Chapter 39 (The last and final chapter! Whatever will I do with my life after this?!?!)

It was midnight once again. If Nellie hadn't been slightly preoccupied, she would have found this interesting, how everything significant in her life seemed to happen at midnight.

But she was slightly preoccupied.

Finally, finally, she and Sweeney were together, in every way. Not out of desperation, not out of need. They were making love in the purest way and giving everything they had to give.

But, as the pink dawn set the distant horizon afire, they could hear Letty crying in the other room. They rose together, their faces smiling and flushed with the perfect beauty of the past night, and held hands as the last midnight passed into day.

Well, hope you guys liked it! I finally had someone swear in the last chapter (le gasp!) and I had more smut and violence than I've ever had in a fic before... not sure if that's a good thing... whatever.

Bye-bye to happy Sweenett ending! Now I must counteract my optimisn with DEPRESSING HARRY POTTERNESS! YAY!