Tom woke up to a strange feeling. It had felt like a wave of emotion. It was similar sensation to entering someone's mind and feeling weather they were lying or telling the truth.

He used his wand to light the room and looked at Harry - Ara - but she was asleep. There was no one else in the rooms.

Where had it come from?

He gasped as another wave of emotion hit.


The only place the emotion could be coming from was… Harry.

Tom looked at her in shock.

It wasn't possible for him to feel her.

Despite the fact she had no training in Occlumency and Legimcacy he couldn't feel her through their link even when she could feel him.


It couldn't be. She couldn't be, it wasn't possible…

But it would explain a lot.

He starred at her. She was the one, the only one in history, to gain a scar instead of losing her life when he tried to kill her when she was a baby. She also managed to nearly kill him and escape his grasp time and time again. She seemed to make impossible things happen.

He got out of the bed and went to his books. He knew in one of the Salazar Slytherin's books there were descriptions of mental abilities. He had used it to become a master at Legilimency and Occlumency. He remembered there was something in there about the ability to project emotions and thoughts…

He flicked through the pages till he found the one he wanted.

Empathy – The ability to feel emotions of others, to project emotions to calm someone, also the ability to project sensation like heat, make them feel like they've burnt their hand to make them drop something.

Telepathy – The ability to hear others thoughts, to see their memories, and the more powerful telepaths is also empathic. Be able to influence others, control their actions both mentally and physically.

Both empaths and telepaths are born with the gift. Empathy and Telepathy can be inherited though it most cases it will get weaker every generation. It can also skip generations, even sometimes several generations. The children with parents with mental abilities have the advantage of being prepared and having someone to mentor them when the gift awakens.

The gift can also show up in a family with no history of mental abilities. It is like with muggleborns and squibs there is no way to theorize where someone with a gift will be born. Maybe they have an ancestor who had the gift and it lay dormant being passed down till it awoke? Or the others simply were born with strong mental shields that never cracked so they never came aware or learned they had the ability?

It's also not only wizards and witches who get these gifts but muggles too. Most of the muggles with mental gifts are seers and make a living telling fortunes, not that other muggles really believe them. They are usually outcasts, moving from place to place. Most are thought to be demons or witches and are killed in fear and hate.

As young children the ones born with mental abilities create mental barriers that block the gift until puberty where the barriers around the mind begin to slowly weaken. Small hints of the gift will appear; they'll know things, sense things for no reason, which will prepare them, this enables them to get used to their gift and train it as it grows.

Naturally the gift will work by touch and being near a person at first before they can train it to work by will. Mental shields mean they can use the gift when they choose without them they are vulnerable to every mind close to them. As they train with the gift it will grow stronger with use much like a muscle will.

Sometimes either a traumatic shock, a head injury or a mental attack can crack or break the shields. If the shields crack they will realize they are mentally gifted quicker then if it happens naturally. They are the ones who struggle the most, though it will be harder they can learn to use it and train it.

If the shields are broken then they will be exposed to the minds of everyone around them in one burst sometimes immediately, sometimes months will go by. It depends on the nature of the attack, the environment around them and mental state of the person. Sometimes the system can go into shock and then when it wears off they will exposed all at once. When it happens, since they have had no training and are unprepared, they can become lost in the thoughts of those around and slip away from their body which will slip into a coma.

The only way to bring them back is to remove every open mind (Un-Occluded), make the astrosphere relaxing and quiet and wait. They will then slip back into their bodies and wake-up. It is important to work on mental shields right away in this case before damage is caused or the Telepath slips away again.

Voldemort thought over what he read. He guessed when Snape had been teaching Harry Occlumency under Dumbledore's orders he had broken her mental shields releasing her gifts. No wonder it had been so easy to send Harry a false vision, to possess her at the Ministry, her mind had been damaged from Snape's attack and unable to stop him.

Voldemort wondered if it was her being a telepath that had caused the link between them. They couldn't read each others thoughts but they could enter each others minds. They were mentally linked in some way.

From what he'd read he wasn't a telepath or it would have shown up when he was in his teens. But maybe he had absorbed some small amount of telepathic ability that had increased his Legilimency and Occlumency skills. She had after all absorbed the ability to speak to snakes, it was reasonable to assume the link worked both ways; maybe he had absorbed something from her?

But if the link between them was truly two way then that should have enabled him to get inside her even more then he had previously but he couldn't. He had used it to project images, to create a vision when her mind was weakened, even at one point managed to see through her eyes to look at Dumbledore but nothing more.

He had managed to possess her but had been forced out. It had been very painful and he still didn't know or understand how she had accomplished it. Even now with her in a weakened defenceless state he was unable to gain entrance to her mind.

