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Ino's P.O.V.

What the hell is with this hangover? Where the hell am I? Where in the world are my clothes? Why do I have a thong on my neck? Who is…huh? I coulda sworn there was a person somewhere I here? Huh. Hey there goes a bathroom. I waddled over to the bathroom cradling my head.

I reached the bathroom and immediately bent over by the toilet. I hurled up all the alcohol I had consumed earlier and wiped my mouth. I sighed and continued holding my head. Ugh. I looked a mess when I passed by a mirror. I sighed and continued downstairs. Stairs? When had there been stairs? God what the HELL was with this hangover?! Dammit! Tired of standing, I reverted to crawling as I slid butt first down the stairs.

Ooh. That smell. Is it pancakes, or waffles? It made me delightfully nauseous. I quickened my sliding pace. As I continued, my ass missed a step and I toppled butt first into the bottom stair. Shit. That actually hurt.

"Someone comes out of the forbidden lair to eat, huh?" A voice assaulted my senses but soothed my aching head. I looked up to see a smirking girl standing over me with her hand outstretched towards me. I shook my head and took it. I was pulled up to stand on my feet…much to my hangover's dismay. I groaned and the girl shoved some pills in my hand. A glass of water followed and I swallowed eagerly.

"Now, come on and eat." She commanded.

"I don't wanna eat right now." I moaned.

"Come on now, I didn't cook all this shit for me." I gazed at her blankly. "Dammit Ino! Do you even remember my name?!"

"Um…I think it's um, is it uh…" I stuttered. I saw her shake in wrath. "Gah, I'm guessing you have a slight temper problem, hm? I joked. I swear I saw a vein pop as she began to screech at me.

"What the HELL was I thinking when I let you have that vodka!? DAMN! You probably don't even remember what you said to me! HUH, INO?! DO YOU?!" As the girl seethed I suddenly remembered her name. Sakura. Sakura!

"SAKURA!! I wuv you!!" I tackled her onto the nearby couch and straddled her. She blushed furiously and slapped at me.

"I-Ino! Ge-get 'offa me!" I ducked from an oncoming fist. I rested my head on her bosom and breathed in her scent. Again she tried to push me off, but I wrapped my arms around her squirming figure. I didn't know what I was thinking or what was over taking me, but I liked it. She stopped her squirming and then relaxed.

"Ino? Um, tell me now, you don't wanna umph me do you?" I pulled away from her to quirk a brow her. "Oh, ok then. Um well, breakfast is over there…" I giggled at the blush that was painted heavily across her face. I scooted off her and made my way to the well decorated table. I sat and glanced at the display. Sakura sat across from me, and began to fill her plate. I followed as well. An uncomfortable silence sat down at the table with us, and I tried to make conversation.

"So, how bad was I last night?" A flash of pain crossed Sakura's eyes. "Well, I remember asking you something. Um, something about your family." Another painful look hit Sakura's eyes.

"My parents." Sakura whispered. She sighed and shifted in her seat. "I assume you have parents." She glanced at me and I nodded in response. "I also assume you are curious to know about my past." She didn't spare me a glance and she instead began her tale.

"Meus parentos. Non amat diligo mihi. Vicis erant rabidus quod madidus insquequo suum mens non opus muneris satis ut erigo a parvulus. Eram devia. Vos forsit operor non memor mihi. Per vicis eram novem, eram usque quaque condita certus non iuguolo semet in temetum. Ut eram non vel theca. Vicis unus dies mata quod abbatus certus vita eram nimium tractare. Sic ut venire domus unus dies in sedecim grade mata eram pensilis ex flabellum, dum abbatus ilia erant pulsus totus super parietis, accingo servus in suus manuum." I gazed at her in awe as the foreign words flowed out from her lips, without pause or delay. She grimaced.

"My parents. They did not love me. Instead they were crazy and drunk until their minds wouldn't work enough to raise a child. I was lonely. You probably do not remember me. By time I was 9, I was always making sure they didn't kill themselves on alcohol. Funny, that wasn't even the case. Instead one day, mom and dad decided life was too much to handle. So when I got home one day in sixth grade, mom was hanging from the ceiling fan, while dad's insides were blown all over the wall, the gun stuck in his hands." She turned completely away from me and fell silent. My mouth moved, but no words escaped.

