Wishes and Kisses

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Part Four

Snowflakes had started to fall for half an hour now, as Tony was chatting with Derek Morgan on the phone.

Morgan was wondering if DiNozzo was going to ask him what he had to ask him because he seemed to be changing the subject to avoid it. So Morgan decided it was time to take the matter in his own hands.

"Spill it, Tony! Just ask me the question. There are only three possible answers: yes, no or maybe, so spill it."

DiNozzo sighed. ["You're right. Problem is I really need you to say 'yes'…"]

"Tony…" Morgan said in a warning tone.

["You need to help me play matchmaker…"] he started.

"What? You want me to what? You can't be serious. Have you had a good look at me, Tony?" Derek asked.

Tony thought that Morgan had a high opinion of himself, did he really think he was too good to help him or something? Sure he was definitely good looking for a woman and highly skilled in his area of expertise, but he wasn't a god or even above anyone else for that matter. But he didn't voice any of his thoughts, this wasn't the moment nor the place, he needed the man's help for Abby and that was his only priority now.

["It's for Abby."] Tony then said.

"Why didn't you, say so, in the first place? You know I'd do anything for her."

["Yeah, I know, it's impossible to resist her and you'd do anything to make her smile, I know the feeling. Anyway, here's the thing: Ziva David, a co-worker of mine has accidently found a letter, Abby, had written to Santa, yeah, I know it sounds ridiculous, but…"]

"No, it doesn't. It's something our Goddess of all knowledge would have done too, and I'm sure she's actually done it too." Morgan cut him off laughing at the thought.

["Yeah, you're probably right."] Tony chuckled.

Tony walked while he was on the phone and Ziva was watching him in awe from the car, a dreamy look dancing in her eyes.

Then the weather suddenly changed before her eyes: the sun shined. Tony was wearing his Ray Ban sun-glasses that suited him so well, and a cocky smile was on his lips. He was running along the sea, bare foot, on the beach. She was daydreaming about him again, she couldn't help it; Tony DiNozzo had this damn irresistible effect on her. Ziva David was in love with her co-worker, Anthony DiNozzo. No matter how hard she tried to ignore it, her feelings for him were getting stronger by the day. The deal she had made with him wasn't exactly has innocent as she wanted it to appear. She'd made the deal because deep down inside she wanted to kiss him, and the deal was a perfect opportunity to do so.

Ziva also often dreamed of her work partner at night.

But right now, what she wanted was not important, what was important was what Abby dreamed of and what she wanted most: kissing Gibbs. Ziva would do anything in her power to make her friend's dream come true. A smile played on her lips as she thought of Abby's face when she would see the mistletoe hanging in her lab.


Abby was pleased to see Gibbs was visibly doing better. It's then she noticed that the snow was falling upon them. Looking up she wrinkled her nose as some snowflakes fell on her face. A soft smile made its way on Jethro's lips at the sight.

Is she even aware of how beautiful she is, right now?

She was natural in everything she did. Abby was unbelievably smart, one of the smartest persons he knew, and yet, here she was, in his arms, enjoying the snow that was falling from the skies like a child would.

And right now, she reminded him of Snow White with her pale skin, her blood red lips and her raven black hair. She was breathtakingly beautiful. No matter how much he was trying to ignore it he felt something more for her than friendship.

But he wasn't just ready yet to tell her. He was not a man of words, he had never been, but with her he wanted to tell her, as much as show her, exactly what he felt for her. But now wasn't the right time, but soon, very soon it was going to be.

For now, he just wanted to enjoy the time they were spending together. Although, they really needed to head back.

"Shall we go?"

"Yeah, let's go, my silver fox" Abby said, smiling.

They walked side by side again without exchanging a word for several minutes, enjoying the silence, and the noises that surrounded them.

"Maybe you should call Penelope and tell her you won't be coming alone after all." Abby suggested with a smirk playing on her lips.

"Yes that might indeed be a good thing to do."

Taking his cell out of his pocket, he dialed Penelope Garcia's phone number. Gibbs knew his friend would be ecstatic about the news that he'd bring Abby with him. Whenever they talked to each other Garcia would brag him about the fact that she'd love to talk to Abby and get to know her, to finally be able to put a face on the description he had made of his favorite forensic scientist.

