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Chapter 2

"So Sammy, tell me. What's the big secret?"

Sam only smiled and shook his head. "I'm not telling. You simply have to trust me on this."

Dean raised his eyebrows, but proceeded to towel his hair dry while he searched for a fresh shirt in his duffle bag with his free hand.

"I swear, if you drag me into a museum, or to some other pansy crap thing, there's going to be hell to pay."

"No museum, Dean. I promise you nothing you'd consider pansy. No museum, no opera, no lectures. Just trust me."

Satisfied that he had found a clean shirt, Dean tossed the towel onto the bed and shrugged into the shirt. Arms spread, he stood next to the bed, still frowning at Sam's cryptic instructions.

"All right, I'm ready. Where are we going?"

"Just get in the car. You'll know soon enough."

Dean grumbled, but he obligingly grabbed his jacket and went out the motel room door. Sam locked up behind them and got into the passenger seat of the car.

"Just drive down main street. I'll tell you when to make a turn."

Again, Dean grumbled, but he wordlessly pulled the Impala onto the road and followed Sam's directions. Sam knew that Dean didn't like not knowing what was going on, and that his compliance for a large part was to humor Sam. And only because they weren't on a hunt and Dean could be absolutely sure that this was not related to the supernatural in any way. But still, Dean didn't like it. That was painfully obvious.

Well, he didn't have to.

And in about ten minutes, he was going to know, anyway. It wasn't as if Sam would be able to keep it a secret for long, but he was going to do so for as long as he could. It had taken him long enough to find the right place for this. Some internet research about the area during their last hunt, and a few inconspicuous attempts to convince Dean to go to exactly this town after they finished their last hunt – attempts that didn't end up as inconspicuous as Sam would have liked. But no matter how much Dean had questioned, Sam hadn't revealed his reasons for coming here. They were more than half a year too late, but better late than never. Besides, it was typical Winchester style. The whole world had already seen it, but they had to wait until it fit into their lives to do something as normal as this.

"Take a left turn here."

Dean grunted something incomprehensible, but made the turn.

"And then pull into the parking lot to the right."

Dean would have to be blind to miss it. They might be in a smaller town and not in a huge city, but the Multiplex with its blinking lights and huge posters would have been hard to miss.

"Dude, a cinema?"

Sam grinned. "Told you it was something you'd like."

Dean parked the car and they got out. Sam noticed that his brother was still watching the building with a mixture between surprise and apprehension as they started walking towards the entrance. He still had no clue what all this was really about, and Sam felt the anticipation about his brother's reaction rise. Dean stuffed his hands into the pockets of his jacket and turned towards Sam.

"Sure, but why make such a big secret out of it? Why not just say 'Hey, let's go to the movies tonight'? Would have worked just as well, you know?"

Sam only smiled. "You'll see."

Dean rolled his eyes, but he remained silent until they arrived at the theater entrance, right in front of the cases displaying the posters for the movies that were shown tonight. Seeing those, Dean actually stopped short, and Sam saw how his brother's eyes wandered over the four posters. He could nearly see the gears turn in Dean's head as he discarded the movies one after another, until his eyes finally stopped at the last poster in the row. He stared at it for a few seconds, then slowly turned his head towards Sam.

"The new Raiders movie?"

Sam shrugged, but he couldn't stop smiling.

"You haven't seen it yet."

"Yeah, but you have."

"Since when has that stopped us? Dean, we've seen each of the other Raiders movies at least twenty times. Doesn't matter whether I've seen it before or not."

Dean still seemed undecided, but after a few seconds of deliberation, a grin spread on his face.

"Okay. But I'll get the popcorn."

Sam was probably grinning like an idiot by now, but he couldn't care less. This was what he had wanted to do ever since his brother had come back from hell, and the fact that they had finally made it felt like a huge relief. They should have done that a long while ago already.

Sam bought their tickets, then waited patiently while Dean got the biggest bucket of salted popcorn Sam had ever seen in his entire life. But seeing the huge grin on his brother's face, Sam would have gladly eaten nothing but salted popcorn for the rest of his life. Sam hadn't seen Dean grin this widely and carefree since his return from hell. And just for tonight, he wasn't going to think about that at all. Hell had changed a lot of things between them, and their time apart was still weighing heavily on them both, but for tonight Sam wasn't going to allow that to become a matter. Not for the next couple of hours. This was only about him and his brother.

