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Part-I: Remembrance



Finally... she thought. The screaming coming from the dungeons underneath the manor, muffled with several layers of cold stones, had finally stopped and she knew what that meant. He would come to her tonight. He always did. His angelic face twisted in cold cruelty, his beautiful eyes ablaze with a fearsome light, with a hunger she knew from the years she had spent with him. It had taken a lot from her to learn. And with that knowledge had come the knowledge of what exactly her role was. People washed their hands after dirty jobs, he came to her. Footsteps... Confident, sharp and arrogant. He knew she would yield, she had given up fighting long long ago. Had she ever fought?

Not enough...


He cast one more glance at her way before walking out the door in that frustratingly assured walk of his, the walk of one never refused. How she hated his eyes. So beautiful and yet so cold. They chilled her to the bone with their haughty and calm blue colour. They pierced into her soul, destroyed the fire that had once burned with passion there. His icy stare had long ago trapped her soul in ice. Eyes, always looking right into hers but never seeing her. Blue... Not the cheerful blue of the sky on a sunny spring day. Not the beautiful deep blue of the sea in summer. Blue... The grayish blue of the sky before rain. The inescapable pale greenish blue of the sea in a storm, mingled with a sense of doom.

His eyes had been such a dark brown that they looked more like black. The hint of brown was only there for colours but the blackness had conquered his eyes. They used to pierce into her soul too, but not destroying, not trapping. His stare had been firewood for her soul. She had never felt alone or insecure under that gaze. Black... Not the scary black of nothingness. Not the black of dark tunnels as they seemed to be for so many people. Black... The tranquil black of a beautiful night. The black of the dark before dawn, tinted with hope. His eyes burned into hers in her mind. She felt him within her memories, she heard his voice whisper in her ears and she wept. Tears that had dried with lost feelings came rushing into her eyes as once again she remembered him, her love. They had dared hope, they had dared love and they had lost, wounded beyond healing. Lost...

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