"Queen of all knowledge, what can I do for you?" was the sentence that greeted Gibbs.

["Hey, Tinkerbell, still doing as well as you did when you called me earlier? I'm just calling to tell you that you'll have one more guest; Abby's coming with me."]

"That's wonderful news! I'm finally going to meet your fabulous lab tech."

["Hang on; I'm going to pass her through."] He told her as he handed his cell phone to Abby.

Taking the phone from his hand she looked at him questioningly, but he didn't say a thing, he just smiled.


"Abby? How good to finally here your voice, I've heard so much about you."

["I wish I could say the same about you…"] her voice trailed off.

"Don't worry, dear, I know. Gibbs isn't really the 'talk' kind of guy. And he learned to know me in a very difficult period of his life… we'll catch up when you'll come to visit. You'll have to tell me everything about Gibbs."

Abby didn't answer Garcia immediately. Gibbs could see that Abby was thinking about something and then a wide grin lit up her lovely figure. It was obvious that she had discovered or realized something. He could read her so well, she was excited.

["Wait a minute… Penelope Garcia… Baby Girl… You are Morgan's baby girl aren't you?"]

Silence met Abbs on the other end of the line.

Penelope was momentarily speechless. Taken aback by what Abby just asked her.

How could Abby Sciuto know about the pet name Morgan used for her? Did she know him? Had she been spending time with him?

["Penelope, you still there?"]

"Huh? Yeah, I'm still here, excuse me, I was just a little surprised by you mentioning my pet name, well the one Morgan gave me…"

Abby smiled. When Gibbs had mentioned Penelope earlier, she hadn't made the connection, between Penelope and Morgan's baby girl because of her concern for her so beloved boss, and it wasn't like there was only one woman in Washington, D.C. that was called Penelope, but now it seemed obvious. Abby didn't see the expression of evident surprise on Gibbs's face.

Huh? How could she possibly know her? I haven't said a word to her about Tinkerbell before so… and who was this Morgan? A few questions that Gibbs was asking himself and wherefore he was determined to have an answer, but that would have to wait until Abby was finished talking to Garcia.

["You're wondering how I know Derek, aren't you?"] Abby asked giggling a little.

"Well, yeah, I definitely do." She said with a hint of jealousy in her voice, because to Penelope it was evident from the way Abby talked and the tone of voice she used that she knew Derek Morgan pretty well.

Darn, I definitely spend way too much time with profilers.

["There's nothing to be worried about, Penelope, all Morgan has ever said about you were good things, I pinky swear."] She told Garcia, with a smile on her face.

The smile playing on her lips widened as she noticed the way Gibbs gazed at her.

My silver-haired fox looks jealous. Yes!

"Okay, then. I'll see you in a few days. Sorry to cut this conversation short, but they need me here. Bye, Abby, looking forward to meet you."

"Same here, Penelope, bye. See you soon." After saying that, Abby closed the phone and handed it back to Gibbs with sparkling eyes.


Jethro Gibbs was still looking at his favorite girl as if she'd suddenly become a stranger to him, as if he was trying very hard to remember who she was.

"Don't look at me like that, Gibbs, I have a life outside the lab, and to answer your silent question. I know Morgan via Tony. We've worked with them on a case a while ago. The Carsons's case, remember? Once the case was wrapped up, Tony invited me for diner like he does sometimes, and that's when I met Derek Morgan." She explained.

"And?" Gibbs said as he knew she wasn't finished.

She smirked as a dreamy look passed in her eyes when she added "And… oh mama, he's hot!"

Abby was sweet torturing Gibbs on purpose, she couldn't resist it after the look of jealousy she'd seen on his face moments before. It was just too tempting and seeing Gibbs's reactions just made her heart swell up with joy.

"Oh… so did you have something with him?" he asked for the record, silently hoping she'd say no.

"You mean did he and I sleep together? No. Not that we couldn't have you know because you know he's attractive, well built, which I'm sure you are too, well built I mean, not that you aren't attractive because you are, but…"


"Right. No, Gibbs, I didn't sleep with Derek Morgan. And by the way he's in love with som…" as she was about the finish the sentence, her whole face lit up once again with a wide grin.

Oh, boy, this was going to be fun.

"What?" he asked intrigued by the sudden happy face she made.



