Vampire Seductress

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Chapter Recap......

"So have you gained all your energy back? Because I think I want to start getting punished for what I did when I was getting your garter." I said. Bella turned and wrapped her arms around my neck.

"Oh yes. I want to start right now." She whispered. She leaned up and I kissed her lips as I leaned down toward her. Her arms wrapped tighter against me and I lifted her up into my arms.

"I love you Mrs. Cullen." I whispered against her as I walked with both of us to the house.

"I love you too Mr. Cullen." She whispered back as I went into the house and shut the door behind us.

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80 years later…….


I stretched as I sat in my seat and listened to my teacher continue to drone on. School was almost over and I quickly glanced at the clock to make sure. I smiled, one more minute and I would see my family. I looked over at Ms. Sparo, she really needed to get loosen up. She didn't even have plans for the Christmas holiday. I could see her thinking about it as she told us our homework assignment. But as the bell rung, all thoughts of that disappeared.

I was out of the class first, not too fast to make people question my speed, but fast enough that I could see my Edward. This was the only class, that we didn't have together, and it always seemed like agony when we were apart for too long.

I made my way down the hall, moving swiftly and easily through and past students to my locker. I caught sight of him before I barely got there; he was leaning casually beside it, looking very sexy in his all black turtleneck and jeans. God I loved him.

He grinned at me as I stepped up to my locker and smiled. He pushed my back against it, but I pulled away, trying to show a little control, because one of us had to have it.

"Edward, we're in school remember?" I whispered low enough that only his vampire ears would hear it. I shifted so that I could open my locker and put my books away.

"I know, I couldn't help myself." He whispered back as he stood beside the locker again, with his arms crossed. I put a few of my books away when I heard my daughter's voice from across the hall.

"No I don't think so." She said. I turned to see her down the hall at her locker with Aaron leaning against the locker beside her. From what I could tell, he was completely smitten with Elizabeth and would stop at nothing to get her, and everything he wanted from her.

I turned to look at Edward. He had a hard look on his face, because he was reading Aaron's mind as Aaron's eyes looked over Elizabeth's svelte figure which was exactly like mine.

She was a beautiful girl. She was about the same height as me, with long curly red-bronze hair, the same color as Edward's. Her bright piercing green eyes always got the guys doing anything and everything for her. She looked like a female version of Edward. But Elizabeth was a smart girl and had had years of dealing with hormonal teenage boys.

"Don't be like that Liz. I'd really like it if we could catch a movie or something…." He said, his hand moving over to stroke her arm, trailing downward to her hand. I heard Edward growl beside me and I shut my locker loudly to cover it up. The boy at his locker next to us didn't seem to notice Edward's growl.

"Stop that Edward. She's a big girl, she can take care of herself. Watch." I whispered to him. We both turned and looked at Elizabeth who had a very neutral expression on her face.

"Listen Aaron, you're a great guy, but I don't want to, and will never want to go out with you. I think of you as my brother, and if I went out with you it would just be weird. I hope you understand." She said as she pulled his hand off her wrist. We both saw his head drop a little and then his reply.

"Alright. You have a good holiday Liz. I'll see you after the break." And with that he left. I saw Elizabeth sigh and then make her way over to us with a smile. In a moment, she had joined Edward and I and suddenly Eddie had joined us as well. He was grinning at Elizabeth.

He was exactly the same height as Edward now. He had sleek dark brown hair that was cut at short medium length. He also had the same dark brown eyes as me and he looked a lot like me. He was of medium build and was quite the popular guy at school. Girls were falling over him just as much as guys were falling over Lizzy. We were like a popular family because it seemed everyone wanted to know us, but it really wasn't how we all wanted to be…. well all of us except for Eddie, he loved the attention. I turned and smiled at him.

"Elizabeth you-" Edward started.

"Don't start Da- Edward. I don't want to hear about how you don't approve, can we just go home?" She said. I went over and squeezed her hand. Edward stared at her for a second and then smiled.

"I actually just wanted to say that I was proud of how you handled yourself back there. " He said. I saw her face light up at these words.

"Yea, that was hilarious. I really didn't like Aaron anyway. He can't be trying to go out with my baby sis. It's not allowed." Eddie piped up. Lizzy pulled away from me and smacked Eddie on the arm.

"Hey I'm not the baby, you are. I was born first. Just because you're taller doesn't mean I'm not older." She said as she and Eddie walked ahead of Edward and I, to the car. Edward and I walked side by side without touching each other. Because of the fact that Eddie and Lizzy looked so much like Edward and I we all had to pretend that we were all related as cousins. It made more sense than trying to pretend that we were adopted.

