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Pairings: Squall and Irving, a smidgen of Zell and Seifer

Rated: M for Mansex.


"Matron... Mattrrroooon! Lookie at what I found!" Said a young Irvine tugging on the black dress of the raven haired woman.
"What is it Irvy?" The woman said smiling at the boy.
"I found a note!" He waved it around in the air a few times then read it aloud. "It says 'I think you are really pretty. -S'"
Edea looked down at the little brunette, and smiled even wider. "Well then it looks as though you have a little admirer."
"Whats an 'admirer?'" Irvine asked his face scrunching up trying to figure out the mystery.
"Well it's someone who likes you, but only from far away."
"Oh... Was Mr. Cid your admirer?"
The raven haired woman laughed to herself. "Yes Irvine, Mr. Cid was once my admirer."
"Do you always marry your admirer?" Irvine asked, jumping up and down.
Matron got down on one knee, and placed her hand on his shoulder, trying to calm him down, and said, "Well through your life, you'll probably have more than one admirer. It's up to you to decide which one
you love the most."
"Oh... whats love?"
The woman sighted. "Irvine, that isn't something I can tell you, but you'll know when you see the right person."

Irvine rolled over and hit his alarm clock a few times until it shut up. He wasn't sure if it was broken or not, but at 7 in the morning, that was not on the top oh his 'Things I care about' list.
"Stupid Alarm clock." He managed to get out of bed, and ran a hand through his light brown locks. Before making his way to the shower, he wandered over to his desk. He opened up the third drawer. and took out a little box. After fumbling with it for a few seconds, he managed to pop open a secret compartment that held the note that he had gotten so long ago. 'I think you are really pretty. -S' "Who could 'S' be?" Irvine said to himself. "I've always thought it was Selphie, but she swore that she has never written anything like that to any body." Irvine sighed, and put the note back in the compartment, put away the box and meandered his way to his shower.


"Squally!!! Come play war with us!" Yelled Selphie from near the ocean. When she got no response from him, she added on, "You can be the good guys with Irvy! Seifer and Zell are gonna be the bad guys, and me and Quisty are gonna be the backup!!!" When Squall heard that he got to be on the same team as Irvy he instantly got up. Getting the chance to beat Seifer upside his head was a bonus. When he got over to where the others were, they started the game and everyone went in their separate ways to plan in their groups; Quisty and Selphie, Zell and Seifer, and of course Squall and Irvy.
"O.k. I think we should start at the lighthouse and duck through the hills and get them from behind!" Irvine said bouncing up and down.
"Umm... sure." Squall said nervously. He wasn't alone with Irvine very much, and he always felt funny when he was.
"O.k. its a plan then!" And they started out.
Halfway through the hills of sand that covered the landscape of the Southern Centra continent, Squall had tripped on a rock that was ever so slightly sticking out of the ground. When he fell, his knee was scraped up and had started to bleed. Squall looked down, and when he saw his knee and how much it had hurt, his eyes began to water.
Irvy turned around and saw Squall. "What happened? Are you o.k.?"
Squall sniffed a little to keep from crying in front of Irvine. "Yeah I fell. I'll be fine." He tried to get up, but his knee hurt more than he thought it would.
"Squally!" Irvine said rushing to him. "Here, we aren't that far from Matrons house. I can see it from here. I'll carry you there o.k.?" Before he could even protest, Irvine had looped his arms around his neck, and his legs around his waist.
He carried him all the way to Edea's house, and when they got there, Irvine walked to the couch in the main living area, and set Squall on it. Irvine rushed to the bathroom and got a wet cloth and a band-aid. When he got back, Squall had sat up and was trying to brush away the dirt... with his hand that was black with dirt.
"Squall, what am I going to do with you?" Irvine said smiling. He cleaned the cut, and looked apathetically in Squalls eyes when the dark haired boy flinched. Once clean, he put the band-aid on the scrape, then he did something unexpected... he kissed it.
"Wha... What was that for?" Said Squall, who was a little red.
"Thats what Matron always does when I hurt myself." He said and walked off to find something for them to drink.

