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While Rogue has been sleeping she had been safe. In her dreams, Rogue had been able to touch freely without restraint, and she had used that ability without hesitation. However, the second she opened her eyes the wonderful feelings died and fear took their place. Rogue woke up lying on a cold metal table staring up at an overhead medical light. It was turned off keeping her in partial darkness. When she tried to move, Rogue realized that she was strapped down to the table with thick metal bands on her wrists and ankles. Furthermore, she was practically naked with only her underwear and bra on for clothing. Over her body was a thin white sheet that offered no warmth and there was no barrier between her flesh and the cool surface of the examination table.

The desire to scream was almost overwhelming as Rouge took in her surroundings. She was being held in a lab caught by that horrible monster. Rogue wanted to cry more than anything. However, she knew better than to call attention to herself since at the present she appeared to be alone, and she preferred to keep it that way. She looked around the medical room taking in her surroundings just as Logan had taught her. Logan . . . Logan was going to kill her for getting herself caught. Rogue tugged on the metal bands holding her in place. She had to get away and get a hold of the x-men somehow.

"I see you are awake. I am pleased. I was worried that you were injured worse than was my assessment. I had to put some stitches in your side," that unmistakable voice said from somewhere in the room. Rogue lifted her head in a vain attempt to see him. It was difficult to move around the way she was held down to the table. Then she heard his footsteps on the tile floor they sounded loud and booming.

"Stay away from meh!" Rogue yelled. His only response was to continue moving forward and to chuckle softly. When the man responsible for kidnapping her and so many others came into view Rogue was more than surprised. He looked so . . . so normal with brown hair and brown eyes. Nothing about him screamed psycho . . . an average Joe. The man was neither handsome nor ugly just really plain. He wore a white button up blouse, a blue tie, kakis pants, and a white lab coat.

"It seems you have learned a new trick. Your mind is a complete mystery to me . . . all I can get is the screaming masses of the people in your head, quite fascinating. Did Charles Xavier teach you that?" he asked. Rogue chose to glare at him wishing she could kill him with her eyes alone. "It has been difficult getting you to me. Your friends tried so hard to keep you from me . . . and in the end you come willingly to me," he said sounding pleased as if she had somehow complimented him.

"Ah didn't come to ya willingly ya creep. Where is Dorian?" she snarled at him jerking violently on the table in a vain attempt to break free. She hated this man he made her skin crawl with his honest looking face and charming smile.

"I made a promise, Rogue and I kept it. Dorian was delivered in front of his house safe and sound the moment you were secured in my custody," he said. Rogue felt some of her terror evaporate with those words. She was willing to take whatever good news came her way. She collapsed back onto the table suddenly feeling weak. "He was no longer of any use to me. We performed all the useful tests and extracted some of his DNA. That boy certainly was not an extremely interesting mutant. Not like some of the other specimens in my lab. Certainly not like you," he said with pride. He reached out to touch her and Rogue had to will herself to hold still. If he touched her skin she could knock him out and use his powers to escape. The Professor would help her later remove him from her mind.

His hand hovered a few inches above her face and then he quickly drew his hand away. "It's a shame really," he said cryptically. However, Rogue figured her was talking about his inability to touch her. He looked frustrated and angry that he could not touch her, and for once Rogue was happy for her mutation. He frowned one more time before leaving the medical table she was strapped on and disappearing out of sight.

Although Rogue could not see him she could hear him moving about the room. He was making a lot of noise making Rogue grow more afraid by the minute wondering what he could possibly be doing. Her heart was pounding her chest. Her pulse racing to the point she could hear it steadily in her ears. "Doctor Litment, please come to lab twenty six. The patient is awake and we need to prep for the procedure," the monster in the room said out loud.

"No!" Rogue screamed now struggling in panic. The brown haired man returned with a syringe poised in his hand he was wearing latex gloved, which would protect him from her poison skin.

"Don't worry this procedure is simple and it is for your own good. Normally, I do not bother with painkillers on patients, but you are no mere patient," he said and he gripped her tugging arm and the needle pierced her skin.

"Don't touch meh!" Rogue shouted. She could feel whatever he injected into her veins. Her arm ached dully around the injection site and her arm began to feel cold. The aching faired briefly to an intense pain before subsiding and leaving her with numbness in her arm, which spread quickly throughout her body. "What did you do to meh?" Rogue asked sounding calmer and relaxed.

"Relax my love. This just ensures you will be calm and feel no pain," he explained with a smile. He reached up with his gloved hand and touched her cheek. Rogue screamed at her body to move away from his touch, but it refused to cooperate. She tried to scream and tell him to get his filthy paws off of her, but her lips would not move. She was frozen in her body looking at his evil face. He then lifted his hand and closed her eyelids leaving Rogue in the darkness conscious of what was going on around her, but unable to move and shout. Then the "procedure" began.

Remy was in a foul mood and Wolverine beside him was not much better. Logan has followed Rogue's scent trail straight to a small private runway where they were met with a dead end. There was no way to track her down and gut the man who had taken her. Whatever plane they had taken was long gone, and Rogue was flying to who knows where. They had nothing.

Wolverine growled fiercely before unleashing his claws and turning the metal fence in front of him into small chunks on the ground. Remy wanted to follow suit and blow everything around him back to the Stone Age. He just barely managed to restrain himself. The Professor could not track her since Rogue had not used her mutation. It picked up that she had used his borrowed power at the park before she was taken, but nothing since. The rest of the x-men team were standing just behind them having arrived on the scene too late to be of any use. Kitty and Jean were both trying to comfort Kurt who seemed to be in a similar state as the rest of the men in Rogue's life.

