Squall stood out in the street, not really sure WHERE to go. He had no idea of whether or not Irvine was done with his 'errands' or if he'd even get a ride back home. 'Ugh. This is ridiculous. I just have to sit down, and think this through.' Squall wandered back over to where Irvine dropped him off at, and sat down on a nearby bench. He pulled out his cell phone and noted the time to be about 4:30. Putting his cell back in his pocket and dropping his arm down as if it weighed 50 pounds, he looked up in the sky, and realized that the dark clouds where coming in and it was going to rain soon. 'Dammit. I should have brought my jacket.' He pulled out his wallet. He opened it up and realized he only had 30 gil with him. 'Dammit, dammit. I don't have enough for a room, or even a new jacket.' He sighed and put the wallet back in his pants. He looked back up, and little rain droplets fell on his face, and before he knew it, he was soaked, head to toe. The brunette looked desperately around for any sign of Irvine. 'I guess he did leave...' Squall stood up, and walked over to the nearest building he could find that wasn't overly crowded with people hiding from the rain. He walked about a block and ducked into the alcove of an abandoned building and sat against a wall. Squall leaned his head back against the wall and closed his chocolate eyes. 'God, what did I get myself into?' He let the dull noise of the rain drift him into a twilight state, not awake, but not asleep either. He was almost pushed over the edge into a deep sleep, when he felt his phone vibrator go off. He groggily took his phone out and answered it with a sleepy "Hello?"

"Where the hell are you? God, I have been looking all over for you!"

"Irvine?" Squall said, suddenly awake. "I thought you left...."

"What? Why the hell would I leave you? Gah, never mind that, just tell me where you are."

"Um, about a block from where... you dropped me off... in an abandoned building."

There was a silence on the other end, followed by a brief 'o.k.' and Irvine hung up, only to appear about 2 minutes later in front of the building. Squall reluctantly walked over to the car, got in, and kept his eyes straight, only noticing slightly a few bags in the back of the car filled with miscellaneous groceries. "Jesus Squall, you are soaking wet. What the hell man?" Irvine said, going through the exit of Balamb.

"I was sitting on a bench, and it started to rain. I looked around to see if you where coming, I assumed you weren't, so I went to find shelter somewhere that wasn't crowded." Squall said, still keeping his eyes straight, halfheartedly looking at the scenery that surrounded them. The rain had slowed to a drizzle, and a light mist had appeared over the windshield.

"Why wouldn't I have come back for you?" Irvine said pulling over to the side of the road.

"Woah. Um, what are you doing?" The brunette asked, bewildered.

"We aren't going anywhere until this is settled. Now why?"

"Are you just gonna act like what I did, never happened?"

It was Irvine's turn to keep his eyes straight. There was a long silence yet again before something hit him. "Oh. My. God." He turned his head to look at Squall. "You..." he whispered, barely audible, "You are the one that... wrote it aren't you?" Squall put his head in his hands and nodded meekly. "And that's why you and Rinoa..." Squall nodded once again. "Does it also have to do with what you are wearing?"

The soaked gunblader pulled his head out of his hands and sort of smirked. "Sort of. You know what happens when Selphie knows a secret?" Irvine thought about this and started to laugh, only to stop realizing that Squall still looked down. "Irvine... I'm sorry. I shouldn't have done... that. It was stupid and it won't happen again."

"Squall, it's fine. I... didn't exactly hate it." When he got no response from him he continued. "It just really startled me. I wouldn't mind... if you kissed me again. Just don't run away this time." He said smirking at him. Squall couldn't really fathom what he was saying. So instead of acting upon his request, Irvine got impatient and kissed Squall. The brunette was still rather shocked, but after a few seconds he kissed back, even wrapping his hand into the cowboy's locks. He prodded his tongue against the gunners lips, until he graciously opened them. It didn't take long for it to become a heated battle of dominance, with Squall letting Irvine win. Irvine explored every curve and dip in Squalls mouth, until he had everything memorized. After a few minutes, Squall could no longer breath, and he had to part them so he wouldn't faint.

"Yeah.." Irvine said panting, "I can get used to that."

"Can you get used to this?" Squall said coyly. He leaned over Irvine, and pushed that pesky steering wheel up, then crawled into Irvine's lap, with his legs awkwardly to both sides of him. He bent down, and kissed the him and yet again, the battle for dominance ensued. This time, Squall wasn't so submissive. He nibbled at Irvines lower lip, until he was granted permission inside the hot, wet mouth. He quickly started to explore, just as Irvine had once done to his own mouth. Taking note of every little detail. The gunner had started to get creative, and started to create a fight of tongues between them, and ended up engulfing Squalls tongue and nipping and licking his lips. Once again, breath was becoming scarce, so they had to part. Once oxygen made it's way back to Irvines brain, he noticed something.

"Hey, someone here is rather happy." He said slyly, noticing Squalls bulge against him.

"Well, make that two someones..." Squall said, moving his hand down, and groping Irvine through the fabric.

"What are we to ever do?"

"Do you really want me to answer that?" Squall said, losing his train of thought.

"Yes." Was the barely audible response.

Squall leaned down and nipped Irvines ear, causing the gunner to moan. Then he whispered, "I want you... to drive as fast as possible back to Garden. We can figure out the rest there." Squall slid off of Irvine, making sure to apply pressure to his groin area before he got off, and sat back into his seat. It took Irvine a total of 2 seconds to put the wheel back, turn the ignition, and put the car in drive, and get back onto the road.


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