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Summary: After returning home from college, Edward embarks on a passionate affair with his father's girlfriend who just so happens to be the same age as him. AU All human EB! OOC

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Chapter 1- Welcome Home

Edward's POV

It was that time of year again. Going home for the summer. Except this year was different. This year I wouldn't be coming back to Harvard University anymore. I graduated a few days ago, and now it's time to get on with my life. Like my father always says,"It's time to become a man."

Honestly, I was so sick of hearing the words because he'd been saying them since I was five. Through out my entire life, I was always told what to say, who to say it to, and when it was the right time to say it. I never had a voice of my own. My father had the pleasure of owning that part of me.

Instead of giving me toys like a normal eight year old was given on their birthday, I was given five hundred paged biographies meant for high school students. I was treated like I was an adult my whole life, and yet, I got the punishment of a child if I did something wrong. They had to be sure that I was well-disciplined. After all, I was next in line to be one of the greatest lawyers for the law firm that my dad owned.

And there wasn't anything more that pissed me off as much as that. I was 22 years old, and yet he had my whole life mapped out for me. I was an adult who was capable of making his own decisions, but he couldn't see that. Better yet, he didn't want to see.

Of course I loved my father. He was the only family I really had, and with out him, I wouldn't be the man that I am today. He trained me well, and turned me into quite a gentlemen. Well, when I was around him, I was always on my best behavior.

But I also hated him just as much as I loved him. We were constantly lunging at each others throats and yelling threats at the other that were sworn to be promises. I just wanted to be my own person, but as usual, Daddy wouldn't allow it. We couldn't have me do something terribly wrong that would ruin the face of his well-built, high statused reputation, now, could we?

My mother died when I was three years old of a massive heart attack. I didn't really know her very well, but it still made me upset to think that the woman who gave birth to me was gone forever. Every now and then, I would watch old videos of her with me when I was younger. I wanted to try to remember her voice, her smile, her beauty.

I know that if my mother was alive, then I would surely love her more than anything in the world. She always handled me with such care and treated me like a child was supposed to be treated, unlike my father.

You see, Daddy was a business man and was always about the big bucks. Money was his way of life. With out the bills, then life was pointless to my father. He was definitely the richest man in our small town, and never let it go unnoticed. One thing that pissed me off about him was his flamboyancy. Carlisle was very flashy and enjoyed the gawking looks people gave him when he strolled around in his Bugatti Veyron vehicle.

Another thing that really irked me was his attitude toward woman. He treated them like they were merely toys and nothing but a prize for the night. Daddy was the type of man who slept around more than a prostitute. He liked his options to be widespread and to compare others. Sick, I know.

But that's Carlisle for you; always putting another notch on his bedpost. But whatever. What and who his sex life involved was none of my business, nor did I want it to be. To me, less was always more. The less detail the more I was suited.

Today, I was supposed to meet one of Carlisle's new "girlfriends." Over the phone, he told me that he had never met anyone like her and that he was completely transfixed by her kindness. He said the same about every girl he was with so this one wouldn't be much of a surprise to me.

After all, majority of the woman that went with Carlisle were after his money. Gold diggers. I'm not saying that my father isn't a good-looking man because God knows that I would lying. Everyday, I hear that he looks as if he is Zeus's younger, better-looking brother; the perfection of beauty. My dad has blond hair, unlike mine, and stands about six foot two inches tall. Woman practically throw themselves at him, but I know for a fact that it's not just for his looks. Money. A quick way to get rich, in my opinion.

My father, being completely stubborn and oblivious, thinks they love him for his personality. Yeah, right. And I'm the fucking king of England. He has a shitty personality and is a smug jackass majority of the time. Although, sometimes, he does act like he truly cares. But that's only for a second until he goes back to being his usual dumb self.

Maybe I shouldn't say dumb due to the fact that Carlisle was valedictorian when he, too, graduated from Harvard. There are degrees and awards hanging all around his office to prove that fact. He was proud of his accomplishments, and I guess I really couldn't blame him for that.