The book said as children they learn to develop mental shields, what if he had broken them when he tried to kill her, it formed the link between them, and then she had remade her shields until Snape broke them? Were her shields rebuilding now, was that why he couldn't enter her mind again?

It was logical.

He wondered if that had to do with why the muggle attacked her. Had she possibly been projecting like she had a moment ago? But the Owl's memories showed her that the abuse hadn't just been a one time thing as did her injuries.

Was she empathic or telepathic? He had sensed emotions so she obviously was empathic… but the book also said telepaths could be read and project thoughts and emotions as well.

If she could read his mind she might find out about the truth. He had to make sure he was Occluded all the time and so was she.

He wondered about the link, though the scar was covered the link was still there. He understood from Severus that it enabled Harry to feel and see through his eyes as well as feel his presence and pain through the scar. And it had grown stronger when he had used her blood to become reborn, binding them closer together. He had to find a way around that or she would guess something was not right.

Her mental abilities and the scar could easily give the game away.

He realized this could make things difficult if he didn't handle this correctly.

Tom spent hours searching through his books and then after finding what he wanted he had to make it. Much like his ring that would disguise him he would use the gold locket.

He engraved the inside of the locket with runes and symbols. Then he mixed her blood, his blood, and many illegal ingredients to create a ruby-coloured thick mixture that when cool would become jewel like, he en-laid into the inside of the locket and dropped tiny drops of the mixture on the lid of the locket around the border so it looked like garnet and emerald chips had been inlaid on the lid to create a design, then he enchanted it.

There was also a potion though it was addictive and she would eventually build up immunity to it so the locket was the better idea though it would lose effectiveness after a time, but it would last till he'd found something else.

Meanwhile he would have to be careful with his own mind, keep it Occluded and control his emotions. And tell the truth, a twisted version of it, but as much of the truth as possible so she didn't catch him out. The truth was easier to remember anyway, he reasoned.

He would have to limit his Death Eater meetings. Which meant he would have to find something to keep them all busy. Severus Snape wasn't that difficult he was at Hogwarts unless he summoned him specifically. But the others…?

If he didn't see them and didn't give a reason they would know something was going on. They weren't that dense though Crabb and Goyle came close. Some of them were cunning like Lucius and Bellatrix, liked to fawn all over him.

No he had to give them missions, keep them busy. And he needed to sort out a new place to hold meetings, he didn't want his courtship to be interrupted and he couldn't have them run across Ara before she was ready to join them.

He waved his hand over his body so his black Dark Lord robes appeared on him and summoned his Death Eaters and then locked up his rooms and warded them before he went to the meeting room.

Bellatrix Lestrange not as beautiful as before her time in Azkaban but she was as enamoured with as him as before. Her husband, Rudolphus and her brother-in-law, Rabastan Lestrange.

Lucius Malfoy. The vain arrogant but cunning pure-blood followed out of greed for power.

Severus Snape. He saw something of himself in the potion master. Cunning, cruel and vindictive. He and Lucius were the ones he watched in case of betrayal.

Avery. Macnair. Nott. And then Crabbe and Goyle not as stupid as their offspring but close.

Peter Pettigrew the rat. The one who had betrayed his friends and family and handed them to Voldemort. He followed Voldemort out of fear.

The lower ranked Death Eaters stood at the back of the room silent.

He spent the next few hours arranging the new Headquarters which would be nearer to Hogwarts so he could keep an easier eye on the old fool. He then went over missions for the coming months.

Infiltrating the Ministry and recruiting new followers for their cause and spreading it further and further after all England wasn't all he wanted.

The rat, Peter would be infiltrating Hogwarts. One of his tasks would be getting and giving information to their young recruits, children of his Death Eaters, who would be marked before they went back to school.

After they were gone he changed the wards so that they - Bellatrix – couldn't drop by unannounced.

He sighed. It was nearly dawn, there was no way he would be getting back to sleep now. He might as well be productive he thought as he looked around the gloomy Manor.

Slowly she opened her eyes.

She blinked as she accessed where she was.

She was lying on her back in a comfy four poster bed, green velvet curtains were pulled back and sunlight was pouring through the window. She slowly sat up feeling a little light-headed.

There was a mirror opposite the bed on a vanity table which enabled her to see her reflection.

Her vision was blurry the further away so she obviously needed glasses, but she could tell she had long wavy messy black hair falling around her and pale skin. She looked down at herself to see she was wearing an ivory silk nightgown.

The room was very grand. Painted in shades of green, creams and beige with a dark floorboards and thick rugs. A coat of arms carved into the headboard behind her. Emerald green sheets that felt like silk covered the bed.

She could see two doors both open leading to a bathroom and walk-in dressing room.

She looked around the room again.

How had she gotten here?

None of it looked familiar to her. Where was she?

But then there was a more pressing question.

Who was she?

She's awake!

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