"There was a note they left me. That note, it was covered from every place in blood. Flowing, disgusting, tainted blood. I thought after they left that they had a good reason, a good intention, just like in all those movies. Heh. The note read:

" ' Sakura ,

Nos had praecessi. Non res quam vos sentio , quam vos vulnero , vel quis vos volo. Non. Quicumque res est ut vos agnosco vos es per vestri. Sulum est. Nemo blandior super quisquam. Vos animadverto cruor? Undique. Nos es etiam hic Sakura. Undique. Nos es undique. Operor non requiro nos , nos es non accedo tergum. Umquam. Tamen nos es non decessio , umquam...' "

I wiped at the tears begging to fall and went over to Sakura to comfort her. She shied away from my touch and continued.

" 'Sakura,

We had to go. It does not matter how you feel, how you hurt, or what you want. No. All that matters is that you understand you are by yourself. Everyone is. No one cares about anyone. You see the blood? It's everywhere. We are still here Sakura. Everywhere. We are everywhere. Do not miss us, we are not coming back. Ever. But we are not leaving, ever...'"

I couldn't even stand properly. I sat on the floor as I cried out loud for Sakura. Sakura simply ignored me and reached over to a strange bag, pulled out two needles and injected them into her arm. I watched her and I saw a strange look consume her.

"Ha. Forget 'bout it Ino. It don't matter any'ore. They 're not m'portant to me. Not like I was to them anyway." Sakura grinned strangely. I stared at her in awe once more as I proceeded to wipe my tear streaked face. "Hey, I noticed somethin' 'bout you. You're quite the cutie." She smirked suggestively and I couldn't help but crack a smile.

"Sakura, I don't know how you do it."

"The hell if I know either."

"So you say I'm cute." I began.

"Quite the looker, if I do say so myself." Sakura wriggled her eyebrows flirtatiously.

"Come show me your favorite part of me." I grinned as Sakura approached. She walked around me twice, looked me up and down and pushed me towards the couch. She again sized me up and placed her hands on my ass from behind me.

"I've always been somewhat of an ass person. How 'bout you. I'm sure you have somethin' you like on me."

"Indeed. I enjoy your tits." I licked my lips.

"Why don't ya touch 'em?"

"May I?"

"You may." I grabbed Sakura's tits and she moaned quietly from the force I squeezed them with. I grabbed her nipples and rolled them around in my index finger and thumb. Before I could comprehend it, we were on the floor engaged in a needy kiss. My lips smacked mercilessly against Sakura's. Soon my tongue forced its way into Sakura's mouth. I tickled the roof of her mouth. I pressed my body completely over hers. She sighed contentedly. I took this as a sign to remove her shirt. I kissed her neck and nipped it as I lowered into her small, yet perky breasts. I went straight down the middle and came up again to latch on to her left tit. She gasped at the contact.

"Ugh. More." I circled my tongue around her nipple as I massage the other breast with my free hand. I dragged my teeth across the breast, causing her breath to hitch. I repeated this on the other side. I ground my teeth into her nipples and she bucked her hips involuntarily into me.

"More. I want more!" Sakura hissed into my ear. I lowered myself and spread her thighs slowly. Sakura whimpered and I shot a sly smirk up at her. I slipped her shorts off and the underwear fell with ease. My nose was attacked by the scent of arousal immediately. I licked around her thighs, and earned a gasp from her. I licked and continued to inch closer to her core. She bucked her hips again and my nose was met with her wet pussy.

The worst part was, I didn't have control.

I completely flipped out and lost it.

And I know, I know without a doubt, she did too.

My tongue viciously delved into the hot cave and Sakura gasped from shock. My tongue flicked over her clit. Once, twice. She groaned and pushed my head further into the cave. I blew on it and she shuddered. Again my tongue stroked her clit up and down, agonizingly slow.

"Lick that pussy. Make me cum." Sakura panted as my speed picked up a bit. I began to make a circular motion around the clit. Sakura's moans and pants escalated as I wrapped my lips around her clit and sucked.

"Fuck Ino." I sucked harder and Sakura began to quake. I then switched to sliding my tongue through her twice as hard.

"Ino! FUCK!" I continued and steadied Sakura by gripping onto her thighs. I felt her coming very close, so I used a trick of mine. I curved my tongue to hit the final spot.