I was smart, too. Incredibly intelligent, but unfortunately, to my father's dismay, I hadn't recieived the honor of being number one in my class. Instead, I came second. There would most likely be hell to pay when I got home for that. He would tell me that I hadn't studied hard enough or that I should have remained focused instead of going to parties or having sex with random girls.

Yeah, I knew how this whole speech went because I received it in high school when I won valedictorian by a few numbers. He said that I should have won by a landslide, and as usual, I ignored him, letting his words go in one ear and out the other.

Quite honestly, I have to say I was glad that I wasn't number one. Maybe it would calm Carlisle down whenever he flaunted me to his stupid fomer colleauges and supposed friends.

You're probably wondering if Carlisle has always been like this, and to tell you the truth, no he hasn't. When my mother was alive, he was a kind, warm-hearted man with a pure soul. At least, that's what it looked like in the old home videos. But then when my mother passed away, her death completely shook him, and he put his second love in front of anything else.

Yep, you guessed it: money. And lots of it.

Instead of teaching me to ride a bike, he taught me how to solve problems with fractions. Instead of helping me with my homework, he told me that I had to learn on my own if I ever planned on being smarter. Instead of teaching me how to use a condom, I was taught how to manipulate the jury if I was defending a murderer.

But on the outside, we were the picture of perfection with everything that people wish they had. Awesome father, great son, amazing job, beautiful mansion, Harvard scholarship, and the list goes on forever. To everyone, we were the family with the white picket fence wrapped around the porch.




We were anything but perfect.

I sighed loudly when my black Ferrari approached the black gate of the conspicuous white home. It was an enormous mansion that definitely didn't belong in this small town with it's three story height and stone-paved driveway. An iron fence wrapped around the house while security cameras were placed everywhere you turned your head.

Becoming impatient, I honked my horn twice, motioning for someone inside to open the gate. It was totally pointless to have such high security in such a small town. What's the worse that could happen? Someone tries to pick one of the flowers out of the garden? Come on, this is Forks, Washington for crying out loud. One of the most boring towns in the whole world.

Finally, the iron gate slid apart so that I could squeeze my car up the long driveway. I stared deeply at the old-fashioned home that I lived in for my whole life. The obnoxiously large windows rested against the white concrete of the tall mansion. My father's house was always compared to The White House. With it's large pillars and double doors, it could easily be mistaken as it.

I brought the car to an abrupt stop and stepped out of it. I sighed once before I went to the trunk of my car to retrieve my belongings. The shiny, black latch popped open revealing my items. Slowly, I picked up a few of the suitcases and grasped them tightly in my arms. "Welcome home, Edward," I mumbled to myself as I stopped at the front door of the home.

Taking me by surpirse, the woman who practically raised me came bounding out of the home. "Edward, oh Edward. Welcome back, dear," she cried in her deep voice, before taking me into her long arms.


She was the one who got me through all the hell that I had to expierience whenever I was home. With out her, things would be next to impossible. Zafrina was extremely tall, taller than my six foot one height, with long dark black hair. Her skin was a dark copper color while everything about her was perfectly prominent. She was born in South America and came to United States to live a happier life.

To be perfectly honest, I think she would have been happier there than she was here. It wasn't that I didn't like Zafrina, in fact I loved her like she was my own mother. It was just that my father kept her chained down just as he did to everyone. But she never showed when he truly upset her. Zafrina had the ability to make people see whatever she wanted them to see.

I hugged Zafrina back with my free hand and smiled. "Oh, it's good to see you," I whispered into her shoulder.

She pulled away from the tight squeeze and beamed in my direction. Zafrina always seemed to be happiest whenever I was near her. Maybe it was the fact that she could truly be herself whenever I was around. "It's good to see you, too. Look how big you got! And those muscles. Mmm-mmm," she said pursing her lips and then letting a small chuckle escape. Her right hand raised and squeezed my biceps. "My, my. How much do you work out? Last time I saw you, you were half that size," she pointed out.

I shrugged my shoulders. "When ever I get the chance," I replied simply.

Zafrina's smile drifted down to the bags in my arms, and immediately she reached for them. "Oh, child. Let me take those from you. You had a long drive back. I'll bet you're exhausted."

