I spent the whole day on cloud nine. An hour felt like a minute. I really couldn't wait to get through my patrol and back to Bella. I was still in awe about what had happened the night before. She had finally given herself to me completely and I couldn't have asked for anything better. I to do that again and again with her everyday for the rest of my life.

I was sitting in my last hour, Biology, with Quil and Embry on either side of me. I, of course, had told him all about last night. They would;ve found out the minute we phased anyway. They were still talking about it and asking me questions. I didn't mind the things they had to say really. They weren't being vulgar about it or rude to Bella so it was all good.

The bell rang and Mrs. Smith entered the room. She sat down at her desk and with seven little words destroyed everything,

"Class, we have a new student today. Her name is Alyssa Solomen and I want you all to make her feel welcome. Come on in, Alyssa."

The door opened and in walked the most beautiful girl I've ever seen. She was about five feet tall and weighed no more the one hundred and forty pounds. She had a lighter complexion than the other girls on the reservation. Her long, completely straight jet black hair was pulled back into a ponytail. It made her facial feature stand out a bit more. She had brown eyes and wore thin framed glasses. She had a smile that lit up her whole face and revealed her perfect teeth.

She was saying something but I wasn't taking in a word. I was to busy marveling at her perfection. It felt as if my life was hinged on this girl. I knew I wouldn't be able to live my life without her. I had completely forgotten about everyone and everything else as I watched her beautiful mouth move. Suddenly, there was a hand obscuring my view of the beauty called Alyssa.

"Earth to Jacob." I heard Quil voice in my ear.

I blinked and shook my head coming out of the trance.

"Dude, please don't tell me, you just did what I think you did?" Embry said.

With his voice everything came crashing back in. The past eight months with Bella and what we did last night. How much I loved her and she loved me. The fact that I had planned on proposing after I graduated. It was all ruined now.

"Fuck!" I whispered. "I'm so screwed!"

I put my head in my hands unsure of where to go from here.

"This can't be happening." I ranted. "I love Bella and wanna be with her."

"I know man." Embry stated. "Just keep it together until after class. Then you can go talk to Sam and figure this out."

"What's there to figure out?" I said. "It's set in stone."

I didn't notice until just then that Alyssa had taken a seat at the table in front of ours. She was talking two girls. I was pretty sure I heard my name with my extra sensitive hearing. Suddenly, she turned around and stared into my eyes. Her lips pulled up into that beautiful smile and I could see the slight traces of a blush. She was so beautiful. No, damn it! Bella was beautiful this new girl was nothing compared to her.

"Hi, my name's Alyssa but you can call me Aly." she said and stuck out her hand.

"My name's Jacob." I said taking her hand.

What was I doing? I didn't want to meet her. I wanted to stay as far from her as possible. She wasn't Bella. Bella was what I wanted. Questions started pouring out of my mouth before I could stop them.

"So why did you come to this reservation?" I asked.

"My mom died a couple months back and dad couldn't handle it where we were. So we decided to start fresh here, just he and I." she replied.

I felt worse the I should've to hear that her mother had died. Damn it! Stop this! Bella, Bella, Bella!

"I'm sorry to that. About your mom, I mean. I'm glad you came to LaPush." I said.

No, I wasn't. I wanted her to stay as far away from here as possible. She was going to ruin everything. I wanted Bella not her. My mouth needed to stop this crazy talk.

"If you're free, maybe we could get together tomorrow and I can show you around." I blurted out. What'd you do that for? I don't want to spend any more time with her. I wanted her far away from me.

"That would be great." she replied then her friend tapped her shoulder and Aly turned back to her.

I spent the rest of the period with my head on the table trying to find a way out of this. When the bell rang, I was the first to exit the classroom. I made it to my locker and out the door in record time.

Twenty minutes later, I was knocking on Sam's door. It was Emily who answered. She looked me up and down.

"Hey Jake." she said. "Are you alright? You look upset."

"Is Sam home? I need to talk to him." I said.

"He's taking a nap." she said. "Can it wait 'til later?"

"I'm sorry but it's really important." I said.

"Okay, come in." she agreed. "I'll go wake him."

"Thanks." I said and went to wait in the living room.

I sat on the couch and waited. With my extra sensitive hearing, I could hear Emily waking Sam.

"Sam, honey," she said. I imagined she was shaking him. "I hate to bother you but Jake's here. He's says he needs to talk to you about something important. He looks pretty rough too."

I sighed. Did she have to add what I looked like?

"Okay." Sam replied groggily. "Tell him I'll be out in a minute."

Emily appeared in the living room a few moments later.

"He's says he'll be out in a minute. Can I get you anything?" she asked.

"No, thank you, Emily." I replied.

"Okay, let me know if you cahnge your mind." She walked out of the living room.

Sam appeared a minute later.

"What's up Jake?" he asked then stopped. "Whoa, Emily was right. You look terrible. What happened?"

"I think I imprinted today." I said. I couldn't keep the tremble out of my face.

"Damn it!" Sam yelled. "Tell me what happened and what you felt."

"Mrs. Smith said we had a new student, Alyssa Solomen, and told her to come in. The minute she walked in the door, I felt like nothing else in the world mattered. Like my life depended on her happiness and safety. I can remember every detail of her body and face. It wasn't until Quil and Embry got my attention that I pulled out of it. Then she talked to me and I couldn't help but talk back. I didn't want to but I couldn't stop. Sam, this can't be happening. I love Bella. I want her to have my children and grow old with me." I stated. I was practically begging for a way out.

"It may feel like that now." He said. "But after a few months of the bond between you and Alyssa, you won't anymore."

"No." I protested. "I'm going to fight this a beat it."

