…you know…less girly?" He looked up at her with sad and pleading eyes.

Hermione rolled her eyes. "Ronald Bilius Weasley, you were the one who said that you liked how I looked in this kind of underwear so I bought all matching pairs, just for you. You wanted me in this and it is all I have."

"What about those pairs of plain white underwear?" asked Ron. "You wear those occasionally."

"Sigh…Ron, do you really want to wear the panties I wear during my period?" replied Hermione patiently.

Ron made a face and said, "Ick.."

"Honestly Ronald…" sighed Hermione. "Just put them on."

Ron took the pale blue panties with lace trim and pulled them up his legs. He shuddered as the soft material sent chills up his already cold body. The panties were a little loose on his waist, but not by a lot, and they sat very differently than either his boxers or briefs. They certainly hugged his body more, even when a bit loose. He sort of felt that his bum was falling out of them however.

Ron looked at the matching bra and tried to remember how Hermione put one on. He knew how to take one off, even mastered the one handed back closure release but putting one on? He put his arms through the straps and pulled the elastic around behind him. He struggled with it for a while before he found the eyelets for the hooks. The cups were resting on top of his breasts so he pulled them down over his new protrusions. It didn't feel comfortable at all. He wondered how women could stand wearing these things.

Hermione walked out of the closet with a blouse and a pair of her jeans and giggled when she looked at Ron. She came over, unhooked Ron and untwisted the straps, straightening the whole thing out. "Ron, bend down and pull your breasts into the cups. They will sit better that way. I promise."

Ron bent over at the waist and reached into the cups and pulled his new breasts up and into them. It felt odd, really odd. The flesh was smooth and soft and a bit squishy. They actually moved when he pulled them up and they did settle into the bra. The cups were a bit loose on him but the strap was comfortable. He stood up and looked at Hermione.

She smiled at him and handed him the jeans. He pulled them up his legs, but what was odd was how they were a lot tighter than his own jeans. He felt like they were almost a second skin. The waist band was a bit loose but the seat of the jeans was a bit tight. He knew they looked good on Hermione but he was sure he looked stupid in them.

He was then handed a t-shirt with ¾ sleeves. It looked like any longish sleeved shirt, except for the more feminine colors. Ron sighed in acceptance and pulled on the shirt. the material was softer than his own shirts.

Hermione had gotten dressed quickly while Ron was having some clothing problems. She tossed him a pair of socks and a pair of her older trainers. They were a bit small for Hermione which meant they should now fit Ron. Ron put them on without complaint.

After they were both fully dressed Ron and Hermione walked into the living room and retrieved the pages of notes. She knew she would need them when talking with Molly and with the twins. She picked up her wand and Ron got a hold of his. The walked to the closet, got out their light jackets and put them on. It was a bit cool outside, since British fall was not the warmest or driest.

With a quick incantation they were standing outside of the Burrow. Ron knocked on the door and they both could hear Molly bustling her way to the door. His mother opened up the door and her eyes brightened when they saw Hermione. "Hermione! How wonderful to see you dear. Why don't you and your friend come inside for a spot of tea? Here for a visit?"

Ron was incredulous. His mother didn't recognize him.

"Your friend looks familiar. Do I know her?" chattered Molly, continuing on as they moved into the kitchen.

Ron sighed, "Mum…"

Molly stopped and really looked at Ron. Her eyes widened in shock and then she yelled out, "Fred and George Weasley! What have you done to your brother? Oh…when I get my hands on those two! Please sit down you two, Want some tea? I have a few chocolate biscuits, if you want."

The two complied and nodded at Molly. After she handed them their tea and set down a plate of the biscuits Molly excused herself. After a few moments they could hear her yelling a howler. She returned with a red envelope and smiled brightly at them. "Are you going to be able to stay for lunch? Ginny is coming by for a visit and she hasn't seen either of you in weeks."

Molly called over Errol and handed him the Howler. The old owl flapped erratically into the sky and out of sight. Molly continued to bustle about with her chores. Finally Hermione spoke, "Molly? I think we need to talk about this before the twins get here."

"Certainly dear. Do you have any idea what happened?" asked Molly, finally sitting at the table.

"None at all. Ron woke up this morning like this and we don't know why. I have tried a few counterspells that I found but nothing that helped. I even spoke with Professor Snape about things and he gave me a few ideas. That was when I reasoned that the twins could be involved in this." explained Hermione. Ron just sat there feeling miserable. Just how soon would his whole family know about this?

Ron was ignoring the chatting and drinking his tea. Even the chocolate biscuits failed to help his mood. He headed off and into the living room. He wanted some time to himself. He sat in one of his favorite chairs and curled up again. Ron shook a little, but not from the cold. So many things had happened to him over the course of his life that he should be able to cope with weird things. After the war there were a lot of things that didn't faze him any more. And working in the Department of Mysteries gave him a whole different set of weird events to ruminate over. But nothing had occurred like this.