I began to protest but before I could, the bags were already lifted from my clutch. The smile that was across my face turned to a grimace when my eyes caught sight of her outfit. Better yet, her work outfit. It was a light blue dress with a white apron attached to the front of it. "Zafrina, why are you wearing that?" I asked, my tone bitter.

The large grin on her face disappeared. "Wearing what?" she asked quietly.

"You know what I'm talking about. Why do you have that uniform on?" I questioned, more firmly this time but still gentle with her. After all, it wasn't her fault that my father was an asshole.

Zafrina sighed and kept the suitcases tight in her hands. "Your father just thought that it would be more...formal and professional if I wear a uniform while I work." I knew that she saw the anger and disbelief on my face so she quickly spoke again. "Edward, please, don't fight with your father over something as silly as an outfit. You're home now, and I'm sure he's going to be very happy to see you. Don't start the summer off on a sour note."

I clenched my jaw and rubbed the bridge of my nose. "Why is he so demanding and outrageous?" I asked, speaking to no one in particular.

She didn't answer. Instead, Zafrina changed the subject. Her face was once again excited and warm. "Come inside, now. I made your favorite for dinner. Spaghetti and meatballs," she stated with pure enthusiam. "Now, your father isn't home, yet, but he should be any minute now. Perhaps, I'll let you take a quick bite of it since you had such a long drive. Carlisle doesn't have to know."

Zafrina still spoke to me as if I were merely ten years old again. And honestly, I didn't mind it due to the fact that she was the only one that treated me like that when I was little.

I nodded my head and followed her inside the double-doored entrance. The inside was the same as I had remembered. The marble floor was sparkly clean. So clean that my reflection was visibly obvious. The ceiling was approximately twenty feet high while peices of artwork clung to the bright white walls. Sculptures of Michaelangelos David and Church references were scattered through out the wide and long hallway. Two flights of white spiral staircases made there way to the second floor. The dark black table rested in the center of the room with white lilies poking out of a vase, just as it had for the past twenty two years.

Everything was the same. Nothing had really changed.

Zafrina began to make her way to the staircase on the right, but I quickly jerked her arm back to me. "Oh, no you don't. I can take those up to my room myself. You do enough for me," I requested while yanking the suitcases out of her hand.

"Edward, you've had an extremely long drive across the country. Besides, you know I love taking care of you," she stated with a small grin.

But I continued to refuse her. "I know you do, but you're not my slave. I know how to carry my own luggage." I stated. She shook her head and giggled lightly. "Why don't you go save me some extra spaghetti for me at dinner time, okay?"

Zafrina nodded her head. "Okay." She began to walk in the direction that the kitchen was located but stopped suddenly. Zafrina turned her body to face me and smirked. "I'm so happy you're home. Things are going to finally get better around here."

I didn't answer Zafrina so she continued her short journey to the kitchen where she had probably been slaving over the stove trying to prepare my favorite dinner. The things she did just to please me were so overwhelming. I couldn't understand why she was constantly trying to earn my approval when she knew she was the only one who already had it.

Lifting my heavy bags up the long stairs was quite a work out. A huge house like this, and we didn't even have an elevator. But I wouldn't mention it or else Carlisle would have one installed immediately. That always tended to get on my nerves.

I brought the bags to my enormous room that was always so welcoming. My king size bed rested against the far wall near the curtained-window with a brown comforter sprawled neatly across it. There were so many pillows nestled at the head of it. I knew I would only use one, so was it really necessary to have so many?

My walls were painted a tan color while my awards and accomplishments hung in no particular order. I really didn't want to flaunt them, but Carlisle insisted that I hang them and be proud of my acheivements. What he really meant was his achievements. You see, my father thinks that if it wasn't for him, then I would be nothing. Hell, he was right so it's not like I could argue with it.

There was a specific corner that I tended to spend a lot of time in. My safe haven that held my baby grand piano. Zafrina always told that my long, delicate fingers were meant to glide gracefully across the keys. My father, on the other hand, thought that it was a childish thing to learn, and he refused to allow me to play up until Zafrina finally convinced him.

Since then, I have been in love with the piano.