"You can't. God knows, Leah and I tried. It doesn't work. Alyssa will be naturally attracted to you. She's not gonna go away. Besides, take it from me, it's easier on all parties if you just give in to it."

"But I can't hurt Bella like he did. I promised her that I wouldn't. I won't break the promise."

"But Jacob, you will no longer be able to give your whole heart to Bella. Not without feeling guilty about it. It isn't fair to Bella if you string her along. A clean break now before things between you and Alyssa progress too much will be best."

"No. I will not just walk away from Bella. I love her!"

"I know Jake. You have no idea. I love Bella like a sister and god knows I don't want her to hurt like that anymore. Which is why walking away cleanly now will be best for her. It'll hurt less now than finding out three months from now."

I knew what he was saying was true. I just didn't want to believe it. I didn't want to walk away from the girl who had my heart. Yet, I knew all about the imprint bond. Nothing would stop it. I knew that from hearing Leah, Sam, and Emily's story. Sam tried to ignore it and stay in love with Leah but it hadn't worked. Leah ended up getting the worst end of the deal.

It wasn't fair to do that to Bella. She'd be in enough pain having to lose me. I didn't want to put her through worse by keeping this from her.

"Why don't you take the afternoon off and go for a run?" Sam suggested. "Get your thoughts together and go tell her. I'm going to tell the pack to stay away from her for awhile. We want to make this as easy as possible for her."

"Right." I nodded. "She doesn't deserve this."

"I know." Sam said. "I wish there was another way."

"Me too." I stood and walked to the door.

"I'm sorry, Jake."

"Don't be. It's not your fault. It's just another part of the werewolf package."

I walked out the door and headed towards the woods. I ran for an hour trying to block out the thoughts of my brothers. I didn't need their pity. At five thirty, I went to Bella's house, still unsure of what I was going to say.

I sat on the couch staring at nothing for a half hour. Then I heard the bloodsucker pull into the driver with my sweet Bella. For one wild moment, I wanted to go out there and tear him to shreds. This was all his fault. If his kind didn't exist, I wouldn't be what I was. And if he hadn't have left her, I would've never gotten in this deep with her. The only thing that stopped me from killing him was not wanting the war I knew would come with an unprovoked attack.

I settled for just listening to her say goodbye to him. I caught her beautiful scent mixed with his disgusting one as the door opened and closed.

"Jake, are you here?" she called.

"In the living room." I called trying to sound normal.

She came in, sat next to me and pressed her lips to mine. I kissed her back with all the fierceness I could muster. If this was going to be our last kiss, I was going to make it unforgetable. She borke it after a minute.

"So," she said after catching her breath. "Last night was all I could think about today. I can't wait for a repeat performance." She trailed kisses down my neck. "Why don't we just skip dinner and go right to dessert."

Her lips were on mine again. She some how managed to straddled me. As gently as I could, I removed her hands from my neck and pushed her off of me.

"Bella, we need to talk." I stated and saw hurt flash across her face.

"The four words every girl dreads." she said and the pain was gone replaced by fury. "So what you get what you want finally and you wanna move on. Was everything in that letter bullshit then?"

"No, Bells calm down. It's not that?"

"Then what is it?" She had tears of pain and anger in her eyes. "Did you find someone else?!"

"Kind of." I said staring at the floor.

"What do you mean, kind of?" she yelled through her tears. "Either you have or you haven't! There's no kind of about it!"

"I imprinted today." I stated. I could hear the pain in my own voice.

"What?! You said it wasn't a common thing! You said that since Sam and Quil had done it then we were safe!"

"I know. I thought we were."

She was standing in front of me, tears streaming down her face. I reached up to wipe them away but she pulled back.

"Don't touch me!" she yelled and the tears came harder.

"Bella, you have to believe me, this is hurting me as much as it's hurting you." I pleaded.

"I doubt that! You're probably going to meet up with whatever the hell her name is when you leave!"

That made me angry. She made it sound like this was something I chose. She was blaming me for something I had no control over. She should've known that I'd always choose her if I could.

"I can't belive you would say that!" I found myself yelling. "If I had a choice, I would choose you. I'd always choose you. This isn't my fault! I didn't ask for any of this! If you wanna blame somebody, blame your prescious bloodsuckers! If they didn't exist, I wouldn't be what I am!"

She stood there for a moment. I could see her body trembling. I couldn't be sue if it was anger or pain. After a minute, she opened her mouth but closed it again.

"Get out, Jacob! Just get out! I never want to see you again!" she finally yelled.

She collapsed to the floor and began sobbing hysterically. I wanted to wrap my arms around her and tell her that I wasn't going anywhere. I wanted to tell her how much I loved her and wanted her. Yet, I knew it was impossible. It would only hurt more later if I turned back now.

I stepped around her and headed to the door.

"I'm sorry." I stated standing in the living room doorway. "I do love you. I wish there was another way."

I walked out the door and wasn't sure how I made it to the woods before phasing. I was met with the sad and sympathetic thoughts of my brothers. They would miss her as much as I would. Suddenly, Sam's stood out above the other's.

"How did it go?"

"Not good."

I replayed what happened in my head.

"I'm sorry." Sam thought.

"I know."

"Why don't you take the night off and get some sleep?"


"I understand how you feel right now Jake. I felt the same way when I finally had to give Leah up. I promise, it'll get better."

"I hope your right."

After that, I did my best to ignore their thoughts as I continued to run through the woods. I phased back the minute I made it to the edge. I ran to my house. Sam had obviously talked to Billy because he said nothing as I went directly to my room.

I cried out every bit of sadness and anger I felt until I fell into an uneasy sleep.

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