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Warning: slight smut? (it's dirty and that's all I'm saying)


Joe's POV

I knew as soon as I reached the site, my life was never going to be the same. When I reached the site, I made sure that my cop face was firmly in place. Spotting Carl, I walked over to him.

"Is it hers?" I asked. He just nodded.

"Completely burned to a crisp, and I'm not sure we're going to be able to recover much from the car." I nodded. That was all I could do.

I couldn't believe that she was gone. Stephanie always had a way to outlive death. No matter what situation she was in, she managed to get out of it.

Well there was no way she was going to survive this.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Ranger's Porsche pull up. He got out and looked at the burned car, blank face firmly in place. I walked over to him.

"It hers?" I asked him.

He just nodded, not taking his eyes off the car.

"If you hadn't encouraged her…"

"Morelli, shut up. You're not saying anything that I haven't already told myself." He walked over to the curb, where a tall blonde was sitting. He stood over her and almost smiled at her. The smile that was reserved for Stephanie.

Or so I thought.

He gave her a hand and saw that she was about six months pregnant. How could he do that to Stephanie? I couldn't believe that she was in love with that lousy piece of scum. I almost walked over to let my Italian temper get the better of me, but Carl held me back.

"Let it go, man. There's nothing you can do about it now."

I sighed. Stephanie was gone. I guess this was the way he mourned her. With a leggy, pregnant blonde.

Feeling the anger well up again, I walked over to Ranger. Carl wasn't there to stop me this time.

"What the hell is your problem, Manoso?"
He raised an eyebrow at me.

"Stephanie is gone, what, five minutes and you have the gall to walk away from her scene with that?" I yelled, motioning to the blonde. She had her head down and was constantly averting my eyes.

"Morelli, stay out of it."

He moved to get into his car, but I grabbed onto his shirt. "No, I won't. Stephanie loved you. She was in love with you. And you treated her like trash!"

When I was silent for a moment, he finally looked me in the eye. "You done?"


"Morelli, it's none of your business anymore. I think since she didn't talk to you to in over six months, I think you have no right to say anything to me" I let go of his shirt and he got into his car. The blonde never looked up. Maybe she was ashamed of being seen by every cop friend of Stephanie's.

And she should be.

I walked back over to the scene. The lead detective walked me through the scene as a professional courtesy. I knew it would be me to make the call to Stephanie's parents. I opened my phone.

"Mrs. Plum? It's Joe. I'm sorry, I have some very bad news."

"What is it? Is it Stephanie?"

"I'm afraid so."

"Oh, God, is she okay?"

I couldn't speak. "No." I finally said.

"No, no, no! Not my baby!" She wailed. I heard movement in the background before her father came onto the phone.

"How did it happen?" He asked.

"Car bomb. We're not sure where it came from yet."

"Okay, keep me updated." And he hung up.

I couldn't imagine what they were going through, but he sounded…calm.

The next few days were a blur. Her funeral was quickly put together. Most of Trenton showed up. Seeing how she touched almost every life in the greater area, it was no real surprise. Even Ranger and his men graced the funeral with his presence. His blonde hussy was absently missing. Ranger was talking quietly to Mr. Plum. It was obvious they were not talking about the funeral. They both looked too calm for that. The Rangemen left before I could talk to them and find out what the hell was going on.

Chapter 1- One Year Earlier

Stephanie's POV

One hand was gently teasing my breast while the other firmly held my hips in place. I moaned as my nipple became achingly hard. Soon, his hand moved lower and lower until it reached the other hip. I watching in fascination at the contrast of our skin, my pale white to his mocha latte. My eyes rolled into the back of my head as my head leaned against his hard shoulder, hardness impatiently pressing into my stomach. And then I screamed.

"Jesus, Cupcake, if you're that desperate…" Joe said, one hand on the shower curtain and the other on the tile wall.

"You're scum, Morelli." I said. I shut off the water and grabbed the towel. "What are you doing here anyway?"

"I came to visit you. I haven't heard from you in a while. Been thinking about me?" He asked, eyes turning to molten chocolate.

"Um, yes?" I don't know why I lied, but in that moment, it seemed better than the truth. I walked into my bedroom. Joe followed me and leaned on the door jam.

"You want me bad."

Actually, I wanted Ranger bad. But we're splitting hairs here.

Joe is my on again off again boyfriend and we are currently in an off stage. Apparently he is trying to get back into my bed and my life. Ranger is my friend, co-worker, mentor and one time fabulous lover of which I am still dealing with the aftershocks from.

When I was about to respond, Joe's pager beeped. "Shit," he said, "we'll finish this later."

I got dressed after that in my normal attire of jeans and t-shirt. There weren't any outstanding skips, so I decided to give myself the day off.

After about three hours of veging in front of the tv, the phone rang.

"Yo," I said.

"Yo yourself." Ranger replied. "Got a distraction for you. You interested?"

"Sure." I needed any cash I could get.

"Be over in an hour to discuss it." And he hung up. Ranger really needed to work on his phone skills.