"I'll tell you later, promise. Now, let's go back for real this time." Abby winked.

Then she reached out her hand to him, and to his own surprise he slid his hand into her soft one. They walked hand in hand the rest of the way to the Navy yard. Strangely they both fell incredibly relaxed. Neither of them really cared if anyone saw them, holding hands, because it would only seem natural with them.

It was just like them.

Everyone knew how close they were. Abby was his overprotected one. But Gibbs wasn't the only one in overprotective mode toward Abby, all his team was.

"Thanks again for the Caf Pow, Gibbs." She said as she stopped for a moment, forcing him to do has well, then she stood on her tip toes and caressed his cheek with her lips.

"Don't mention it, Abbs, you're welcome."

"Did I tell you already that you're the best boss of the world?"

"Don't say that too much; Abby or you'll ruin my 'bastard' reputation."

She smiled at that, "You're no such thing, Gibbs; alright maybe when you're on a case and in the field, but it's for the right reasons. You're often the last chance for the victims' families to find some peace. So you have every right to be the second 'B' in your name."

Gibbs's face lit up, and here she was doing it again, finding some positive things, while everyone else would call him a bastard or worse. Abby said he had every right to be. Abby never ceased to amaze him with her undeniable faith in life and in him.

How come that no matter what, Abby always believes in me? Why hasn't she giving up on me already like every other women, I've had in my life after Shannon. How come she tent to see only the good in me? What did I ever do to deserve someone like her in my life? Gibbs wondered.


Ziva was starting to get impatient. Tony was going to ruin her plans to help Santa get Abby's wish fulfilled. Tony DiNozzo was definitely driving her crazy in every sense of the way. She closed the car door and put her right palm on the horn to let Tony know that she was getting annoyed.

He made a sigh, and closed his cell phone. Jogging to the car he smirked.

Ziva sighed. Her co-worker was impossible. Then her cell rang. Checking the caller ID she saw it was McGee.

Flipping it open she held it against her ear.

"Yes, Tim?"

["Are you guys coming back soon?"]

"Yes, we're on our way back to NCIS why?" she told him as Tony entered the car."

["Just wondering where you were. I just hope you'll be back before Gibbs and Abbs are back that's all. I wouldn't like to have to lie to him…"]

"Lie about what McGee?"

"Nothing boss," Tim responded automatically as he hang up.


"What?" Tony asked as he looked as Ziva put her cell back in her jacket pocket.

"Gibbs and Abby are back at NCIS. I hope that was a damn important phone call."

"Relax, Ziva, nothing happened. We didn't do anything wrong. And my phone call was very important for our little secret mission. And may I remind you Ziva that you're the one who started all this." He grinned.

"Yes, but…" she started holding up her index finger as she wanted to say something more but stopped herself. Tony was right, she started all this little game to help Gibbs and Abby get together.

"Let's go."

Ziva set herself properly in the driver's seat and started the engine. They sat in silence for a couple of minutes before DiNozzo turned on the radio without a word. A few instants, later, he was lost in his thoughts.

His boss and his baby sister… he wondered. Of course Abby wasn't his baby sister, but that is how he considered her—were in love.

He hoped from the bottom of his heart that Ziva's little strategy would work, and that Gibbs would not only kiss Abby because of the mistletoe but that it would be the start of something extraordinary for both of them.

A smiled played on his lips as he remembered the first time Abby met SSA Derek Morgan.

He had invited Abby for dinner telling her there was going to be a guest with them, he was a friend and he simply wanted her to meet him, and he was sure she wouldn't have mind.

Abby was always eager to meet new people.

On the way to the restaurant, Abbs had bombarded him with a tone of questions about their guest, his friend. Why she hadn't heard of him before, and what he was like.

He hadn't said anything except for "You'll see."

And has they arrived at the place where they were going to have dinner, Morgan's car had just pulled up into the street.

Abby and he had stepped out of the car and he had tell Abby to wait a bit before entering because he had seen Morgan's car.

So they waited, and the moment she saw the man that was walking toward them… "Holy shit!"


"Whaaaat? The only one to blame here is yourself, Tony, you should have warned me that your friend was steamy hot."

He couldn't help his laughter at her reaction. He had expected one. But not that one. And it all started from there.

Tony laughed at the simple thought.


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