"OH! INO!" Sakura wailed as a sea of sweet juices flowed into my mouth. I lapped every bit up and let Sakura ride out her orgasm. I came up from Eden, to kiss her and allow her to taste the honey I'd found. She moaned into the kiss and cuddled into me.

"So, I don't get a ride?" I asked, smiling into her rosy locks.

"Maybe later. I'm tired." Sakura drifted into "after-hot-sex-land" soon after and I joined her.


Sakura's P.O.V.

School sucked ass, it always does. All the kids at school know my parents are drunkards and they ridicule me for it. I punched a kid for it, his name was Sasuke Uchiha. That bastard, I don't know why anyone would like him, especially if his name has "uke" in it. Mom and dad are gonna hit me for the suspension I got for it. I hope mom and dad aren't drunk, I don't need any more bruises.

I approached my door and I heard no commotion inside, so I assumed they'd be sober and grumpy for at least 10 minutes after I arrived. I opened it and to my surprise there was not a stench of alcohol that assaulted me, instead another repulsing smell did. Blood. I didn't see any, but I smelt it. I walked into the living room to find my dog, in his own pool of blood.

"MARI! NO!" Mari whimpered as I approached. He sniffed my hand as I inspected his wounds. There were gun shots and tears throughout his body. Mari's eyes darkened and I knew his end was coming.

"Mari. Go to sleep boy." Mari licked me once before his body stilled completely. My stomach churned and I sobbed quietly. I vomited soon after, wave after wave. I willed myself to stop, and I lugged myself into my parents' room. I sat motionless on the floor as I beheld the sight.









"M-mommy?" I called out. I was answered by the stench of rotting bodies. "D-daddy?" I whispered. I was answered by a drop of blood. I fell deathly silent and all I could focus on was the soft thump of mom's body every time her feet hit a nearby wall. I watched her spin round and round in a never-ending circle. The fan had no strain carrying her in that slow little circle. In fact, it'd made a nice pattern of blood on the carpet.

"W-why? Why would y-y-you do this t-to me? I th-thought—" I trailed off as I took a long hard glance at dad. There was a gun. There was an unfamiliar man in dad's bed. This man was sitting up strangely. The gun was planted firmly in his hand. This man was not dad, no. Dad had a face. This man owned no face. I looked on the wall to see dad. He was all over the wall. From his innards to his contorted face, it was stretched all over the wall. Dad was here. Mom was here. But this man, he did not belong here.

"Ge-get out." I whispered quietly more to myself than the man.

"I said, get out." I repeated with more strength. The man did not budge, he only sat, gripping the gun like it was the last thing he owned.

"Get out!" I yelled. No response.

"GET OUT!" I screamed. No response.

"I'LL MAKE YOU GET OUT!" I tackled the man, and punched at his chest. He only fell back onto the chair. I wailed and howled yet I heard no sound exit the man. I laid on him, exhausted. He felt like dad. Maybe he was dad. I curled up next to him. As I settled something poked my side. It was a note. I sat up and opened the blood- stained thing.

Latin? They only wrote in Latin when it was a serious or dire situation. I suppose this counts. It read:

" ' Sakura ,

Nos had praecessi. Non res quam vos sentio , quam vos vulnero , vel quis vos volo. Non. Quicumque res est ut vos agnosco vos es per vestri. Sulum est. Nemo blandior super quisquam. Vos animadverto cruor? Undique. Nos es etiam hic Sakura. Undique. Nos es undique. Operor non requiro nos , nos es non accedo tergum. Umquam. Tamen nos es non decessio , umquam...' "

(A/N: " 'Sakura,

We had to go. It does not matter how you feel, how you hurt, or what you want. No. All that matters is that you understand you are by yourself. Everyone is. No one cares about anyone. You see the blood? It's everywhere. We are still here Sakura. Everywhere. We are everywhere. Do not miss us, we are not coming back. Ever. But we are not leaving, ever...'" Just for the fat asses who won't scroll up to read this again. )




What the hell?

WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS?! Am I not important to them anymore?! Fuck, them! Fuck this! I snatched the gun from the man's hands. I shot him. And shot him. And shot him. I shot him until no bullets were left.

"I'm by myself now?" I questioned. I looked around and saw the blood. "No, no, they're still here." I wept. I moved towards the fan and I ripped the rope on it's blade. My mother fell with a thump. I stomped on her face with my shoe, leaving behind an unfamiliar lady.