So because of the fact that Lizzy and Eddie were twins, Edward and I were pretending to be their cousins from Washington. That meant that we could not kiss, hug or really have that much physical contact with each other when we were at school or out in public, because between siblings it would be very weird and wrong.

It also made it really hard when we first got to the school, because all the girls tried to hit on Edward, while all the guys tried to hit on me. It was actually quite funny how things played out on Edward's end because he ended up scaring all the guys away, and all it seemed like, was that he was being a protective big brother(even though technically, Lizzy, Eddie and I are all frozen at 18, while he at 17).

As we got into the new Volvo, Lizzy and Eddie quieted down in the back. Edward started the car and pulled out. He drove for a while without touching me. He made sure that we were on the road before he finally reached for my hand, which I gladly took. I heard his contented sigh as he held it tightly in his and stroked his thumb inside my palm.

"So Mom, when are we leaving to go see the rest of the family?" Lizzy asked as she checked her bag. I looked in the rearview mirror at her.

"Well our flights are for tomorrow morning, so you should be getting packed tonight. Even with our abilities the scramble in the morning may take only ten minutes but I'd rather not have to do that." I said. She nodded and Eddie grinned.

"Oh and I can't wait to get back to Forks and see Grandpa and Grandma. I hope Uncle Emmett is there this year with Uncle Jasper, we have way too much fun together." He said. I smiled.

"Oh I hope the whole family is there. I really want to see Uncle Mark and Auntie Teresa. I haven't seen her in the longest time. And of course cousin Simone." Lizzy said. Eddie had a strange look on his face as Lizzy spoke about Mark's daughter Simone.

"Elizabeth she's not really our cousin you know. She has no blood ties to us whatsoever." He said matter-of-factly. Edward smiled and looked in the rearview mirror.

"Hmm….Ed, by the look on your face, I'd say that you like Simone." He said teasingly with a smirk. Eddie shook his head unconvincingly and the rest of us started laughing.

"There is no way you can hide it from us bro, we can all read your mind if we wanted to." Elizabeth said with a nudge to her brother. Eddie shook his head.

"Nope, I can block all of you out. And what does it matter if I like Simone? Is it a crime?" He asked. I rolled my eyes and turned to look at Edward, who was just pulling up to the house. It was the cottage that my dad had left me after he had passed away. It was a medium sized cottage with three bedrooms and was nicely situated up in the forest, so we were quite secluded. Plus it wasn't far away from the Denali clan's home, so that we could get assistance whenever we needed it from them.

The time spent nearby them had helped heal the hurt that had been between Tanya and Edward. It also helped that Tanya now had a mate, named Jorgyn, who she loved very deeply.

"What do you think about all of this Edward?" I asked.

"Yea, what do you think dad?" Eddie asked.

"Well how can we tell Ed who he can and cannot like? Remember how tumulus our relationship was at one point Bells? You can't control who you care for, I know that first hand as you do Bella." He said as he shut off the car. I stared at him for a moment and then nodded. Eddie smiled and then got out of the car with Lizzy on his heels, still pestering him about Simone.

I got out of the car and began to walk to the house, but Edward caught me around the waist before I got to the door.


I watched as the twins went into the house and I saw that Bella was farther back than them. I smiled to myself as I got an idea. I got out of the car at vampire speed and caught her around the waist before she reached the door.

I really had missed her the entire day. It was excruciatingly hard to be near Bella and love her the way I did without being able to have the type of physical contact with her that I wanted. But it was a small price to pay for the lives that we lived in Alaska. Our story could not be jeopardized by my needs, but now that we were alone, I was going to finally have Bella for myself.

"Bells…..I missed you today." I whispered as I kissed her earlobe. Even in the cold weather with the light dusting of snow, her skin felt warm.

"I missed you too I hate that we can't be affectionate at school." She said as she turned in my arms and wrapped her arms my neck.

"I know, but it's only until we all graduate this year, but Christmas at home will be nice. We haven't seen everyone in two years; the house is going to be crowded." I said. She nodded as she looked up at me.

"Well if the house is too crowded we can go down to my dad's house from the holiday, just the four of us." Bella said. I smiled and nodded.

"That would be a great idea. And being in that house would be good for memories. I wish you're mom and Phil could both be here." I whispered to her. Bella looked down and nodded.

"I wish that too, but we decided to leave my mom and Phil human because they wanted it, and that's what made them the happiest. I couldn't bear to change her when she didn't want it, she might have hated me afterward." She said. I slipped my hand under her chin and pulled her face up to mine to look in her eyes.

