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Ziva walked into the bullpen. She had just taken a week leave. This was unusual but Tony and Mcgee were not worried. They were worried now. There was a long scar running down her face. It had black stitches and looked jagged around the edges. One of her eyes was black and she was thinner and looked as though she had not eaten or slept in a while. Tony and Mcgee looked at her, shocked. They had never seen Ziva in such a state. They looked at each other, 'You ask!' mouthed Mcgee. 'You' mouthed Tony. 'No, you!' mouthed Mcgee. 'You' mouthed Tony. He stood up.

"Ziva? What happened to you?" he said boldly preparing himself for an outburst of Hebrew.

"Nothing." Said Ziva quietly not making eye contact.

Tony and Mcgee looked at each other. Ziva was being quiet? Something was wrong. Very wrong. Tony and Mcgee were almost scared. They had never seen Ziva act like this. What was up?

Gibbs walked into the bullpen. He took one look at Ziva and practically exploded.

"Go home." he said. "Eat, drink, sleep and don't come back until you are better."

Ziva gave him a look which clearly said 'go get stuffed cos I'm NOT going home.' Gibbs sighed. Why was Ziva so difficult sometimes?

"Go see Ducky." Gibbs ordered with practised harshness. Ziva wilted under Gibbs' stare and trailed down to autopsy.

"What the hell was up with her?" asked Tony.

"Mcgee?" said Gibbs.

"Yes boss?"

"See if Ziva has recently been admitted to hospital."

"Smart thinking boss." said Dinozzo giving him a thumbs up. Gibbs gave him one of his famous glares. Tony shut up immediately. Mcgee typed intensely on his keyboard.

"Um… Boss, Ziva was admitted to hospital last Saturday evening." There was a long pause.

"Mcgee. I'm waiting to know why." Gibbs scowled.

"Oh sorry boss. Um... multiple minor stab wounds."

"Stab wounds." he said thoughtfully. Tony imitated his look.

"DINOZZO!" Shouted Gibbs. Tony shrank back into his chair and tried to make it look as though he was working. He was not successful.

"What was the cause?" asked Gibbs.

"Uh… cause unknown boss."

Gibbs wandered off somewhere.

"Multiple minor stab wounds?" asked Mcgee.

"Yeah." Said Tony in a patronising voice.

"Ziva wouldn't let someone stab her. Would she?"

"Yeah. I didn't think of that." Said Tony, sarcastically.

"But Tony. What do you think happened?" replied Mcgee smiling; He was pleased he had thought of something Tony had not.

"I don't know Mcgee." Sighed Tony. "But I do know that Ziva doesn't want us to know so we will wait for Gibbs to find out and tell us."

"You're not normally this understanding Tony" said Mcgee curiously. He was now certain the world was going weird. First Ziva, then Gibbs and then Tony. Something weird was happening.

"My charm will wear her down eventually." Said Tony. That was better. The arrogant, bigheaded Tony was back.

"My arse!" replied Mcgee.

"Now my dear!" said Ducky.

"Aaargh!" said Ziva. Why wouldn't Ducky stop poking her? She was sitting on a table in autopsy. She had a thermometer in her mouth and her blood pressure was being monitored. Ducky always had a field day when he had a live patient.

"Ducky, I am fine." Said Ziva. Her accent was becoming thick because she was so tired. "You have a body to autopsy and I'm getting in the way."

"No. Ziva your body has to be healthy to work. Wasn't that part of your training?"

"Yeah." Sighed Ziva.

She tried to push herself off the table but Ducky pushed her back. She was surprised at how weak she was. She was feeling dizzy. That was probably because of the blood loss. Her muscles felt like cake. For some reason this made her feel scared and defenceless. She was loosing a fight. She had just given up. She would fight another day. Not today. Maybe not tomorrow. However, eventually she would fight. She tried again to get up and managed but stumbled. Ducky caught her before she hit the floor. Gibbs walked through the open doors of the autopsy room to see her fall.

"God Damn it Ziva!" he half shouted. "Go home and rest. Get better!"

Ziva stood unaided and gave him a 'go get stuffed cos I'm NOT going home.' look. She glared defiantly. "I am going to the bullpen – NOT home." She said.

She stumbled through the open doors. Gibbs heard the lift ding and relaxed.

"How is she doing?" he asked.

"She is not well at all Jethro. She is stubborn and will not rest."

"The scar on her face…" he asked.

"Oh yes. Probably caused by a Swiss army knife. It would have caused her immense pain. The poor child. I wonder what happened to her."

Gibbs gave Ducky a strange look.

"Yes. She will recover with rest, food and drink. Don't give her too much to do. It seems that she is starving herself of food and sleep. Her only side effect from the scar is the blood loss, which is causing her dizziness. What actually happened Jethro?"

"I don't know Duck. But I will find out."

"Good because this reminds me of a case that I solved in about 1980. A shocking case. A young girl was worn away and away and away because she did not eat. I had another case…Jethro?" Ducky turned around. Gibbs was not there. Ducky sighed and started putting away his equipment.

"Doctor?" asked Mr Palmer.

"Yes Palmer?" he said.

"Why did the girl in your case stop eating?"

"She was scared of something. We never found out what. She died before she could tell us. She was pretty. Long blonde hair and very rich but she never acted like a spoilt brat. I wish I knew what she was scared of."

"That's really interesting Doctor."

"Yes…Yes…" Ducky trailed off.