"Hey Ryan," Seth said while walking into the poolhouse, "can I borrow one of your wifebeaters?" Ryan was asleep on his bed when Seth entered, often when it became hot, he would sleep in the nude. "Whoa man, maybe you should throw some clothes on."

Ryan sat up and stared at his friend for a moment. "Or maybe you should throw some clothes off..."

"Listen man, I just want to borrow a wifebeater, I need to change my image so Summer will take me back." He walked into Ryan's closet and took off his shirt, looking around for one of Ryan's wifebeaters. Suddenly he felt a hand on his shoulder, touching him, almost caressing him.

"What do you need Summer for? Marissa and I broke up. Teresa and I didn't work. You and Summer are over. And look at Marissa's parents and how screwed up that is."

Seth turned around, his lip quivering ever so slightly. "Where are you going with this?" Seth asked in a shaky voice.

"Where I'm going, is that opposite sex relationships just don't work out these days anymore. We need to try something new."

Seth felt something poking at him between his legs, moving up and down, but both of Ryan's hands were resting on his shoulders now.

He looked down to see something he never thought he would.

Ryan turned Seth around and reached his hands down to his waist, unbuckling his belt, unbuttoning his pants. Soon after, Seth's zipper was down. Ryan reached a hand inside and Seth let out a low soft moan. Suddenly, much to the dismay of Ryan, he was caught in the act by someone at the door.

Luke didn't bother to knock, he just walked in to ask for some advice. The other two turned around with a look of shock on their faces, but Luke just looked back and smiled. "What are you guys up to?" he said as he walked over to them.

"Nothing! Nothing at all," Seth said in a defensive manner.

"I was just about to come. I mean go! I was just about to go." He buttoned up his pants, picked up his shirt, and started to go, but Luke stopped him.

"I thought maybe we should hang out or something. I haven't seen you guys in such a long time, I thought we might do something...fun."

"You can join us," Ryan said, "we were just rearranging some clothes in my closet. come on in and see what we've done so far."

With his arm around Seth, Luke walked into Ryan's closet with a large grin on his face. "So what kind of clothes are you rearranging?"

"Oh, you know, shirts, pants, underwear, the usual."

"Well, while you're rearranging those things, why don't I throw my clothes in for you to rearrange also."

He took off his shirt to reveal a far more muscled body than he had before. He would later explained that he began lifting weights again while in Washington.

"Wow," Seth said, voice still shaky, "you look great. Working out?"

"Just a little, you know. I can show you my legs too." With that, he took off his pants. "And I've been doing squats..." He let his underwear fall to the floor.

Seth crawled into a dark corner and watched as Ryan, still nude from his nap, and Luke began to examine each other's bodies. A gentle caress here, a soft tickling with the fingers there. Ryan sniffed in the manly scent of his friend and fell to his knees. Seth didn't want to watch, but he couldn't close his eyes, nor could he move, and before he knew it he was quite excited by the sight. Luke slowly came to sit down on the floor, then lied down, Ryan pleasuring him all the while. Seth, fearful of anyone coming in again and seeing, closed the door.

For days afterward, the closet would smell of a sweaty, hot musk that none of them would ever forget.