I walked slowly over to the black instrument and ran my hands over the keys. The sound they made was welcoming, and for once, it felt good to be home. I sat on the chair in front of the piano and began to play aimlessly. There was no song in particular. Just notes that sounded well together. It was where I started before I would end up composing a song. Cherishing the moment was crucial because once my father arrived, I would have to spend time away from it. From what I truly loved most.

My eyes glanced back at the bags that rested by my door, and I decided that it was best to start to unpack. If I didn't do it now, then I would surely never want to do it. I unzipped my suitcases and began to pull out my belongings and clothing that rested inside. I had to do this quickly before Zafrina came up here to help. She would insist on doing it for me, and I hated that she had to do my chores.

With in twenty minutes, I was finished with the small duty. I stood up from where I kneeled on the floor and walked out of my bedroom, closing the door behind me.

My father's room was down the hall, and a faint light shown from underneath it. I could have sworn Zafrina said that Carlisle was still working, but perhaps, he had just arrived. After all, she did say he'd be here soon.

I knew if I avoided saying hello to him, he would become angry with me and that would start a fight. I might as well get it over with so we both could go on with our lives. I raised my hand and knocked lightly on the mahogony colored door. I waited a moment, but there was no answer so I tapped my knuckles against the wood another time.

Still no answer.

"Dad?" I called.

No answer.

So without hesitation, I turned the knob of his door and let myself in. He always did have a tendency to ignore my presence whenever I was trying to get his attention.

Immediately, I was taken aback with what I saw. There, directly in front of me, stood a woman clad in absolutely nothing. Her hair was dark brown and slightly damp, most likely from taking a shower. Her creamy skin looked absolutely delicious with the way her full breasts fit her slim figure while her toned legs made my mouth feel suddenly dry.

I could feel the stirrings that were beginning to form in my boxers as I stared at this breathtakingly beautiful woman. It wasn't until I noticed her reach for a silk, short robe and wrap it around her frame that I began to feel like an utter moron.

My throat cleared once, but I kept my eyes fixed on her body, unable to look away. "Oh, God, I...I...I'm really sorry. I was just...just looking for my dad and, um, yeah, he's not here, so I...I'm just gonna go back out...out there so I can go...um...yeah, sorry," I stuttered as I reached for the door and let myself out.

Who the hell was that?

I immediately glanced down at my lower body and tried to push down my hard erection as I half-ran down the long hallway. I had never felt so stupid in my entire life. My feet took me to the stairwell where I jogged down them and smacked into my dad.

My feet stumbled back, and I quickly stood up straight. "Oh, Dad, sorry about that."

Carlisle began to smooth out the imaginary wrinkles in his white button up while he spoke. "It's alright." He looked up from his shirt to glance at me. "Where are you going in such a hurry?" he asked, his right eyebrow raised.

"Actually, I was looking for you," I stated truthfully. "Long time, no see," I said slightly bitter.

He hadn't even bothered to show up to my graduation ceremony due to problems at work. Normally, I would have believed him, but that excuse seemed to be way too overused in my opinion. He was ridiculous and totally absurd.

Carlisle smiled genuinely. "I know. I'm very excited to get you at the law firm, though. Everyone's really happy to have you joining," he stated, his voice extremely enthusiastic.

I licked my lips once before I spoke. "Actually, I was thinking that I would enjoy the summer before I started worrying about work or anything. I just finished college, and I think I want a little time to unwind, you know?" I asked, knowing that a fight would soon stir between us if I said anything else.

He shook his head. "Edward, no. That's very careless of you. If you were smart, you would want to start now so you could get used to the way things flow there. I think it would be best if you started as soon as possible."

My jaw clenched and my teeth began to grit against eachother. "I think it would be best if I took the summer off to calm down and relax a little. I've had a rough year with studying and all the work. I-"

"Edward, please, it's only common logic to start taking responsibility for your future actions. You should-"

"No, Dad. I want the summer off. I think it's my decision when I want to start. It-"

"Do you know nothing about what I've been trying to teach you since you were a boy? The money-"

I sighed loudly and flew my hands into the air. "Why is that all you ever think about? The money, this. The money, that. What about what I want and what about how I feel about certain things? You-"

"Why are you acting like a child about this and dragging other matters into the conversation? Stop being so stubborn, and grow up!" he nearly yelled. His voice echoed through the large house, bouncing off all the walls.