"Am I by myself now?!" I shouted. The mysterious lady's face answered me. "NO! They won't leave! Why are you still here?! Leave me ALONE!!" I howled at the top of my lungs, until my voice was hoarse.

"You see the blood?" A voice whispered. I jumped startled. I gazed in the direction of the voice. The lady was talking. To me. "You see the blood?" She whispered, this time crawling in my direction. I froze, paralyzed by fear. "You see the blood?" She continued in her hushed whisper, while heading towards me.

"It's everywhere." A new voice kicked in. The man spoke and stood to shuffle towards me also. I stood panicked by the chorus surrounding me.

"You see the blood?" The lady asked.

"It's everywhere." The man responded on queue.

"No. Please no." I backed up finally finding my legs. The continued without stopping.

"You see the blood?"

"It's everywhere."

"N-no, pl-please."

"You see the blood?"


"It's everywhere."

"You see the blood?"


"It's everywhere." I was trapped. My back hit a door. They soon hushed and resorted to menacing growling. I fumbled with the doorknob and rolled into the room just as they closed in on me opened the door. They retracted from the door and fell dead. I turned to witness as they had and I too desired to drop dead.

"I-Ino?!" Ino was pinned to the wall and had gun wounds and her head was pinned several inches above her. The head's eyes focused on me and the mouth moved.

"We're everywhere." She smirked at me. Before she died she mouthed the word: Undique


" Sakura, Sakura! Wake the hell up!" My head snapped upwards and I rubbed at my eyes. Tears were pouring down my face. I opened my eyes to see Ino. INO?! I shrieked in fear and backed away from her. "Sakura! Come down!"





"OH MY GRILLZ! I'M DEAD!" I bawled senselessly into my knees and Ino crawled over to me. Again I screeched and backed away.

"CHILL DAMMIT!" Ino exclaimed clearly exasperated. I opened my eyes long enough to see bruises on Ino's arms and legs. I saw that Ino was indeed not dead, but bruised.


"Ah. What now?"

"Did I hurt you?" Ino's annoyed look softened and she averted her gaze to a speck on the floor.

"No. You had a bad dream and you hit rather hard. I tried to keep you still, but you see that didn't work out too well." She turned to try and smile at me but I couldn't handle the bruises I had inflicted upon Ino.

"I'm a monster Ino! I hurt people, and I don't even understand how you managed to have sex with me let alone bother to speak my name. How don't you hate me?" I withheld a sob and Ino came over to comfort me.

"No. No. I could never hate you. I never have. In fact I l-lo--" Ino paused and a heavy blush tainted her cheeks.

"What?" I asked unaware of her mistake.

"Nothing. I was just saying you mean a lot to me." Ino kissed my neck and I moaned softly. She continued her frivolous kissing. Lower, lower. And she stopped. "Now, where the hell is the alcohol in this bitch?"


"And I said to dat bitch: 'Every time I come in the kitchen, you in the kitchen. In the goddamn refrigerator. Eatin' up all the food. All the chicken. All the pig feet. All the collard greens. All the hog maw. I wanna eat some of them chitlins! I like pig feet!' And she was all like: 'Naw, naw, you is a lie.' And I'm like: 'Bitch you da one who's fat!'" Ino cackled and I fell over from lack of oxygen. Damn I'm good for recording this.

"Ino, you're insane." I managed to say.

"Naw, dat bitch was tho. Hey. Sakura."


"Chicken butt. Slap me."


"Chicken thigh. John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt."


"Chicken POO!" Ino burst out into laughter and I could help but smile. "Hey, I need to go an' use da facilitiays. Do ya mind partner? Ino giggled.

"I doubt you really have to use it." I grinned.

"I do. I gotta go. But I rweally wanna go wit you."

"Would that make you pee quicker?"

"I dunno know 'bout peeing. I do know a wittle 'bout somethin' else." Ino giggled and I couldn't stand her being the only one happy. I went to the case full of pill and shots. Without hesitation I injected 3 shots. No pills. It didn't take shit to get me high this time. I was deprived.



"Ooh. Are ya finally feelin' da spirit like I am? I'm gonna 'ave to get ya. Do ya want meh to get yah? Huh? Ino smiled mischievously at me.