"Vhy would she go to him? It doesn't make any sense!" Kurt yelled losing his temper. Remy clenched his jaw tighter. Cyclops appeared from inside the x-van and approached the team.

"That was the Professor. Dorian just showed up in front of his Mother's home unconscious. He's being taken to the hospital, but it appears he's mostly fine," Cyclops explained. Suddenly, it all made sense. That monster has used the boy to lure Rogue to coming to him. It was surprising that he kept his word. Typically when bad guys made promises they were never kept. Remy knew this from experience. Why did Rogue have to have such a good heart?

"We may not know where Rogue is but we can research this runway. Find out who owns it and see if that gets us a connection to help find Rogue," Cyclopes instructed. "For now we should regroup at the mansion and try and come up with a plan."

"What plan?" Wolverine snarled. "Stripes has been taken by a psychopath and you are saying that we can come up with a plan?" The whole team had their eyes on Wolverine wondering when he would snap. Scott Summers seemed to be unfazed by Wolverine's furry.

"Well, getting angry and cutting things up is not going to find Rogue. We won't stop until we bring her home. She is an x-men and she is family to us all. I know you're beyond upset, but we have to act now or else any trail there might be will get cold," Cyclops said in a stead and confident voice. Remy may have disliked ol' one –eye, but his tone was comforting. It was his utter confidence that the team could get Rogue back that allowed Remy to walk past the other x-men and be the first to climb into the van. Everyone soon followed his example. Wolverine was the last to get in the van mutter obscenities under his breath the whole time.

It was dark and it was cold when Rogue finally woke up shivering on a small twin bed curled up in a tight ball on her side. She was still numb from whatever was done to her. It was impossible to tell what that monster had hoped to accomplish with all the needles and the poking and prodding. She did not feel any different. There had been no pain, but Rogue was certain that without that first inject it would have been agony to endure. It was still unpleasant to be strapped down and conscious unable to see what was being done. She could feel the pressure from their gloved hands and the push as the needles forced their way into the skin. She could hear them talking and using words she did not understand. Rogue willed her body to obey her commands and move, but it was still heavily under the influence of whatever she had been given.

She wanted to be home in her bed held tight in Remy's arms. Silent tears streamed down her face as Rogue thought about the love of her life. It seemed cruel to finally find love and have it snatched away so quickly. That was the way her life seemed to work. Just whenever things started going well for her the rug would be pulled from under her feet and Rogue would be left confused and dizzy trying to figure out what happened and how deal with it. When her mutation first appeared and she joined the Brotherhood because she believed the x-men had attacked her. Again later when she learned that Mystique had orchestrated the whole thing to get Rogue to join her team. When Rogue's powers went out of control and she accidently absorbed Mystique who she thought was her best friend Risty. Then Rogue had to deal with Mystique being her mother. Mesmero using her to free Apocalypse. Rogue was tired of people controlling and changing her life as they saw fit. She was sick of being someone's victim.

Trembling, Rogue forced her body to a sitting position. It was so dark that Rogue could not see her own hand waving in front of her face. Her hearing told her that she was alone in the room . . . well almost alone. She could feel Emma the ghost attached to her. Perhaps Rogue could get her new friend to help her. Maybe she could save herself and help everyone else in this forsaken place. She patted herself down looking for anything out of the ordinary. Someone had clothed her at some point . . . well if a hospital gown could be considered clothing. Slowly, Rogue placed both her feet on the floor. A moment later she moved onto the floor and felt the cold tile floor against her hands as she kneeled down. She carefully crawled until she found a wall. It did not take long for Rogue to explore the small room she was being held in at the moment. The concrete walled room could be no bigger than roughly seven feet long and five feet wide. There were no windows and the door was solid iron.

"Emma . . . Emma, ah know ya can hear meh. Can ya open the door?" Rogue asked her hand lightly resting on the ice cold metallic surface. Rogue waited and nothing happened. "Emma, please?" Rogue tried again knowing this was her only chance.

The metal door gave a soft groan and Rogue heard the distinct sound of the metal bolt releasing from its lock. Rogue stepped back knowing there was no handle on this door. Light filtered in from the cracked open door and Rogue blinked rapidly as the light stung her eyes. She grabbed the door and eased it open enough for her head to peer out. She could see a plain simple hallway with rows of doors like her own going on in both directions. The prison like hallway was empty, but Rogue knew better than to be too hasty. It was best to take a moment and assess the situation before acting.

"Thank you, Emma," Rogue whispered. There were no obvious cameras so Rogue moved a bit further into the hallway. She counted forty doors, twenty evenly spaced out on both sides. Rogue moved to the first door and examined the structure. She had to figure out how to unlock these doors . . . and not pay attention to the sound of a man crying coming from the other side. The door had a number key pad.

Rogue quickly and silently crept down the hall with her back pressed against the wall. If someone figured out she had escaped it was over. She needed to somehow get word to the xmen where she was . . . and she had to figure that out too.

"Emma . . . can you get these locks to open as well?" Rogue asked.

"Security breach! Security breach! A subject has escaped from the containment cell!" a male voice shouted. Rogue whipped her head around and saw a tall man dressed in a security guard outfit coming her way. He was speaking into a walkie-talkie with a billy stick in hand. Rogue moved into a fighting stance as the overhead lights began flashing and the low scream of an alarm blasted her ears. Rogue knew she was officially in over her head. She needed help . . . she needed her team, the xmen.

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