Dean bolted up right from the hotel bed gasping for air. He looked at his surroundings and realized that he was still in the motel room. He tried to shake off the dream he just had, but realized that he couldn't forget it, even if he wanted to.

"You have to kill me dean, Dad said so"

A sudden chill ran up his spine as he remembered those words. Hearing Sam whisper those very words to him made him shiver even though it was hot in the room. It scared him, because he knew that if Sam turned evil, he would have to kill his baby brother.

He loved Sammy, and he always swore to do anything for him. But not kill him, no. That was something he never promised to his brother, something he never promised to anyone.

He knew that Sam could fight against the darkness that might consume him one day. He knew it because Sammy was strong.

And strong brothers could make it through anything.