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Sakura sat dutifully through the meeting. Enduring Kakashi's long lecture on something Ninja related … something she had heard before. Many, many times before. Naruto was propped on his hand asleep and Sasuke was staring stonily ahead. It was fairly warm and Sakura would rather be sunbathing or reading a book, not listening to her sensei give his lecture. Sakura's eyes started to wander, as they tended to do when she was bored, and landed on something black scurrying across the dusty ground. Her eyes suddenly widen with realization. A spider. Sakura hated spiders. She straightened up immediately and tucked her feet underneath her. The spider paused in its journey, but only for a moment, as it continued its trek towards her. Sakura started getting anxious and her sensei noticed.

"Sakura, what's wrong?" Kakashi asked. Sakura couldn't speak; it was as if the spider had removed all traces of her loudmouthed voice. She was reduced to pointing and whimpering.

"What? This?" Kakashi asked as he scooped the spider up, causing Sakura to squeak and jump in her seat. Her teammates started to notice her panic and stared at her oddly. Sakura wasn't a little girl anymore; in fact she was one of the fiercest Konoichi's in Konoha. She could pulverize a man's face in one horrifying blow! So why was she scared of a little spider?

"Spiders are very useful you know." Kakashi told her.

"Try telling that to Shino." Naruto muttered.

"Don't you want to see it?" Kakashi asked as he brought the spider closer to Sakura causing her to scream and jump up from her place with a scream.

"Sakura, there's no need to be frightened." Kakashi chuckled as he stepped closer to her. Sakura screamed and scuttled sideways into Sasuke's lap.

"Get it away!" She screeched.

"It's just a spider Sakura!" Sasuke told her calmly.

"No! It's a nasty ugly spider! Get it away from me!" She cried as Kakashi brought it closer. She scrambled back even more into Sasuke's chest, causing him to grunt as he flailing limbs hit key parts of his anatomy.

"What's there to be scared of?" Kakashi laughed.

"Everything! Please put it down!" Sakura cried as she buried her face in Sasuke's chest, not even caring how it looked as long as she got away from the spider. Suddenly she felt herself being lifted up and placed on the rock that Sasuke had once been sitting.

"Here." He told her as he took the small spider from Kakashi's palm and sat it on the ground before promptly squishing it under his sandal. A look of relief replaced the panic on Sakura's face.

"My Hero!" She said as she launched her self at him and wrapped her arms around him in a hug. Her small body pressed flush against his much larger one. Sasuke turned bright red and patted her back awkwardly.

"No problem." He muttered before he pulled her off of him. His emotions rolling around and boiling inside him. He made it his new mission in life to get as many hero hugs as he could.