"Wha... what was that?" Squalls question was answered 2 seconds later when he heard 'Stupid alarm clock' through the vents. "I see that Irvine is up. Idiot." Squall said rolling his eyes and out of bed. But then he thought to himself 'If he is an idiot... what does that make me?'

Squall walked over to his sorry excuse for a hall closet and took out a soft white towel. Stripping down, he wrapped the towel around him and went into the bathroom.

'It's been a while since I've had a dream about the orphanage.' Squall thought as he slipped into the shower and let the water rain on him, waking him up. 'Aren't many memories I'm too fond of from that time...except when I was with him. Sure the others tried to make me play with them, but the only time I actually enjoyed it was when I got to play with Irvine. Hm, my first love at age nine. Who would have thought.' Squall washed off the last of the soap on his body, and turned the water off. Wrapping the towel around his waist, he walked out of the bathroom. As he walked out, the phone started to ring and debating whether or not to answer, Squall finally gave in and picked up the phone.
"Hi Squall!"
It took Squall a minute to register who it was, but it's not like he could forget the voice... the girl who's heart he broke.
"Hello Rinoa. How are you?"
"I'm fine. Hey are you doing anything later today? I wanna talk to you about some things. Are you free?"
"Yeah I guess."
"Cool. Could you meet me at Balamb hotel around 3?"
"O.k. see you then!"
As Squall hung up the phone, he couldn't help but think 'What was that all about?'

6 months earlier
Rinoa walked up to Squalls door in her finest black silk dress, high heeled pumps, and a push up bra to make Wonder-Woman cry in defeat. She was ready for 'Squalls big news.' 'Hmmm, I wonder what is up? He sounded so urgent on the phone. Oh I hope he's ready to take 'us' to 'the next level.'
(AUTHOR'S NOTE; Is it just me or did that sound totally sixties XD) She knocked on his dorm door, and stared wide eyed at the boy standing in front of her who looks like he hasn't slept in 3 days, and spent the better part of the last hour crying.
"Hey Rinoa, we need to talk."
"Oh no, thats not a good tone. Whats wrong Squall?"
"What do you mean?"
"I'm so sorry Rinoa. I just can't do this anymore."
"Oh GOD! Please don't tell me you are thinking of suicide!"
Squall raised an eyebrow to that remark, and kind of laughed. I guess it did sound like he was about to do himself in. "Rinoa, I'm not going to kill myself. But..." He trailed off.
"What is it baby? You can tall me anything."
"Rinoa, like I said I am sorry, and I'll probably end up saying it a thousand more times. But, Rinoa, this is all a lie."
"What do you mean?" the raven haired girl asked.
"I'm... gay."

"Gay? Like you are excited to see me gay?" Rinoa said in disbelief.
"Rinoa, I know this is hard for you to understand, and I don't expect you to forgive me for, in a way, using you." Squall said.
"USING ME? WHAT?!?!?" Rinoa said in an outburst and broke into tears. "I love you Squall. How
can you just bash this on the floor and step on it? Do I not mean anything to you?"
"Rinoa, please give me five minutes. I just want to talk to you. I don't care if you never want to see me again, but I just don't want you to leave not knowing all of it."
The sobbing girl considered this, and decided that, even though he might as well have stabbed her in the heart and left her to die, she should hear him out. "You have five minutes."
"Thank you Rinoa." Squall led her to the kitchen and helped her sit down at the table. He walked over to the counter and leaned back against it. He took a deep breath. "You remember all the stories you've heard about the orphanage right?" She nodded meekly. "Well, thats when it started. Of course then I didn't know what it was, and never thought that I was gay. I just found males more attractive than females. I didn't even know what gay meant until my 3rd year here. There were these two guys making out on the bench in the courtyard where they didn't think people could see them. Well a couple people did, and called them 'gay' and 'faggots' and the next day, they both had black eyes and scrapes on their bodies." Squall shifted his weight and his face lit up a tinge red. "This is rather embarrassing to admit but I've always thought that guys were sexy and I'd always wanted to kiss one. I was so scared that if
anyone found out about me and my 'desire,' they'd do the same thing. So, more or less, I hid from it, and in a naive way hoped the feeling would pass. However the only thing that did pass where the years, but I never gave it a second thought, until I met you. After we spent some time together, I thought that I could force myself to like you and get out of this whole 'gay' thing. Well I did start to like you, but you were more of a sister to me, than a lover. What really sealed the deal was when I 're-met,' so to speak, him... but anyway Rinoa, I still kept trying to deny myself what I really wanted. I am so sorry to have hurt you like this. I don't expect you to forgive me, but I am sorry."
Rinoa got up and didn't say a thing. Not a damn thing. All she did was get up, walk over to Squall and gave him a hug. It was all she could do. After a moment, she did speak. Not angry words, or sad. Not even frustrated. All she said was, "Who stole my baby's heart?"

