Author's Note: I realized I haven't done any Christmas stories for the season. I thought I'd write some based on many of my completed tales. Here's the first. Hope you enjoy them.

Chapter 1: The Perfect Gift

(Viper's Revenge)

He'd been flying back from a short battle with a gang of bank robbers who had been heavily arms, which was the only reason he'd gotten involved and because the bank they chose to rob was the mint, of all things.

He had to admit, they were a pretty canny bunch to try something on that scale and they very nearly succeeded. They had made the attempt in the wee hours before dawn but a shift worker from a nearby factory had seen their rather suspicious activity and called it in.

It hadn't been too hard taking them down. After all, they weren't exactly in the same league as the omegas. But they did object rather violently to being caught by their intense desire to kill the enforcers who had ruined their heist. They were using old style propellent weapons and a few of the enforcers were injured, but in the end, the enforcers won.

He had taken out the roof crew, the group's point of entry, rather easily. Though he was very well known by the Katizen's as a flying Kat, not many had actually seen him in person, so these guys were totally shocked when he'd swooped down on them, silently and forcefully.

Clean up had taken no time at all so now he was winging his way home, the rosy glow of dawn just showing over the horizon. Rather than being focused on the report he needed to do on this case, his mind was, instead, dwelling on the fact that Christmas was only two days away.

He'd gotten Sarena a gift but because of his hectic work schedule and hers, no preparations had been done in their home for the occasion. This was their first Christmas together and he wanted it to be special.

As he flew along, his sharp eyes spotted the site of an enterprising entrepreneur selling Christmas Trees near one of the many entrances to Megakat Park. It looked like he'd done very well for himself since the site had only a few trees left.

'That's what I need!' He thought excitedly.

He landed quickly and looked over the trees. There weren't many to chose from but he found one that was perfect for his needs. Since the owner wasn't there yet but his prices were plainly marked, he pulled the amount needed plus tax from his wallet, wrote a note on who purchased it, wrapped the money in the paper and slipped it under the door of the little kiosk the Kat was using as an office.

Wrapping his arms around the tree carefully, he leaped into the air once more and flew quickly home. He landed on their rooftop patio and walked to the sliding doors. He left the tree outside, leaning against the wall then slipped into his home.

He quietly walked through the dimly lit living space until he reached the kitchen. He searched around a bit until he found what he needed. He filled it with fresh water then took it back to the living room. He studied the space for a moment to decide where to put it then smiled as he found the perfect spot.

He moved a few pieces of furniture from a window area then placed his large pot of water in the place he'd made for it. He went back outside, taking off again and headed for an area he knew had some nice rocks. He managed to juggle three good sized rocks back to his apartment.

Slipping back inside he laid the rocks to one side then went back to the patio to retrieve the tree. Setting it in the pot, he carefully placed the rocks in the pot around the base of the tree. To his relief, they held the tree perfectly.

Next, he went to their linen closet and poked around until he found a large cream colored towel. This he placed around the base of the tree to hide the pot.

He stepped back and eyed his masterpiece. Smiling widely, he was pleased with the effect. He checked his watch and saw it was nearly time for him to get ready for work. He gave the tree one last look before heading for his bedroom.

Sarena was still asleep so he quietly stripped off his dirty uniform and went to take a shower. When he came out to dress, his wife was just waking up.

"Good morning, love!" He said as he got pawed through his drawers for some underwear.

"Well, you're up early." She said in surprise as she climbed out of bed, kissed him in passing then went to the bathroom.

He smiled to himself as he pulled on his clothes then brushed his hair. Moments later, he heard the shower start. Humming to himself, he went on into the kitchen and made them a light breakfast.

She soon followed, dressed for work but still needing to do her hair and face. She yawned and sniffed the air appreciably. Her husband spoiled her and she loved it.

"Looks good!" She said, sitting down at the table to eat.

"Thanks." He said with a grin then sat across from her. He told her about the early morning emergency.

She shook her head. "What dummies!"

"Well, not completely stupid, they almost got away with it." He said snorting in amusement.

"Only because luck is always on your side, my love." She smirked.

"Right!" He snorted again. "Don't I wish!"

She chuckled then cleared the table and put the dishes in the sink. She followed her husband to the living room as he got ready to leave. It was her habit to kiss him farewell and watch him lift into the sky each morning. She never got tired of it.

This time, however, she stopped in her tracks when she saw the tree.

"Ulysses! It's beautiful." She exclaimed with joy.

He grinned and gave her a hug from behind. "I thought you'd like it. I wanted our first Christmas to be a memorable one." He said softly.

"Oh, you have. How wonderful and now we have to find the perfect ornaments for it." She said excitedly. "And we'll do it together!"

He sighed but continued to smile warmly down at her. "I'll make time, love. How about after work today?" He suggested.

"Ohh that would be great. I can hardly wait." Sarena said, her eyes shining with glee. Then she turned in her husband's arms and kissed him passionately. Pulling back a few moments later, she murmured, "I love you!"

"I love you too. Merry Christmas." He said lovingly, so glad he'd found the perfect gift.