I was about to speak when suddenly the woman I had walked in on began to stroll down the staircase. I was completely mesmerized and transfixed by her every move, completely forgetting the fact that I was just arguing with my father. She truly had the face of an angel with her translucent skin and chocolate brown eyes accompanied by her long, thick brown hair that was completely dry now. Discreetly, my green orbs began to rake down her goddess-like form, that was now covered by a pair of simple plain blue jeans a V-neck, long sleeved sweater that clung tightly to her torso. I admired her every curve that accentuated her enahnced beauty.

Her warm, brown eyes locked with mine for a second, causing my breathing to speed up. But her gaze quickly looked away from mine and found Carlisle's.

No fucking way.

Carlisle cleared his throat once as the woman came to stand at his side. She was extremely petite, and her small figure was about a head and a half shorter than mine. "Edward, I want you to meet someone very special to me." He wrapped his arm around the brunette's shoulder. "This is the woman I was telling you about. Bella."

Was he fucking kidding me? Carlisle was 48 years old, and she, well, she definitely wasn't, unless she had just stopped aging in her twenties.

Twenties. She had to be somewhere around my age. What the hell was going on? Bella was young enough to be his daughter.

But I did the polite thing to do, pretending to be completely oblivious to the huge age difference. I stuck my hand out to shake hers. "Nice to meet you, Bella. My Dad says good things about you. I'm Edward," I replied, my voice remaining cool.

She accepted my hand and shook it lightly. Her hands were extremely soft and delicate, like small baby hands. "Hi, Edward. It's nice to meet you, too," she replied, a wide smile spread across her beautiful face.

Bella was unusually calm, considering the fact that not less than ten minutes ago I was gawking at her while she was naked. So, maybe it would be best, if we didn't mention our little encounter earlier. Carlisle would probably beat me with a couple of bricks. But it was going to be painfully hard to try to erase the vivid image that now remained nailed into my brain.

Zafrina's deep voice suddenly interrupted my meeting with Bella. "Dinner!" she called over the intercom.

Carlisle smiled a fake smile and then leaned to kiss the top of Bella's forehead. "Shall we?" he pointed.

I nodded my head. "Yeah."

Bella leaned away from Carlisle and smiled warmly. "I'm going to see if Zafrina needs any help in the kitchen, okay?"

That statement right there made my jaw drop nearly to the floor. How could someone like her end up with Carlisle who was the image of being egocentric? Already, I could see that Bella was kind and caring and she had only spoken three sentences.

"That won't be necessay, Bella. Zafrina is capable of fixing the dishes by herself," Carlisle stated.

Bella pursed her lips but then shook her head. "She'll get done faster if I help her."

With that said, she walked toward the kitchen with out turning back. I watched as her hips wiggled from side to side as she strolled quickly from the area where we stood. Those curves...

Carlisle cleared his throat once, tearing me out of my trance. I glanced up at him, hoping that he hadn;t caught me just checking out his girlfriend. "What do you think?" he asked, his head cocking toward where she was just at.

He spoke as if we weren't just fighting less than two minutes ago. I shrugged my shoulders once. "She's...she's um...really...young," I managed to get out. "How...how old is she?" I asked, hoping that I wasn't sounding ignorant.

Apparently to him, my question was extremely rude. He eyed me evily before he spoke. "Does her age really matter?" he asked.

"Dad, she looks young enough to be your daughter," I stated and then instantly regretted it.

Carlisle clenched his jaw and then exhaled heavily through his nostrils. "She's 22 years old."

I felt my jaw pop open as my eyes began to widen in disbelief. The woman that he was with was the same age as I was, and she was twenty six years younger than he was. Maybe, I'm crazy but that seemed particulary odd and definitely uncommon. I snapped my jaw shut when I felt laughter beginning to form in my throat.

He gritted his teeth but said nothing while he stormed into the dining room.

This was definitely going to get interesting.

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