Akimekura, your next client is waiting."

I sighed, "Don't send them in yet Usagi." I let out another sigh, running my fingers through my black hair, down past my shoulders and resting near my stomach. This had to be my twentieth client today. I stood up and started to feel around for my Reading Materials. I had a job as the psychic for the town.

I felt around for my things and let out a sigh of frustration: I couldn't find them. "Usagi!" I yelled.

"Alright, please come this way." I heard her instruct. I froze, she was leading them in! "No no no!" I yelled, trying to run to the door, but tripped and fell flat on my face, getting a mouthful of grass.

I heard the tent flap open, followed by the footsteps of three. Usagi was one of them, for I could feel her gentle, young aura enter my tent. She was leading two strangers in.

"Right this way- Akimekura!" Usagi rushed over and knelt down beside me.

I raised my head and spat out the grass. "Hello Usagi, how are you? Me? Oh, I'm fine, just enjoying all the benefits of being blind, as usual." I said, sarcasm spilling all over my words.

"I'm sorry, Akimekura. I thought you were signaling for me to bring in our next clients." She apologized quietly for only me to hear.

"Yes, I enjoy when my clients see me sprawled out on the floor."

I heard a soft giggle, from the tent opening.

I groaned, dropping my head back onto the ground. Great, how humiliating.

"Alright Usagi, help me up. Actually, get me my stick, then set the table up. I can't seem to find my materials."

"Yes ma'am." I heard her walk around, then felt my stick being placed in my hand. I held my stick firmly in my hand. It wasn't really a 'stick', more like a cane without the hook. It was made from light and strong wood perfect for combat and everyday use.

I pulled myself up with it and felt my way back to the table, but soon realized I was going in the wrong direction. I sighed loudly. "Usagi." I said flatly. She rushed over and led me to the table. I hated being lead places, it made me feel weak. I sat in my chair, felt to make sure I had everything then waited for Usagi to get the clients seated.

Once Usagi left, I started my normal speech to the clients. "Welcome, kind guests. I am Akimekura. What is it you wish to know?"

A male voice scoffed. "What a load of bull. Why are we here again?" He asked.

"Oh, you think this is bull?" I asked.

"Yes. I do." He stated, his voice bouncing off the tent side. He wasn't facing me, apparently.

"Then come here." I said. "I can easily show you how this is not 'bull'"

"And why should I?" He demanded.

"Just do it Inuyasha." A kinder, female voice urged.

"Why can't she come here?" The male, Inuyasha I guess, demanded.

"We-" The female started, but I cut her off.

"No, no. That's alright. I'll come over there myself." I stood up and started walking around the right side of the table, toward the one called Inuyasha. Once I hit his chair with my stick, I held it out to him and demanded, "Hold this."

He growled but snatched it out of my hand anyway. "I should just break this toothpick." He mumbled.

"Have fun trying." I told him as I felt his shoulders. He had a strange aura, that I could tell. I started telling him what I felt. "Your aura," I started, "Is definitely different. I feel . . . hatred . . . yet love and kindness, longing and loss. And you're confused; you can't decide between two things . . . is it people? You can't decide between two people?"

"Chya, right." He said sarcastically, but he was lying, I felt his heart beat quicken.

"Mm-hmm." Was all I said.

Suddenly a new feeling came to me. I'd felt it before but I couldn't name it. I continued to feel for it, but it seemed to center at the top of his head. I felt the spot and immediately froze. I backed away quickly until I was as far from him as possible.

I bowed low and, trying not to show my fear, explained, "I'm very sorry sir but I'm going to have to ask you to leave."

"But . . . why do we have to leave?" The female asked.

"Not we exactly, but at least him. Please." I said, my voice starting to shake.

"Fine, I didn't want to be here anyway." I heard a chair fall over and the tent flap being roughly pulled open.

I stood there for a moment, calming down, and realized he still had my stick. I sighed to myself. "Excuse me?"

"Yes?" The female said, thankfully still there.

"Umm, well . . . could you please lead me to the table?" I asked, feeling awkward while regretting the fact that Usagi or someone else I knew wasn't in the tent.