"She wouldn't have felt that way, she loved you. But let's definitely go back to the house. It'll be a good place to spend and think of our memories, especially the ones in your bedroom." I said as I leaned down and nibbled on her neck. I felt Bella shiver against me and I smiled, knowing that it wasn't the weather that made her shiver.

"Well how about we go make some more memories in our bedroom right now?" She whispered against me. I smiled and then caught her lips roughly. I wrapped my arms tightly around her and crushed her against me. I could feel her body reacting to mine and her body heat was driving me crazy. I swung her into my arms and carried her into the house and up to our room where I dropped her onto the bed.

I let go of Bella's lips and began to nibble her neck, causing her to moan lightly and I smiled against her. She was mine, and I was going to make her say my name in ecstasy.

After a very satisfying night with Bella, we all got up early so that we could catch our flight out to Forks. The plane ride was comfortable and a good amount of time. I just wasn't sure as to who would be waiting for us at the airport, but it was a very happy surprise that all my siblings were there.

The second we got off the plane, we heard Alice squeal and she threw herself into Bella's arms, as Bella laughed. Rosalie, Emmett and Jasper made their way over to us and hugged all of us. Rosalie looked just as beautiful as always, Emmett looking just as fun loving as always and Jasper was surveying everything calmly.

Alice pulled away from Bella and grabbed the twins into a hug.

"Hi Aunt Alice." They said. Alice pulled back and looked at them.

"It's so good that you're all here. We've missed you, Carlisle and Esme are so excited to see all of you." Alice said as we began to walk through the airport. We went over to the luggage rack and quickly took our things.

"I know, we've missed them a lot. It's strange living so far away, but in a few years we'll be able to come back to Forks. What about all of you, what's new?" I asked as we all exited the airport.

"Well nothing really. Rosie and I are enjoying all our traveling but we're really excited to hear that we were going to have this Christmas party together in Forks. Even though it was always so boring, I did love all the times we had here." Emmett said.

"Yeah I completely agree with that. We've missed all of you too." Elizabeth said as we reached the two vehicles. One was a black unity Mercedes and the other was a silver genesis Volvo. I smiled at the Volvo, remembering my old car and how I'd loved to drive it all the time. I had made the others get this one for me, in favor of that car.

Eddie and I quickly packed the Volvo and then moved to get in. I looked over at the others who were piling into the Mercedes and frowned. I didn't have the keys to this car, but then I saw Emmett coming over with them jingling in his hands.

"You remember the way to the house right? How about you drive this puppy home?" He asked. I nodded with a grin. I got into the car and looked at my family. Bella smiled at me from the front seat and I started the car. It made very little sound as it started up and it purred easily as I began to drive.

In no time, it seemed, I was pulling up to the front door of the house and looking upon it. Time had not really changed it, all that was different was that there were a few more vines crawling up the sides of the house now.

I stepped out and looked up at the house that had been my home in a place that brought me to Bella. I just stood there staring at it as the others got out of the car. I heard Bella come up beside me and I felt her take my hand. I looked down at her and smiled.

"We're home Bells." I whispered to her as the others went into the house. She nodded and looked up at it as we walked slowly toward it. I could hear all the thoughts and voices coming from inside and when we got there, we were ambushed by Esme. She caught both Bella and I in a hug and looked like she was about to cry if she'd been able to.

"Oh I've missed you two so much. I'm so glad you're home for Christmas." She said. I smiled down at her and hugged her again.

"I've missed you too Esme, we all have." I could see over Esme's head that Bella had moved over to Mark and Teresa who were standing in the hall as well. Teresa's light brown hair and now bronze eyes looked over at me and smiled. I smiled back and then looked at Simone. She was standing beside them, looking just as beautiful as she always had. She was as tall as her mother, with medium length light brown hair. Her eyes were the same strange violet color of Mark's and as I let go of Esme, I could see Eddie staring at her. I smiled to myself and then made my way over to them.

"How are you doing Mark?" I asked as I hugged my good friend. He smiled.

"Pretty good and from the looks of Bella and the twins, I can say the same for you." He said. I rolled my eyes and then hugged and kissed Teresa's cold cheek. She was a full vampire like me; she, like Bella, had become pregnant, while still human. But her pregnancy had been much more difficult than Bella's and in the end she had to be changed to save her life. It was alright though because both Teresa and Mark were completely and totally in love with each other, that when they were able, they got married.

From that pregnancy came their daughter Simone, who looked very much like her mother, but with hints of her father in the mix. She seemed to be very adventurous and fun, and was built sleekly with a toned but curvaceous figure and mischievous eyes. I smiled at her and kissed her cheek as well.

