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Chapter 2

Alice pov

Jasper and I walked with a steady pace to Edward's room. We needed to tell the whole family about the holiday, and considering Bella was part of the family, that meant we had to go pick her up.

"Why do we have to ask Edwards permission to have Bella over? I mean she's not just his girlfriend. She's my best friend too." It was silly. Edward didn't control what I did. I could just get my car and drive along to Forks right now. And there was me driving along in my car with Edward not having a clue. How I love my visions.

"Come to the garage with me Jasper, pretty please?" I whispered, giving him a kiss on the cheek. He obviously knew by now that I planned to get Bella. It was completely logical that Edward didn't need to know.

"Okay babe." He replied in his sweet accent, and before I knew it we were laying side by side on the hood of my Porsche, hand in hand. I gasped and sat up.

"Oops, forgot about Bella. I need to go pick her up now. Love you Jasper." He gave me one last kiss goodbye and ran to open my door for me. I waved as I sped down the long road to the Swan's house. I parked in front of the quaint house. The cruiser was missing, which meant that Charlie was at work, as usual. Bella was most certainly inside, doing homework or cleaning. Her idea of fun. Luckily, I was here to save her. Hopefully she would love this, as much as everyone else. I bet she couldn't wait to get out of Forks and start working on her tan.

But, knowing Bella, she would probably stay as white as the rest of us. She had lived in Phoenix for almost seventeen years and hadn't got any colour on her chalky skin. I stepped out of the car and saw her looking out of her window. Maybe Edward was due a visit and she was expecting him. She got one step better: me. I grinned at my modesty. I beamed up to her and she smiled back. I heard her running down the stairs and saw her appear at the front door, welcoming me in.

"Alice." She greeted me with a hug.

"Hi Be-" I looked her up and down.

"What the heck are you wearing?" I planned to buy her a whole new wardrobe for the holiday. I presumed she had left the majority of her summer clothes in Phoenix. This was going to be so much fun! I smiled a tight smile, trying to contain my excitement.

"Bella, you need to come home with me. It's really urgent." I grabbed her hand and dragged her to the car. She limply struggled against my force.

"WAIT!" She shouted in my ear.

"Geez, no need to shout. Vampire senses, you know? You could have whispered and it would of been loud. Anyway, what's wrong?" This was absolutely absurd. She was being very selfish, keeping me from telling everyone about the good news.

"I have things to do. Whatever's so important can wait for five minutes whilst I write a note to Charlie and close the door. Where is Edward anyway?" I sighed. I suppose a few minutes wouldn't hurt.

"Fine. I'll do all that whilst you get into the car. It will be a heck of a lot quicker anyways." I chucked the keys for her to catch, but Bella didn't have much hand eye co-ordination. They fell to the floor. Without waiting to see her pick them up, I ran to the kitchen and scribbled in a worn notebook.

Dad. Gone to the Cullen's. Be back around 6.00, but may have a sleepover with Alice. Love you, dinner's in the fridge. Bells x

I stuck the note to the fridge, locked the door and met Bella at the Porsche.

I sat in the driver's seat with a smile.

"All done. Happy now? Let's go." I started the engine and drove down the wet road. We were coming up to a petrol station and Bella pointed to it.

"Pull in here, Alice. I want some strawberry laces."

I scowled at her. "Do you not understand the meaning of urgent? I think I have a dictionary in the glove box. Go on look it up." I started to speed up. She could have all the strawberry laces she wants when we went clothes shopping.

"Alice." She whined.

"Please Bella. This is important. I need to tell everyone, you included. I'll get you some tonight. Ok? I promise."

I could tell she didn't like it, but she accepted it and just stared out the window. I thought about what Edward would say when he saw me walking in with Bella. Come to think of it, he probably already knew, seeing as he was a privacy invader.

We drove up into the garage and I opened Bella's door for her. Edward was sitting on the counter. Sheesh, could he not of waited a minute for her to walk into the house?

"Alice, why didn't you tell me you were picking up Bella." He was holding Bella. She looked happy now.

"Why do I need permission to pick up my best friend?" I mimicked his voice. I stuck my tongue out, grabbed Bella out of his arms and ran her out of the garage and into the house. He ran behind angrily.

Haha loser! I repeated in my mind. Now look who has your girlfriend.

As we got into the lounge, everyone was sitting on the sofa's. Jasper must of warned them. I put Bella down in the middle of Emmet and Esme. Edward stood in the corner, reading my mind. I scowled at him. He already knew my news. Party Pooper.

"So, what's this fantastic news you have to share with us, Alice?"

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