Chapter 1


Summary: Bella is the biggest klutz, and has never loved before. But will she finally get to feel it when a chance encounter at the hospital leaves her feeling things she never has before?

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"Shit! Not again", this is getting completely ridiculous. I've been awake for two hours and have already slipped in the shower, bumped my hip into the corner of a table, burned myself of the stove, and have just tripped up a set of stairs. This is my life. Every day something else happens to me. I have made so many trips to the hospital I think I know all the nurses' schedules.

As I make my way back up to my bedroom to change the pair of pants I had been wearing because there is now a gaping hole in the leg, I can't help but wonder if my life will ever become less clumsy. I'm 17 years old and I swear I'm more of a klutz now than when I was a toddler.

As I grab a pair of jeans that aren't holy and bring them to rest on my hips, I take a quick glance in the mirror. "Yup, you still look the same as you did yesterday." I don't know why that always seemed so depressing to me, but for the longest time I wished I could just be a little taller, or have bigger boobs; but every day I am still the same petite, brown-haired, brown-eyed girl I have been since my birth.

After thoroughly depressing myself I turned to leave and go back down the stairs which have always been nothing but inconsiderate to me throughout my life. I carefully descended the stairs and went into the kitchen. Charlie was sitting there like he always did with his morning paper and his cup of coffee. I don't know why but it was always comforting to see him there.

"Hey Bells, you alright? I heard you trip." Charlie was trying not to laugh but I knew he was sincere even if he did have a small smile.

"Yea Dad. Thanks. I'm used to it by now anyway."

"Okay Bells, but listen, last night we got some pretty bad rain, and unfortunately it got cold enough that some of it froze over. I know it'll be difficult but could you promise me you will be careful. We don't need any repeats of two years ago." Charlie loved to bring that up. It's not my fault that there was ice on the way to the bus stop. I slipped and broke my arm that year.

"Yea, yea, yea…I promise" I hated when he asked me stuff like that. I couldn't help it. It was just a part of who I was.

Ugh. Great, another day at Forks high; I swear nothing remotely interesting has happened there for almost three years. And even then, the most interesting thing would be having spaghetti on a day that we were supposed to have chicken. Yeah, not that exciting.

I grabbed my books and made my way to my beautiful 1950's, red, ford pick-up truck. It made some very interesting noises and chugged instead of ran, but I loved that truck. It had character and it was an antique. What's not to love?

I got into the car, and thankfully on the fourth try it started running. I hated to ask Charlie to give me a ride, it so awkward showing up to school in the police cruiser. After ten minutes of a mundane drive I pulled into the Forks High School parking lot. As always, there was Jessica, Angela, Tyler and Mike waiting for me by the entrance. I never had a problem with Angela she was actually one of my closest friends, but Jessica, Tyler, and Mike sometimes just got on my nerves. Jess and Mike were obviously head over for each other but always seemed to dance around it like they had no idea the other had feelings. I hated when people acted naïve like that, granted, I have never liked someone enough to act naïve, but still, they shouldn't do that.

I stepped out of my car and surveyed my surroundings. This has become habit with me; I always survey my surroundings to make sure that if I walk forwards I don't fall flat on my butt in front of everyone. When it looked clear I started walking forwards. Then, out of nowhere a car started to back up right into my line of walking and I had to swerve to dodge it, by doing this I walked right onto a patch of black ice. The last thing I saw were the grey clouds, then everything got really dark.

"Bella?! Bella?!, are you okay? Bella!" I think that was Tyler

"No she isn't stupid, I think she hit her head." That was definitely Mike.

"Well obviously asshole." Tyler again

"Would you two stop being ridiculous you need to call an ambulance. I think she's bleeding." Angela is always the voice of reason. Wait, did she say bleeding? I hope I stayed unconscious; blood and Bella were never a good thing.

"Don't worry Ang, I just did. They're on their way. Actually, the guy on the phone asked 'why this time?'." Great. With all the times I've had to ride in an ambulance I didn't realize they knew me so well.

"Okay. Thanks Jess."

I'm going to guess it was only five minutes after Jess called that I heard the sirens. Forks Ambulance Corps was always fast. Not too many people in this 3,000 person town that are in the need of an ambulance. I could feel the neck brace, and them strapping me onto the gurney. It wasn't the most comfortable thing in the world, but it was better than the pavement. The whole time the ambulance guys were asking me questions. I obviously couldn't answer. And I had just begun to realize the enormous headache I had. Then, I felt the ambulance move.

When we arrived I felt the doors push open and the nice warm air of the hospital. I don't know what it is about hospitals, but no matter how much time I spent in them I could never get the hang of them. They were always so, sterile.

Just then I heard a voice I didn't recognize. He was talking to the paramedics in lingo I didn't understand. I did however realize that his voice was like silk. So smooth it sounded like a bell. Beautiful.

"I don't think it's that serious Dr. Cullen, probably just a minor concussion. She hit her head pretty hard on the pavement, and she had a cut on the pack of her skull."

"Thanks Jim." I'm guessing that was Dr. Cullen. He must be new. I've never seen a doctor Cullen at the hospital before.

"Bella, my name is Dr. Cullen. We're going to bring you to get an MRI just to see inside that head of yours. Bella? If you understand please squeeze my hand." Just then I felt smooth skin slide into my hand. I gave it a gentle squeeze. "Okay. Here we go."

After the MRI Dr. Cullen came back into the room and told me he would be giving me medicine for the pain. He obviously figured I would have a headache. He also told me that my Dad would be coming in to see me soon. Oops, I had totally forgotten about Charlie, and our promise. I guess he really did have reason to make me promise that this morning.

The pain meds started to kick in and I felt the urge to open my eyes. As I did I saw my Dad walk into my room.

"Bella! Honey, are you okay?" He was so worried

"Dad I'm fine. I've had concussions before." Two actually.

"Now do you see why I ask you to promise me to be careful?" He sounded kind of angry but I'm sure he was just more worried than anything else.

"Dad I swear I'm fine." Just as the word fine escaped my lips one of the most beautiful men I've ever seen came into my room. He looked young. Maybe early to mid 30's, he had dirty blonde hair and topaz colored eyes. He was downright gorgeous.

"Mr. Swan? Hi, I'm Dr. Carlisle Cullen." Oh my god, THAT was Dr. Cullen?! Whoa.

"Dr." Charlie looked him up and down, not the same way I was, more of a 'you don't look old enough to be a Dr.' sort of way.

"Well sir, Bella is going to be just fine. She had a minor concussion and a small cut on her head that didn't require stitches. We're going to keep her overnight to make sure that she's okay."

"Yeah, that's fine." Charlie sounded annoyed.

"Actually, I was also wondering if it would be okay if Bella shared this room with another patient. It seems that Forks gets a little accidental when there's ice on the ground and we don't seem to have enough room to house everyone." The look on my Dad's face was less than pleased.

"Dad, it's not that big a deal. I don't mind." I was trying to assuage his obvious dislike for this idea.

He cleared his throat and said a quick fine.

Dr. Cullen thanked him and then he left for a little while.

I just sat there looking at my father while he sat in the recliner flipping through the hospitals 100 channels. Then just as I was about to fall asleep I heard my door open again.

I couldn't believe my eyes. In a bed just like the one I was in, was a boy about my age. Although, this one was like no one I have ever seen before. He was beautiful, flawless, and almost god-like. He had reddish brown hair, and a pair of the most deep, goldish colored eyes. I was taken aback by his looks. He looked right at me and smirked. There was a really odd sensation in my stomach. It was almost like butterflies.

Boy, I'm going to be in trouble.

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