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Alice pov

Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god, I kept on repeating in my mind. I was so EXCITED! I couldn't wait to get home and share my news with everyone. I hoped they would appreciate it. I knew Bella would, for a start. I didn't need to use my powers to know that she would love to get out of dreary old Forks. The weather had really been getting her down lately, so her happiness was the main reason I had done this. Everyone would benefit from it. I thought about searching through my mind, taking a peek into the future just to see their reactions. But I had to stop myself. Any normal person would have to wait to see the outcome. I shrugged. Maybe a little look, just Rosalie. I knew she would love it.

I searched through the future and finally found me and Rosalie, in about half an hour, in the living room. Her facial expression explained everything. I was right.

I returned back to the present and continued driving along the road which lead to our house.

I decided that the first person i would tell would be Jasper, and then the rest of my family. I had already told Rosalie in my thoughts, which didn't really count. This had to be my best plan ever. I clapped my hands as I locked my Porsche and skipped into the house. I pushed open the door and ran with inhuman speed to myself and Jasper's room. I could hear him sighing at the new clothes that I had bought him this morning. They would look brilliant on him so he had to keep them, no matter how many times he had told me he had enough clothes.

"Excited Alice?" He smiled, as I entered the room. I wasn't sure if I liked him being able to read my emotions, but he probably felt the same way about my visions. It wasn't something he could just turn off, so I was kind of stuck with it. It wasn't so bad being stuck with Jasper. Not bad at all.

"You will never guess what I bought today Jasper!" I squealed at him due to my excitement. I jumped onto his lap and intertwined our hands. He sighed.

"It's a good thing I love you, you know. C'mon then, tell me." He half smiled. "What did you buy babe?"

Yes, it was a good thing that he loved me. How could he not? I was filled with great ideas and never let him run out of clothes. We were perfect for each other. I sighed as I looked into his deep eyes.

I smiled sweetly and decided it was time to let the cat out of the box. I couldn't contain my happiness any longer.

"I bought an island!" I turned to see his amused expression.

"Hey!" I slapped his arm, "What was so funny about that?" I felt rather insulted. How was it funny? It was great news, absolutely brilliant.

"Trust you to buy an island, little Alice." He chuckled. Even though he had meant to patronise me, I had a soft spot for the way he said my name.

"So, what do you think?" I asked him softly, eager for something more than a laugh.

"There's no stopping you buying anything is there? No matter how large and expensive. However, it's a great excuse for us two to go on another holiday. A bit much though don't you think? I mean, we could have just used the last island you bought for us." I interrupted him.

"Excuse me, but this is for the whole family to go on holiday! It's a great chance for us to bond and to get away from this boring place." I tried to make him feel guilty, but him reading my emotions and knowing I wasn't truly upset didn't quite help. I knew that he would eventually agree with me so I wasn't too worried.

I crawled off his lap and sat on the other end of the bed, leaning against the pillows.

Jasper turned round to face me.

"Alice, I think that's a great idea, but I was hoping it would of been just me and you. Alone. We need some time together." He jumped on top of me and his arms were around my body in a flash. He brought he round so I was lying on his chest. He wound his fingers through my hair.

"It's ok, we will have our alone time. We all have our own separate rooms, it's adorable Jasper. You will love it, i'm sure of that." My excitement had returned, and I was thrilled to tell the rest of the family. It would have to wait, as I was with Jasper and he was the most important thing to me. I had missed him, which was strange as I had only been gone a few hours.

"I love you, Jazz." I smiled up at him and gave him a quick kiss on the lips before pulling away. I couldn't have let it build up to anything.

"I love you, too, Alice." His beautiful southern accent murmured into my ear.

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