My family emergency turned out, well, bad. My father passed away on the 23rd and I have been going through his papers and stuff trying to make sense of everything. I won't go into too many details, but his passing was due to lack of oxygen to the brain and heart complications. I will miss him dearly. There are many reasons why it has taken me so long to finish this. Most of it because of funeral arrangements, and trying to figure out what is going to happen to my younger sister who is still in high school. One big happy crappy mess. I am finishing this fic as an escape of reality that just seems to love to bite me in the butt consistently.

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It's kind of funny; I am over 20 years old. You would think that I would be over the phase of hating a two dimensional figure drawn on paper. However I have encountered one that needs to die many horrible deaths. I won't kill him in my one shot, but I WILL humiliate him. =D

ON WITH THE FIC!!!!!!!!!

"Kyuubi is talking"

"Normal talking"

Thinking to one's self

"Shinigami speaking…"

Time to pay the Piper









In another realm there are six people watching the Kyuubi's current predicament.

The collective expression of the people watching the Kyuubi: O.o

"Ha ha haha hah hah!"

Sarutobi looks at the screen in awe, "I would not wish those two on anyone."

Minato looks at him and asks, "Then why the hell did you put them on the same team with two other people?"

"Because they were the only ones who had a chance of surviving them,"

Kakashi looks at the two kage's and deadpanned, "Right. One has a fetish with fate and the other with all things sharp and pointy. They are no more sane then Gai and Lee. Just more tolerable to be around."

"Shinigami-sama, are you going to do that the Orichimaru?"

"He was one of the ones I tested it on Kushina."

Jiraiya looked at the two of them and shuddered, "I would think he would enjoy something like that."

The Shinigami snorts and says, "It was the genjutsu that drove him over the edge into the fetal position."

"Ah. Yeah. Too peaceful for him I guess."

Minato looks at the screen and looks at the VCR, "This isn't current is it?"

"No it isn't. Why, you want to see what is currently going on?"

There was a collective silence again. Then a collective response, "Yes."

"You people are no fun." He then grabs his remote and fixes it so they can see what is currently going on in the cage. "Happy now?"

"Yes. "



Back in the Hokage's office Naruto is about sit down to meditate to reenter the seal when his door gets kicked in and a bunch of people lead by Gaara enter his office.

"You're paying for that door, Gaara."

"Don't care. Is it time yet?"

"Is that what you all came in here for?"


"I was about to enter the seal when you all barged in here."

"So you don't have the tape yet?"

"NO!" Naruto then takes a deep breath, "I would appreciate it if you all left my office so I can have peace and quiet. As soon as I get the tape, I will let you know. AND. NOT. UNTILL. THEN."

"You're a cruel man to make us all wait like that."

"You will get over it or I keep the tape for myself. Now out."


Inside the seal…

Naruto walks up to the cage and watches the two men instruct the Kyuubi in youthfulness and shudders. Man, never thought I would see the day the old fox would curl up in a ball, sucking on his tails whimpering for his mommy. … Does he even have one? He then looks at the Gai and his mini me and makes them disappear. He turns back to the Kyuubi and say's, "Yo fox it's over!"

The fox takes one look at Naruto and screams like a little girl and runs to the back of the cage. He then returns to the same position that he was in a few moments ago and whimpers for his mommy again.

"Wow. Just wow. I knew it would be effective, but this, there are no words to describe it."

"Agreed mortal."

Naruto jumps and turns around, "You enjoy doing that don't you?"

"As much as you do calling people in before they knock on your door." The Shinigami turns to the Kyuubi and smirks, "It appears that you have won the bet." He then turns back to Naruto, "You have brought me great amusement mortal. As well as a few others I might add. As I promised, a recording will be on your desk sealed in a scroll. Since the old fox is no longer capable of making a coherent descision, I will tweak things to what you have requested."

"Thank you Shinigami-sama."

"No nead. I have not laughed that much in a long time. Not to mention the fact that I have a new way of tormenting tainted souls thanks to you."

"I am glad I could be of service."

"… Sure you are."

"What? You don't trust me? I am hurt."

The Shinigami snorts in amusement, "And I am a monkey's uncle. We both got something we wanted. It was a mutual partnership that benefited us both. Don't give me any respectful crap. We both know what you really think."


"… It was fun though. Mind if I call upon your twisted mind if I should ever need humiliate and break someone?"

"Only if I can get a recording of it."

"You need a new hobby."

"So do you."

"… Perhaps." His eyes grew distant for a moment, "I have other places to be, so I am taking my leave. Oh, and don't show up in my realm anytime soon."

Naruto raises an eyebrow at that, "Wasn't planning on it."

"Good to hear. Good bye mortal."

"Good bye, Shinigami-sama."


Naruto opens his eyes and sees the scroll on his desk. He opens it up and unseals the tape inside and grins sadistically. He then picks up the tape and heads out to his balcony. When he gets out there he sees a huge crowd waiting. He smirks and holds up the tap for all to see and says, "Anyone who wants to see the Kyuubi suffer a mental break down meet me at the academy recreational center." He then disappears in a yellow flash.


Okay, crappy way to end it, but there it is. I am now going back to real life and all to deal with the aftermath. It was fun writing this. I hope you all enjoyed reading it.