"And how are you Simone? It seems I never get to see you." I said to her. She grinned.

"Oh that's cuz Dad's a loser and doesn't like to bring me with him, but I'm old enough to do what I want now, so I came. Plus I wanted to see everyone." She said as she looked around and caught Eddie's eye. I saw his cheeks turn slightly pink as she smiled and then turned back to me. I laughed.

"Well, I'm glad you did." I said. Esme then came over.

"Let's all go into the living room and relax, Carlisle will be home in a little while." She said. We nodded and filed into the living room.

LPOV(Lizzy's POV)

I sat there as my family spoke warmly and easily. Grandpa Carlisle finally got home and was so happy to see us. I loved spending time with him, he had a great aura about him. It always made me comfortable and relaxed.

I felt a little crowded though, and I had wanted to wander around Forks a little, so I stood up as the others spoke. Mom looked over at me.

"I want to go around the town. We haven't been in Forks for a few years and I want to drive around a little. Is that ok?" I asked. My mom smiled.

"Of course honey, just don't get lost. You have your phone right?" She asked. I rolled my eyes.

"Yes mom. I'll be back in a little while." I said. I grabbed the car keys that my dad had left in the front hall, grabbed my jacket and went outside. As I stepped out, snowflakes were lightly falling down. I smiled to myself as I made my way to the car. I got in and then began to drive through the town.

Nothing had really changed except a few new stores had popped up since the last time I'd been there. I didn't really feel like just hanging around Forks, so I drove into La Push.

All the houses had a light dusting of snow on the roof and looked so picturesque. I smiled to myself and parked at the side of the road so that I could make my way on foot. Children were playing in their front yards as I got out of the car. I watched them play for a moment before I started strolling through the small reservation.

As I did I saw a large group of men standing near the edge of the forest, deep in conversation. I didn't want to intrude on their moment, but I couldn't help noticing one with light russet skin, and short cropped black hair. I accidentally caught his eye as he looked at me. His dark brown eyes caught me for a moment and I stumbled a little.

I righted myself and looked away. I could feel my cheeks burning over my little moment of clumsiness. But as I walked I could still feel his eyes on me. I made sure that my hair swung around my face so that he couldn't see me and continued to walk, but I kept my ears perked.

When I heard footsteps, I made sure to not react to it. But sooner than I expected, the footsteps were right behind me and I heard a deep voice speak.

"Hey." I turned my head to see that same dark eyed guy walking behind me. I smiled at him. He was really handsome, now that I could see him closer up. He was wearing cut off jeans and a light jacket with a t-shirt underneath. I couldn't understand how he was wearing so little. It was quite cold and the only reason I wasn't cold was because I was half-vampire.

"Hey." I said back. He moved to stand beside me and I looked up at how tall he was. He had a strange look on his face as he looked at me.

"Have we met before? I feel like I've…..seen you before or something." He said. I shook my head, thinking I definitely would have remembered him.

"Nope. I actually just came to visit my family for the holidays." I said. He seemed to be thinking about that, and I didn't think I wanted to hear his thoughts so I kept my powers under control. He glanced at me again as we walked.

"Well maybe I know your family. I'm Jacob Black by the way." He said as he stuck out his huge hand. I took it and shook it. I was quite shocked at how hot it was when I shook it, it was almost feverish.

"I'm Elizabeth Cullen." I said. Something flashed in his eyes as I said Cullen. I frowned at that.

"You're a Cullen?" He asked. I saw his nostrils flare as he said it. I nodded.

"Yes. Why? Do you know my family?" He stared at me for moment and then looked away.

"Yea. I do." He said quietly. I frowned at him and saw something flickering in his eyes. I was about to ask him something when my cell rung. I sighed and snatched it out of my pocket seeing my dad's cell number on the screen. I flipped it open.

"Hey Dad." I said.

"Hey Lizzy. Where did you run off too? I went into Forks to get a few things for the house and I didn't see you anywhere." My dad said. I rolled my eyes, and I could see Jacob watching me closely.

"I went to La Push that's all. I'll make my way back to the house right now. But do you want me to come up to Grandma and Grandpa's or do you want me to come to mom's house?" I asked.

"Come to your mother's. That's where we're staying anyway. And I think you should make your way back here soon, it's not really a good idea for you to be in La Push too long…'s not safe." He said. I frowned at that.

"Dad I'm perfectly safe, and you know I can take care of myself. But don't worry I'm leaving right now. I'll see you in a little while. Bye Dad." I clicked my phone shut and then turned back to my car.

