Knowing you 4: Choices

Upon arriving at the empty house as Chibi-Usa was spending the night with Hotaru, Usagi sat nervously on the couch while Mamoru went to retrieve the mini computer. "Are you ready?" he asked upon returning. Usagi nodded and Mamoru began the scan.

Mamoru stared at the screen and then typed something and then stared again. After about five minutes of this Usagi reached over and grabbed the computer from his hands and promptly passed out. Mamoru was just as shocked as she was and after lying her down properly on the couch continued to scan her. The next morning that is how Kenji and Rei found him.

"Mamoru, you look like crap." Rei told her brother.

"She's right bro. What is going on? Did you stay up all night again?"

Mamoru said nothing but handed them the computer. After reading it Rei laughed, "I guess Bunny is a good name for her." Kenji elbowed his sister. "What? She is prego at 15 with quads."

"I just don't get it." Mamoru said letting his head fall into his hands.

"What don't you get?" Kenji asked taking a seat.

"Well lets recap you two had sex for like two days and now she is prego with multiples." Rei said still laughing at the irony.

"Shut up, Rei. Or did you forget that all of us from that time have soul bonds that at some point will have to be redone? I am also sure I can make sure yours is next."

"Masaki wasn't in the millennium aka no soul bond." Rei said stubbornly.

"What about the soul bond you had with Jadeite? You don't think that will cause issues?" Kenji countered. That shut his sister up. "Mamoru, she is right though. How do you plan to raise four babies together when you both still have to graduate? and your trust won't survive forever without something supplementing costs."

Mamoru rose to his feet, "YOU DON'T THINK I KNOW THAT!" He yelled waking Usagi.

Usagi sat up and put a hand on her barely showing stomach, she knew what the argument was about. "I could ab..abort them?" She whispered tearing up.

Mamoru looked at her as if she had grown three heads with horns, "NO! Never, I will figure this out. If I have to go to night school we will figure this out." The thought of losing his children before they were born terrified Mamoru.

The group was baffled at how to make their current situation work. "I think either way it is time to update my family." Usagi said picking up the phone and inviting everyone over for supper that evening including Yoru.

Mamoru ran his hand thru his jet black hair and began pacing. Rei decided to find her voice, "I think Kenji and I should go and inform the senshi and generals of this development." With that said she began dragging her brother from the house. Leaving the couple to think about what they were going to do.

The couple spent the day in seclusion and was very quiet. Neither knew what to say. Around 430 in the afternoon the family members had arrived and supper was cooking. Even Selene had been able to make it. Although everyone had questions the couple just kept telling them to wait till everyone was seated and eating. Once it was served Usagi and Mamoru cleared their throats and Mamoru began the explanation. "We have recently found out that Usagi is not carrying a single fetus but four. We have decided that we will not terminate any of them but are still unsure on how to afford the children and handle the situation.

Kenji was being wise and keeping quiet. Ikuko just sat there thoughtfully. Yoru and Shingo had no reason to speak as they had no bearing on the situation one way or the other. Selene was the only one to speak and it even took her several minutes. "There are a few options: one is using us to take care of the children while you two finish your schooling; two you could give the children to a family member permanently; three you could talk to Pluto about switching places with your future selves or sending the children to your future selves after they are born."

"I would suggest the future options as you would still get to raise them yourselves. It would be as if you had waited to conceive." Ikuko pointed out.

Usagi understood the options but wasn't sure she liked any ideas being suggested. She rubbed her belly lovingly, she wanted to raise her own children, but she wasn't sure she could solve the financial issues. Then there was the issue of if another enemy showed up, Usagi would never risk her children's lives but if it came a choice between them or the world… she could not even say for certain on what choice she would make.

Mamoru could see that Usagi was as torn as he was. Suddenly Usagi faced Selene, "What about MY trust? Mother put money aside for us to leave Toshio and when she died it was entrusted to me and with the interest from all these years it should be very healthy."

"That is an option but that was for you to go to college." Selene and Ikuko said in chorus.

"At this point I don't believe college to be in my future. If she was here I am sure she would understand me wishing to use it for my children instead."

Chibi-usa had been listening from the other room and with the current decision it was time for her to make her announcement. "Excuse me, I have to go home now. I was never meant to be present for the birth of me or any of my siblings. I will see you all in the future." And in a ball of pink light Chibi-Usa left back to the future.

I am not sure the route I want to take so out of the choice put on the table by selene or having Usagi inherit the money to afford the quads. I am letting you my readers and reviewers decide. Let me know what you want to happen.

Next Chapter will start off "Knowing You 5"