He just wished that things would go back to normal. He could feel a hollowness within himself that seemed to be an opposite of how he had been. He had certainly never felt anything like that before. And he felt weaker. His arms were thinner and he felt like a stiff breeze could knock him over. He drifted off to sleep in the chair, fretting over what had occurred.

Hermione was busy in her conversation with Molly. She was explaining what she had done in an attempt to fix the problem. She went over the various incantations with her and things turned to different things. "I am not sure what to do Molly. He almost looks like Ginny. It is unnerving."

"I know what you mean. Ron looks really odd. He looks like a girl, completely. I just hope the twins have a way to reverse what they have done to him." Molly looked over towards the living room. "I hope he is dealing with this okay."

Hermione looked a little worried. "He is hanging onto the fact that I can fix this. I have already tried what I know. If they twins can't fix this then I have to do more research. I am afraid that this could take a while. I don't know how he will cope with being a girl."

Molly looked over into the living room as well. "You may have something there Hermione. It's not like he hasn't been teased by his brothers a lot. Maybe he will be okay."

"Maybe. I am just worried about him. He had so many issues during school with feeling like he was less than his brothers. This might make things worse, especially if Fred and George did this." Hermione stirred her tea absently.

They both heard the crack of someone arriving. Ginny walked in a moment later. She saw Hermione, squealed, ran over and hugged her. "Hermione, I didn't know you were going to be here. Is Ron here?"

Molly and Hermione stared at each other for a moment silently, trying to figure out where to start. Ginny looked between them and then asked. "What's wrong with Ron?"

Molly said, "He's in the living room."

Ginny looked confused and headed into the living room. She suddenly eeped and ran back out. "Ron's a girl?"

The two others nodded, looking concerned. "How did this happen? Was it Fred and George?"

Molly nodded. "It is the kind of thing that they would do."

Ginny sat down heavily at the table. "It's weird, he looks a little like me."

Again the other two nodded. Ginny kept on talking, "So what are we going to do?"

Hermione sighed. "I don't know. I have done some research into this already and have no real answers. I hope I can fix this."

Molly shook her self. "Well, let's at least eat. Hermione, why don't you wake Ron when the food is ready."

Molly began bustling around, preparing lunch. Ginny leaned in and whispered to Hermione. "So, does he kiss the same?"

Hermione turned red to her ears at the question. "I don't know. I haven't touched him."

Ginny looked confused and cocked her head, "Why not? He's still your fiancé."

Hermione looked flustered. "But he's a girl. It disturbs me to even think of it. I'm not interested in girls."

"But it's Ron." Ginny looked worried. "He is the same person, only changed by some sort of magic. It's not his fault this happened, so why punish him?"

Hermione shifted in her seat, uncomfortable with the question. "I'm not punishing him. It's just that when I get close to him all I see is girl and not Ron. It makes me sick to my stomach. I have never kissed a girl and never intend to."

Ron walked into the room, wiping the sleep out of his eyes. He paled a little when he saw Ginny. His sister merely smiled reassuringly, "Afternoon, Ron."

"Uhm…Hello Ginny. How are you doing?" he asked a little worried. He wasn't really comfortable seeing her when he was like this.

"Not too bad, better than you it seems. You doing okay?" she asked, obviously worried about him.

Ron shrugged, feeling better for her concern. "I'm doing alright I guess. I am a bit stressed over this. I have no idea what to do if I have to stay like this. How am I going to explain this to work?"

Ginny smiled and giggled. "Simply tell them that you decided to have a change of pace in your life."

Ron giggled. He stopped and his eyes went wide. He had expected a chuckle to come out. "Uhm…what was that?"

Hermione and Ginny were smiling at Ron. Ginny spoke up. "Ron, I have no idea why you giggled but that was what that was. That sounded odd but don't worry about it. Probably comes with the body."

Ron nodded and sat down at his usual seat at the large table. Molly brought over plates of Bangers with Bubble and Squeak for everyone. Ron smiled; he liked both of these dishes. He dug into the food happily. He stopped before he was half way through what he had served himself, already full. He looked longingly at the rest of the food but he was unable to put any more into himself without making himself sick. He sat back in his chair and drank some more of his butterbeer.

There really hadn't been a lot of talk at the table. Ginny had caught everyone up on the events of her life. Her work kept her busy as she was busy chasing down the last of the death eaters. She was enjoying her work as an Auror and was doing quite well. She worked with Harry occasionally and it was well known that those two made a great team much feared by the remnants of the Death Eaters. She saw more of Harry now than Hermione and Ron did. She also spent time with Snape as well. She kept trying to get Ron to realize that Snape wasn't a git but actually a fairly nice person who treated Harry really well. Ron was still rather anti-Snape and didn't want to even think about the beaked nose Professor. Let alone his hand in their getting together.

