Title: Happy Endings

Author: TLF

Summary: He changed her for himself, but she doesn't really mind. Alternate Ending 1, Jasper/Bella.

A/N: It's been awhile, I know, but I couldn't really decide if I should do the alternate endings or not, so I decided to please both parties. If you don't want an alternative, just stop right here, if you want one, continue on. Like I said, these are going to be very short, but provide some closure you may not have received at first.

I smelled the blood. Thick, cloying, sweet, and mine. All mine.

Her blood.

I panicked at the smell almost as much as I reveled in it, bathed in it and became a part of it. I needed it, but I knew I couldn't have it.

Fuck knowing.

I ripped into the flesh of my home and pulled it into the cold and solid chamber of my mouth. The hot, red heat twisted and danced between my teeth and flowed so eagerly down my tongue. I drank and drank and drank.


I heard her call. I knew she was calling me.

I couldn't stop.

Her hands cradled my head to her, their small digits woven into my hair, she has such tiny, tiny hands...

"I love you."

I love you too.

And then she was limp in my arms.

Stop, stop dammit, she's going to die you bastard.

Die. Bella. Die. Death. Black. Gone. Brown. Eyes. Hair. Hands. Such tiny, tiny hands.


A roar ripped through me, past my stained teeth and my newly red lips. She can't die. I won't let her. With the effort of pulling a thousand fucking stars from the sky with just a single stretch of twine, I pulled away, my tongue lavishing over her tender skin, so soft and supple like the flesh of an overripe peach.

She would be changed.

I would kill who had hurt her.

And she would be with me.



"Yes Bell?"

"I'm glad to be by your side."

I grasped her hand and pulled her newly cold body to mine, tucking her head under my chin and kissing the soft threads of her hair.

"You're more than just at my side, you're all around me, you're my everything."

And we walked to the ends of the earth and off, her tiny hand, the size of my palm and up to my half knuckle, intertwined with my fingers.

I decided not to do a Jalice and Bedward ending because, hell, Jasper and Bella wouldn't go back to them after sharing such an amazing love.