"Oh, sure" She came over and started to lead me back to the table, as she did, I examined her aura. It wasn't bad, just different and thankfully not like that dog boys aura. I shivered at the thought of it. He was a demon and I could still feel his ears in my hand. I shivered again.

"Are you cold?" she asked, helping me to sit in my seat.

"No, just thinking of your friend. Is he your friend?"

"Yes, he is."

"But why? He's a demon."

"Actually he's a half demon."

"Oh." I bit my lip, thinking morbidly.

Unfortunately, she took my silence the wrong way. "Is something wrong?"

"No! No of course not. So, what did you come to see me for?" I asked, changing the subject.

"Oh! Well, I've always wanted to have my fortune told, so we stopped here so I could."

"Ah! Excellent. Well, come here." She moved closer. "See all of my friends?" I said, indicating my materials.

"Yes." She said.

"One of them will call out to you, now chose wisely, for if you choose the wrong one to befriend, the outcome will not be a friendly one." I could tell she was falling for it because her breath quickened with worry. I did this to all my clients, as a laugh for myself, because it really didn't matter which she chose. They all did the same thing: told your fortune.

"These." She said firmly, placing her selected item in my hand.

It was the bag of runes, little stones hand chosen by myself with a little of their own power in them that I was able to access.

I opened the bag and gently slid it back to her. "Do you want a simple or complex fortune?"

"What's the difference?" She asked carefully.

"Good, you know to ask. Not many people do. The simple fortune shows one aspect of your past and present, that you relate to yourself and the future is the possible outcome, if you chose so at crossroads. While the complex fortune does the same thing, only referring to more aspects of your life."

"Simple sounds good."

"That's perfectly fine. Much safer." I felt the chill run up her spine from my words. I gently pushed the bag across the table, towards her. "Take three stones out of the bag and place them in order from right to left, so they face me."

She did so, and I could already feel the power twisting its power around her past, present and future. "This stone," I said dreamily, pointing to the first one she had taken out, "Tell of your past, as I said. It's telling me that you had been different among those who surround you." I looked in the direction of where she sat. "Does that sound familiar?"

Her hair glided back and forth. "Yes." She voiced.

"Then we're off to a good start." I placed my hand over the present stone. "Now this stone is telling me that you're unsettled. No, not that kind of unsettled; I mean that you travel a lot, don't you?" Her hair brushed against itself again, not replying audibly this time.

I nodded, and moved to the final stone. I couldn't resist raising an eyebrow, the feeling similar to the one I had felt from the demon.

"What is it?" She asked quickly, noticing my reaction.

I thought it over for a moment and said, "This future I'm not going to spoil for you."

"Is it bad?" She asked worriedly. "Did you see something bad happen?"

I shook my head, smiling. "No. Actually it's quite good, but I have a feeling that if I tell you, it may change the outcome."

"Oh, well, alright." She said, clearly confused and curious.

"Relax. Be joyful and enjoy what you have." I thought for a moment and pushed the bag back towards her. "Take out another one."

"Another?" She asked, pulling the bag closer to her. "What's this one for?"

"Just some event that's coming in your life. As a forewarning, I suppose." I held my hand out and she placed her rune in my palm.

I opened my mouth to speak and my mind completely blanked. I couldn't hear anything other than my own pulse pounding through my suddenly aching head. I lost all control of my body: my hands went numb, my body was suddenly heavy and I could do nothing to support it.

Then it went away, and I heard the girl, from a distance, saying goodbye with a wary tone.

I faced the tent entrance, confused and suddenly tired. I shook my head once, in an attempt to clear it, and instantly regretted it as a sudden explosion of pain shattered my thoughts. I gently dropped my head to the table, groaning as the pain throbbed again and again.

Something, or someone, had taken over my mind. That had to be the answer. It happened every now and then and always left me exhausted. I took a breath to call Usagi in, but she beat me to it.

"Your next clients are here." She announced for me.

"Send them away; make up one of your good excuses."

She immediately understood. "A cup of Mint tea then?"

"Please." I rubbed my temple, hoping to relieve the pulsing headache that was quickly spreading.

"Alright." The tent flap was moved, and she started to leave.

"Usagi." I said, stopping her steps.


"Thank you."

The smile rang in her voice. "You're welcome, Akimekura."