While Ginny was talking about one of her and Harry's last cases Fred and George walked into the house. They were both dressed in their really nice green dragon hide suits and looked as if they had just left the office. The two tall red heads had filled out a little and no longer were beanpoles. They looked irritated and glared at their mother. Fred began, "What is the point …"

"…of sending us a howler?" finished George. "We haven't done anything."

Molly quickly stood and began her diatribe, gesturing wildly and angrily. "How could you two do this to your brother? Your jokes have got to stop! This one was not even remotely funny. Did you even stop to think about Ron's feelings in this? Hermione's? I don't think so. This was a mean joke and you should both have known better…"

Fred jumped in when she took a breath. "Mum, what joke are you talking about?"

George followed quickly, knowing that the secret was to not let their mother build up a good head of steam. "We haven't done anything to Ron in months. Work you know."

"Yeah Mum, we are businessmen now, with really hectic schedules. We don't have as much time to plan jokes for Ron." followed Fred.

"I suppose you expect me to believe you when you say that you didn't do this to Ron?" Molly gestured towards where Ron was sitting.

Fred and George looked confused at the girl that their mother was pointing to. They then noticed the freckle pattern and the way she was blushing. Their eyes grew wide in surprise, and then their grins spread across their faces. "Merlin's Beard…"

"…its ickle Ronnie diddlekins!" The twins fell into each others arms laughing.

"How could you two do this to Ron?" demanded Molly.

"Mother, really, if we did this to Ron…" started George.

"…don't you think we would own up to it? So what was it? Polyjuice? A curse, jinx, what?" ended Fred.

Hermione looked bothered by this. "I was hoping you two would know. I haven't been able to figure it out yet."

Now the twins looked worried. they knew just how powerful a witch Hermione was. "Ronnie here is a girl…"

"…and you don't know why? What can we do to help?"

Molly, Ginny and Hermione all shared a look. They hadn't really considered what it could mean for the twins not to have done this to Ron. They were counting on the two of the mischief makers to be the culprits. Hermione looked again through her notes, maybe these two could do something. "Well, if you didn't do this to Ron, perhaps you could help me find a cure."

"Consider it done. Do you want us to find out who did this as well?" asked Fred, looking a bit irritated at the affront to their brother.

"Yeah. Only we have the right to turn Ronnie here into a girl." remarked George, scowling a bit.

"Don't call me that!" growled Ron.

"What? Ronnie?" asked the twins.

"Don't call me that!" Ron's voice was growing louder and more strident. He glared at his brothers angrily.

"But ickle diddle Ronnie kins, we have been calling you this for years." said George, opening his hands up, confused at Ron's outburst.

"We can't very well stop now. It would be unnatural." added Fred. They both smiled innocently at Ron.

Ron glowered at the twins, his anger at them building. Ginny used a hand to restrain Ron, as he had started to stand up and reach for his wand. Molly glared at Fred and George, still clearly upset but derailed from her accusations. "Well, it's a good thing that you two hadn't done this. I would have definitely jinxed your ears into cauliflower. Just imagine what your father would have done to you, let alone Hermione and Ginny."

The twins smiled at their mother and nodded. They pulled up chairs and joined the others at the table. Hermione repeated the whole story to them and the twins seemed amused and alarmed by the tale. Ron just seemed upset and sat with his head down as the events were recounted yet again. After a while he walked back out into the living room to get away from it all. He plopped back into his chair and worried what he was going to do now?

He really had hoped Fred and George were responsible for this curse. If they had been, he would be a guy again right now. He might even think it might be funny in a few weeks. But they hadn't done this to him. The twins never really lied to their mother and they would definitely have owned up to this one. It definitely would have ranked right up there with their best pranks. What was he going to do if he was stuck like this? He didn't want to be a girl, but now he was. His bladder was getting full and he knew he needed to take care of it but he was scared and unnerved.

Finally he got up and went in to the bathroom. He thought about it and realized that he needed to sit down this time as standing only worked for wetting himself. He dropped his borrowed pants and knickers, sat down and went. It felt odd and it was really loud. When he finished he stood up and pulled up his underwear. A bit of urine trickled down his leg. "Bloody hell."

He got some toilet paper and wiped himself clean. Now he knew why Hermione wiped. He shook his head and finished getting redressed. He walked out of the loo and back into the kitchen where they were still talking about this event. He turned as the kitchen door opened and watched as his father walked in.

Arthur Weasley stared at the woman standing before him. She looked familiar but he was sure they had never met. "Who are you?"

"It's me Dad, Ron." admitted Ron, a bit embarrassed about being a girl. Now everyone in the family would know.

Arthur gaped at Ron for a moment and then yelped, "Ron? Ron! Fred, George, what did you both do to your brother?!"