Squall hung up the phone. He walked over to his closet and pulled out his infamous black pants and wife beater. 'Eh its too hot for the jacket.' He thought to himself. He walked over to his kitchenette and rooted through the fridge. He pulled out a carton of eggs and a bowl from the cabinet, and started cracking the eggs on the bowl.
-knock knock-
Squall went over to his dorm room door and looked through the peep hole to see a very sexy cowboy. 'Irvine? What the hell is he doing here?' He opened the door and invited him in. Irvine waltzed through the door swinging his hips that got Squall ever so happy. "So what do you need?"
"Well I don't know what to do about Selphie." Irvine said suddenly.
"What do you mean? You two seem so happy together." Squall said curiously, taken aback at the sudden revelation.
"Yeah, but it's not there you know?"
"Ye... no I don't know. What isn't there?"
"Feeling. I mean honestly I am only going out with her because I think am supposed too."
"Supposed to? Whats that supposed to mean?"
"Well back at the orphanage, I got a note, from Selphie... well I think it's from her. Anyway it said that I was pretty and it was signed 'S'." Squall's face instantly drained colour. "She has denied ever writing that, but it might have been the fact that she had those GF's equipped. I don't know. It's not like it could have been anyone else right? Ha, the only other people in our 'gang' whose names started with 'S' is you and Seifer. Seifer was too busy flirting with Zell and you, well thats just funny."
"Yeah," Squall shifted his gaze to the floor and mumbled to himself, "Hilarious."

A moment of awkwardness passed, and Irvine was the first to speak.

"So what are you doing today?"
"Oh you know this and that. I am going into Balamb around 3."
"I'm going to Balamb too. Gotta pick up a few things. What are you going for?"
Squall closed his eyes and did his famous nose-bridge rub. "I'm going to see Rinoa. She called earlier and asked if she could see me."
Irvine dropped his gaze. "Oh. Is everything still o.k. between you two?"
"Peaches and Cream." Squall said sarcastically. "Well, it's not terrible and we still keep in touch, but it's still awkward."
"I never understood what went down with you two. All I know is that something big happened and.. oh man... Squall don't tell me that..."
Squall braced himself for what Irvine was going to say. 'Well I guess he had to find out about me sooner or later.'
"You cheated on her!"
Squall almost fell over thin air. He stared at him for what seemed like an hour, just lost in his violet eyes. Finally he spoke. "No Irvine, I did not cheat on her."
"Then what happened?"
"I'll tell you some other time."
"Pffft fine." Irvine got up and walked to the door. "I'll be by around one o.k.?"
"Wha? What for?" Squall said a bit shocked.
"Well I'm gonna give you a ride to Balamb. Whats the point of taking two cars, when we can just share?"
"Whatever." Squall said turning around and waving his hand over his head. He didn't want Irvine to see that he was smiling.



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