"Gotta go, Dad wants me home." I said. Jacob seemed to catch himself and stopped me from leaving.

"Tell me something. You're part of the Cullens, but you're not like them are you?" He said. I frowned at him.

"What do you mean?" I asked. He stared at me intensely.

"I think you know." He whispered. By the way he said that, a part of me thought he knew our secret; what we were. But he couldn't, could he? I walked around Jacob quickly but he easily kept up.

"Am I right? Because you don't have to hide it. I know the truth, just like they know the truth about us." He said. I stopped at this and turned.

"What truth about you?" I asked. He stared at me and I stared at him.

"Ask your family. And from the way you look I'm pretty sure, somehow, you're related to Edward and Bella." He said. I caught my breath. Yes I looked my dad and my mom, but how could he have known them? The last time they'd been in Forks for a long period of time was 30 years ago and then we had moved to Alaska and only come back to visit. And before that it had been when my mom was still human, which was about 80 years ago. He couldn't know them, unless he was as old as them…..but that was….impossible.

"I have to go. Goodbye Jacob." I said. I walked quickly to my car and drove down to my mom's house. When I got there, I sat in the driveway for a few minutes just thinking. If this was true, I needed to talk to my parents. I got out of the car and went into the house. My dad came out of the kitchen as I came in and he could tell that I was distressed. I hadn't had my shied up when I'd been thinking in the car, so I was sure he'd heard my thoughts.

"Come into the kitchen Lizzy. We need to talk to you." He said. I followed him in and saw that my mom and brother were there too. I sat down and looked up at them.

"So explain." I said.

I sat in my room upstairs, thinking about all the things my mom and dad had told me. The Quilutes were werewolves, and they were the enemy of the vampire. Even though my family had a treaty with them, it wasn't like they were buddy buddy or anything.

I sighed and went to my window. I opened it and looked out. It had started snowing really hard and I could see a layer of snow covering the ground. I really didn't feel like sitting inside, so I went out and stood on the porch.

After a few minutes I heard two people come out too. I turned to see my mom and dad standing there.

"Are you okay?" My mom asked as she came and lightly stroked my head.

"Yea. It's just a lot to take in that's all." I said. My dad sighed.

"We're sorry that we didn't tell you before. We just didn't think it was necessary….well until now. And-" At this my dad stopped and turned his head. I saw my mom do the same. I looked in the direction they were looking in and saw a figure moving through the trees in the forest. I stared at it and saw that it was Jacob. He looked hesitant to come forward as he stared at the three of us.

Then slowly he made his way up to us and stood at the bottom of the stairs. He stared at my mom and dad.

"Hello Bella. Edward. You look…..well." He said.

"Hello Jacob. It's been a very long time. I haven't seen you since I was a kid, which was the last time I came to visit before I finally came to live here." Bella said. He nodded.

"I know. And it seems that things have changed with you." Jacob said as his dark eyes turned to me.

"Yes things have changed. Jacob, you've met our daughter Elizabeth." My dad said. At this, Jacob's eyes widened and he looked at me. He looked from me, my mom and then my dad.

"B-b-but….." Jacob stuttered.

"It's a long story, but from what I heard in your thoughts I think the whole reason you came here for was Liz, so we'll leave you alone." My dad said. He took my mom's hand and led her inside. I watched them go and then turned to Jacob, who was now standing in front of me. He was looking at me intensely, and I let my powers slip for a moment into his mind.

"She doesn't smell anything like them…..and she's so beautiful." At this I looked away.

"Jacob why are you here?" I asked. He put his hands into his pockets looking very bashful as he shuffled around.

"Well I wanted to see you." I looked at him as he looked into my eyes. I took a step closer and crossed my arms.

"Why? My parents told me everything….the treaty and how we're supposed to be sworn enemies…..even though I'm only half-vampire." I said. He looked up at me at this.

"So that's why you don't….never mind. But to answer your question, I haven't been able to stop thinking about you since I saw you walking down the road….." His voice trailed off and he stepped a little closer to me. I could feel the heat from his body and for a moment his dark eyes caught me off guard as he looked deeply into mine.

"Our lives are too complicated, so you'll just have to……forget about me." I said. He continued to look into my eyes as I stepped back, unable to break his gaze. I reached for the doorknob behind me and then opened the door. I went inside and shut it behind me, leaning against it. Thank goodness we were leaving after Christmas….I didn't think I could handle seeing those deep brown eyes all the time.

I took a deep breath and then went into the living room to watch movies with Eddie. Maybe this Christmas would be more eventful than I thought it would be…….


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