"I dunno if ya got what it takes to be catchin' a someone like me. Ya look like a bit of a slowpoke." I cackled madly and Ino glared fiercely at me.

"I can too be catchin' ya."

"Ya cannot."

"I can too."

"Ya cannot." I was suddenly tackled by a whirlwind of blonde hair. I struggled under Ino's weight but I was pinned even.

"Now who's da one who caught da frisky fox who's been a-wandering in my garden?"

"Farmer Ino I s'pose." I grinned up at Ino. I found an opening in Ino's body lock, so I flipped her.

"Now who's got the cute wittle farmer?"

"The sly fox I s'pose." Ino and I laughed together. Ino fell silent suddenly. "I love you." I smirked at her.

"Who doesn't love me? It's 'ard to do that." She still looked incredibly sober.

"No. I really mean it. I love you." Ino's façade fell and mine toppled along with hers.

"Ino, ya know it's really hard for me to say but, I love you." She snuggled into me and drifted to sleep. I followed soon after repeating Ino's words in my head. I love you.


'Beep. Beep. Beep.'

"Ah, dammit. I'm gonna be late again." I stretched to find, nothing. Huh? Where'd Ino go? "Ino, oh Ino?" I heard a rustling from downstairs. I threw on a black 'I swear to drunk, I'm not God' shirt on and so lose fitting jeans along with some plain black converse. I also slipped on a black beanie, because it was raining. I hopped down the stairs to hear my front door close. I opened it to find a, practically sprinting Ino speeding down the sidewalk. "Hey! Wait up!"

"What?" Ino huffed sounding irritated.

"Hey, is your hangover killing you, love?" I chirped in a sing-song voice. Ino seemed to cringe and I was hurt.

"Don't say that." Ino sped up and I broke out into a jog.

"Why?" I asked. Ino remained silent. We reached the bus stop and Ino still ignored me.

"Ino, why?"

"BECAUSE!" Ino shouted. I flinched at the noise and Ino seemed to take notice. "I-I don't feel the same as I did drunk."

"B-but you told me," I started not believing.

"I say a lot drunk. I don't love you." Ino still faced the other way and I sat, slack jawed, in awe. Big, fresh tears threatened to roll down my cheeks and mixed with the rain.

"Do you e-even remember what you sa-said?!" I screamed at Ino. Ino's figure seemed to hunch and quietly she replied.

"Vaguely. I was completely smashed." Ino sighed loudly and checked her watch.

"Am I not worth your time now?!" My tears dissolved into anger. A crowd was now there waiting for the bus and Ino remained soundless. The bus arrived after my voice had dissolved into the rain.

"You don't remember anything I told you?!" I yelled tears forming.

"I know nothing of you." She turned and walked away. I cried right there in the midst of the crowd. I cried. Soon we all boarded the bus to our destination where I would cry to myself and find myself alone and having pointless, meaningless sex.


That girl.

That chick.

That slut.

That bitch.

That fucker.

I came to a truth. No doubt I hated it, but I knew without any questions it was true. I loved Ino. No doubt. She had fucked me up pretty badly, and hell had licked me out, not to mention had consumed all my alcohol, but I still loved her. I had to pursue her, though it probably meant having endless rows of penis shoved down my throat. I probably had to cope as well, hence the meaningless sex. Almost like this random chick right now. What the hell is her name again?


Yep. I am the lesbian version of God when it comes to sex. But I'm empty. I don't own a little black book. Too many girls. None of them count, only one does. I've gotten high. Very high. I've abused girls before because of it. Frankly, I don't care they're not Ino. No one is. Dammit. I feel like my parents, overwhelmed, unloving, and searching for something better.


Author's Note: I update for the section. Tell me how it is. It's late and I'm tired, but I'm a 'get-it-done-Jenny' so it's done. This chappy is a record 12 pages long! Love it. Review it.


"I take it you're the next girl I fuck right?" I smirked cockily at the girl. I immediately kissed her and pressed her roughly against the wall. I forced my tongue into her hot mouth and I flicked the roof of her mouth. As my head lowered, I bit her lip and then the side of her neck leaving my trademark. I bit along her jaw line leaving inconsequential teeth marks. She moaned and I ripped her shirt off with my right hand, leaving nothing behind but a tattered shirt on the floor. I grabbed a cup of the lacy bra and ripped it off.

"Ugh. Take it all off Sakura. All of it."

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