Title: Setting the Facts Straight

Author: chocolatemooses

Summary: Elle gets territorial. Sylar gets his feelings hurt. And somebody's getting laid. Total crack.

Ratings/Warnings: Strong T, for language

Author's Note: Wow, there is so much that needs to be said before this is read. First off this is crack, complete and total crack that comes from a conversation I had with my friend who thought ZQ was gay (she saw So NoTorious). We were watching Heroes and she said something about it being a shame that ZQ was gay because he was so hot. I was going to correct but a strange moment of fangirl jealously overtook me and I just let her think that, so she wouldn't crowd up my fangirliness (is that a word?) for ZQ. Later I was toying with the idea of jealous Elle and this popped out. Please read and comment!

Author's Note Redux: This takes place after 3.09, where Sylar and Elle are partners and work together for Arthur/Pinehearst doing Arthur's evil bidding.

"Hey. Elle."

A tall attractive woman poked her head into the doorway of Elle's hotel-like room that she occupied while at Pinehearst. She had met the woman before, twice probably, and Elle knew that woman had said her name at least ten times every time they spoke. That's twenty times. At least. But still Elle frantically tried to come up with a name to match the face. Mindy. Cindy. Wendy. Fuck.

"Oh, hey Cindy."

The woman's face fell. "It's Mindy."

Damn. "Oh, sorry. I'm just meeting so many people, it's hard to keep track of all the names." When she had been at Primatech she had never really bothered learning the names of the other agents, they all pretty much steered clear of her and so there was never a need to remember anybody's name. And if she ever really needed anything "Hey you!" and a good shock of electricity worked pretty well.

"It's not a problem. I know how hard it is starting a new job. But you're lucky." Elle watched the woman (Mindy, Mindy, Mindy) warily as she smoothly made her way into her room and, somehow, ended up on the foot of her bed. Elle tried to remember if she had an ability or if she was one of them. Mindy leaned back in her bed and looked up at Elle. 'Who the fuck is this girl?' Elle thought to herself.

"Uhhh," Elle tried to concentrate but something about Mindy threw her off, "why?"

Mindy's eyes suddenly became brighter, strangely bright. Her irises danced with a rainbow of colors and it was mesmerizing. But Elle, who had grown up around people with all types of abilities was able to look away. "Well," her voice was assertive and somewhat presumptious, "you're partner is Gabriel."

Instantly, Elle's attention was captivated. This was about Sylar? "What is that supposed mean?" Elle knew that she could have asked Mindy her question in a nicer tone of voice but didn't really feel like it.

But Mindy didn't seem at all bothered. In fact, she acted like Elle had said, "Oh God yes, please invade my privacy and make awkward comments about the nature of my relationship with my partner."

"Well," she started, "he is Arthur's son, so you know he's got some power here." She paused and flipped herself over so that she was facing Elle head on. "Plus, he is so totally gorgeous."

Elle brain kind of stopped functioning for a second or two. She mentally rewound what was just said. "Plus, he is so totally gorgeous." Yeah, that just happened. "Are you asking me if I'm sleeping with Sylar?" Not that the thought hasn't crossed her mind once or twice or, well, let's just say she's thought about it before. But to have some chick come to her for…what? Gossip? Stories? She really didn't know and wasn't sure she wanted to.

Mindy, for her part, looked surprised. "What? You guys aren't."

"No!" Elle burst out before she even really thought about it. She was a bit preoccupied with trying to not think of shirtless Sylar and that was taking up a lot of her mental prowess.

"Oh, well, that's great for me then."

Elle came crashing back to Earth. "What?"

Mindy giggled, fucking giggled, "Well, since you guys aren't an item that means I can make my move." She grins up at Elle in a way that makes her suspect that Mindy would have "made her move" regardless of her and Sylar being an item or not. For a moment, the image of Mindy's ridiculously long legs wrapped around Sylar's waist filled her mind and sent hot and cold shivers of anger down her spine. The very idea of them together made her blood run cold and bile rush up into her throat. She could feel a little nausea coming on.

That was why she couldn't really control the next sentence that came out of her mouth. It was word vomit.

"You can't; he's gay!"


"What?" Mindy had a look of incredulity and utter confusion plastered on her face that would have been hilarious if hadn't been for the fact that Elle had just said (aloud, mind you) that Sylar-murdering, slice off the top of your head, crazy as hell Sylar-was gay. But there really was no going back now if Elle wanted to keep this bitch away from her man…uhhh, Sylar. Just Sylar.

"Oh, yeah. Haven't you heard the stories about him and Mohinder?"

Mindy's eyes got wider, desperately trying to absorb all this new information. "Yeah," Elle continued, somewhat worried about how much detail she would have to give in order to satisfy this woman's insane need for gossip, "they had a thing."

"Oh my God." Mindy took a moment to process the information being given to her. "So he's gay. Like gay, gay."

Elle nodded. "From my understanding, yes." She mentally prayed that the bimbo would just accept it and leave her the hell alone.

After a minute, Mindy sunk back into the cushion of the bed, sighing. "Why are the hot ones always gay?"

Elle awkwardly patted the sadden girl's shoulder. "I guess we'll never really know but just have to accept it."

Mindy sighed and then stood up. "Oh well," she turned to Elle, "thanks for the heads up. I would have looked so stupid if I had asked him out." Elle knew it would probably be an appropriate time to give a reassuring smile but this girl just wasn't worth the extra muscle movement. "I guess I'll see you around."

Elle smiled and waved her fingers at her retreating fingers. "Bye."

The woman reached for the door that was already partially opened, she slipped out and Elle let a sigh of relief, flopping back onto the bed, finally able to relax. At least until she heard Mindy's voice on the other side of the door.

"Oh, Gabriel!"

Elle's eyes instantly widened. She sat up so quickly the blood rushed to her head and she saw stars. She turned, with fearful eyes, towards the slightly ajar door.

"Holy sh-"