Title: The Closet

Author: Amydali86

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Rating: NC-17

Summary: Serena and Darien are with their friends and they decide to play hide and seek. What happens when Darien and Serena end up in the same hiding spot?

Couple: Serena and Darien

Chapters: 1/1

Series: No

Multi Part: No

Completed: Yes

Year Completed: 2008

One Hour Challenge: 59Scene: Your 'Couple' are playing 'hide and seek' with a large group of people in a huge house and end up hiding in the same place.


They were on the large estate of a friend of Andrew's girlfriend Rita. The friend had a job emergency but bid them to stay until she came back. So Andrew proposed, "This house is bound to have a more than a few hiding places. Let's play hide and seek. The main rule is that the hiders have to stay inside the house. The seeker has to count to sixty."

Always up for a game, Lita and Mina both shouted YES!

"I'll be it," Ami and Rei volunteered, in unison.

"You're both it, but you also both have to hide, from each other," Andrew said, throwing in another rule, "in fact I'll be it as well."

"Okay." Rei and Andrew left the room, counting silently, and Ami shut her eyes, as the others followed. Serena and Darien went upstairs, while Lita and Mina went through different rooms on the first floor- Mina went left, while Lita went right.

Serena reached the last door on the right, and opened it, and found that it was a bedroom. She entered it right away, shutting the door, and checked the bed. It was one of those types of beds with no underneath, so she stood up and wandered to the door on the left. It was small closet- with shelves. No room to stand.

The last door was a huge closet and her eyes widened when she saw a ladder to a upper shelf. Perfect she thought. She climbed the ladder and prepared to hide carefully behind the boxes of shoes. Behind her the door opened and she glanced down, fully expecting the person to be Ami or Rei. It was Darien also known as the JERK.

"Go away Darien. THIS is my hiding spot," Serena said, scowling down at the lanky dark haired young man below her.

He grinned up at her, and said, "There's plenty of room. You hide up there and I'll hide behind the coats."

"Fine!" Serena said, surprising Darien and herself, by not arguing further. Darien carefully arranged the coats to hide his feet, and Serena slipped carefully behind the shoe boxes, trying not to move the boxes too much. She tried to get comfortable, and then she said, "I need a pillow."

"Here," he climbed up the ladder a little, and passed her a coat folded down, "Don't fall asleep."

"I won't! I just need something to lean against. This shelf isn't exactly cushioned, ya know." Serena said, she tucked the coat under her arms and laid across the floor. Darien stepped back down and he once more carefully hid among the coats. They heard the bedroom door open and footsteps approached. They both fell completely silent, barely even breathing.

The door opened and Serena saw her blue haired friend peeking into the closet. Ami stepped in, thinking that someone was hiding behind something. She heard someone at the closet door, and gasped when it swung open, with Rei shouting, "I found you! That means you're out." She saw Ami and grinned, "Come on, smart girl. Since I found you and Andrew first, that means only I can continue."

"Okay," Ami shrugged, and walked back into the bedroom. They left the closet door open, and Ami said, "I already checked this room over, and all the rooms on the left. I was working my way back down the right."


"Jeez, how completely moronic can your friends both be?" Darien stated as he pushed the coats out of his face and stepped into the open space of the closet.

"They aren't morons," Serena defended her friends, trying to be careful as she slid her body to the later. She took a misstep and fell, but Darien caught her.

"Then why did they miss us?" Darien said looking down into her face and blinking in shock. It was odd, but all of a sudden he felt as if he knew her from a previous life, "The ladder is over there, but they both ignore it. My shoes are visible but they ignore those too. What more do they need?"

"Obviously an eye check," Serena snapped, wiggling in his arms, "Put me down!"

He set her on her feet, and almost apologized until he saw the flush on her cheeks. Instead he said, "Gotta go to the bathroom?"

"No! I just can't stand being in your touch." She walked into the bedroom, and saw that the bedroom door was closed. She breath a sigh of relief. She had been afraid that their antics had alerted Rei to where they were. NO WAIT! she thought to herself, I WANT REI TO FIND ME!

"So. What now?" Darien posed the question, "Do we move to another spot, so they can find us?"

"No- wait yes." Serena moved to the door in preparation for them leaving the room, to find a new spot to hide in. Without Darien! She started to open the door, and saw Rei through the crack at the door two rooms down. She gently shut the door, and said in a low tone, "She's only a little bit down the hall. Let's wait."

He nodded and sat on the bed, motioning for her to sit beside him. She did so, quickly, yet shyly. She hadn't spent much time around boys- the combination of having a overprotective father, cat, and being a superhero herself did not actually give her much of a social life. Her father liked her to date guys like Melvin (BLECH!).


Downstairs, Rei found Mina and Lita, and asked, "Where's Serena and Darien?"

"I saw them go upstairs." Lita said, smiling when Rei huffed a breath. She raced for the stairs, opening doors, right and left. She reached the last room on the right and she saw Serena and Darien in each other's arms on the bed, kissing, with Serena's top pushed up past her bra. She gasped in shock, surprising the couple on the bed. They separated in a rush, panting, Serena shoved her top down, and Darien pushed his hands through his hair, embarrassed to be caught like this. Out of control of his hormones.

"How did this happen?" Rei wanted to know.



Serena laughed at a joke Darien told her, surprised to find him so witty. He watched her laugh and asked, "Can I kiss you?"

That sent her into gales of laughter and she fell back, clutching her stomach as she laughed harder. He leaned over her, and kissed the laughter gone, and soon it was out of control. She felt him push her top up and cup her bra covered breasts. She moaned as his hands cupped her hips closer to him, as he kissed her lips. He trailed his lips down her jaw and she cried out, enjoying the little electrical shocks where his lips landed. As his lips were reclaimed, they heard Rei gasp.

End Flashback


"Not sure," Serena mumbled in response to Rei's question and ran out of the room, with Darien following behind.

"Serena, come on. Talk to me!" Darien caught up to her at the bottom of the stairs, and the others came out of the drawing room, curious at the commotion. Rei passed the couple by the stairs and stood by the others. They stared at her, with questions. Rei shrugged wanting to watch the show in front of them.

"You kissed me!"

"Yeah, and you kissed me back. I liked it," He said, then said, "Serena go out with me."

She laughed, semi-hysterically, and Darien stopped the laughter by claiming her lips.


Whooo. Doesn't seem finished, I know, so we'll just call this the beginning of their relationship, and agree that Serena said yes to the date. Good Night everyone~