Dean handed Sam a soda that was big enough to supply a small town with liquids for at least a week, and with his own soda and the popcorn clutched in both hands he led the way into the nearly empty cinema. They settled in their seats in the slightly stuffy room, and while Dean tried to peel himself out of his jacket without knocking over any of his supplies and releasing a tidal wave of popcorn and coke, Sam leaned back in his chair and took a deep breath. Popcorn, candy, cold salsa sauce. Just like a theater was supposed to smell like. And a whiff of leather as Dean finally managed to shrug out of his jacket and stuffed it between his right leg and the armrest separating his seat from Sam's.

Dean getting settled in a cinema was always a lengthy process that involved a lot of general grumbling, complaining about their seats and the other moviegoers, and rearranging himself to and fro. But after a few moments of endless shifting around he finally seemed to have found a comfortable position, with his soda within reach and the bucket of popcorn balanced on his lap. Sam reached out to grab a handful, but Dean reached out and grabbed his wrist before he could withdraw his hand again.

"Dude, you start groping me once the lights go out and I'll end you."

Sam gave a strangled laugh, though it came out like a strangled sob.

"Then don't hog the popcorn."

"Dude, right of the older brother to hoard the goods. Live with it or go without them."

Sam smiled and shook his head, putting the large portion of popcorn into his mouth as Dean released his wrist. There had been times when his brother's attitude had driven him mad, but right now he couldn't get enough of the good-natured bantering. However, it was cut short this time when the lights in the theater went out and the movie began. To Sam's left, Dean started munching popcorn – loudly and unashamed of it – and Sam simply leaned back and let the first minutes of the movie wash over him. For now, Dean was content with simply watching and munching his popcorn. But Sam knew his brother well enough to know that it wasn't going to last that long.

He really knew his brother well.

It lasted for all of ten minutes, maybe a slight bit more.

"Dude, Cate Blanchett is hot."

Something in Sam's chest that had been tight for far too long already loosened at those words. He smiled into the darkness of the theater.

"She's the villain, Dean."

"And hot. I'm just saying. Villains can be hot. Seriously Sammy."

Sam bit back a laugh. Dean couldn't see, not with his eyes glued to the screen, but Sam smiled widely for most part of the movie. Just because this time he didn't have to pretend. Because this time it was real, and he still couldn't believe how lucky he was.

A small knot of anticipation started to form in his stomach as Harrison Ford got near that nuclear testing range. The moment Indy got blown halfway across the desert in his lead-covered magical fridge, Dean's hand suddenly snapped into Sam's line of vision, finger outstretched and pointing at Sam's face, nearly touching his nose.

"Not a word!"

"I wasn't going to say anything."

"Of course you were. You were going to give me a lecture about how all this was unrealistic, and I'm telling you, don't."

Sam shrugged, smile still firmly in place.

"I'm just saying, the laws of physics say something different than the movie."

"Shut up, Sam!"

And miss out on all the fun? Sam didn't think so.

"There's just no way he got out of that thing alive after that impact. Not to mention survived a nuclear blast in it, too."

"Last warning, Sammy."

"I mean, he'd probably look like…ouch!"

Sam rubbed his thigh where Dean's fist had made a serious impact.

"What did you just hit me for?"

Dean shoveled another fistful of popcorn into his mouth.

"Arguing physics during an Indiana Jones movie. Seriously dude, what is wrong with you?"

Sam just shook his head and tried to focus on the movie again. Not that a lack of response on his part stopped Dean from his running commentary. Having his mouth taped shut probably wouldn't stop Dean at this point, and hearing the constant reassurance that his brother was there, in his ear, not in his head, made Sam feel like a weight had been lifted from his chest.

That was the upside to it. The downside was that, as glad as Sam was to have his brother back, that didn't necessarily mean his comments weren't grating on his nerves. In a good way, a way Sam had missed horribly for the months his brother had been gone, but still. Grating on his nerves.

"Totally Indy's son. I mean, it's obvious, isn't it? But what kind of name is Mutt, can you tell me that? Who names their kid Mutt? If you don't like your child, give it up for adoption, but don't name it Mutt. Even Sam is better than Mutt."

"Shut up Dean."

"And I'm totally getting a whip."

"For what? Cracking it at ghosts? That's going to be really helpful, Dean."

"But it looks cool!"

"Do I really need to remind you what happened the one and only time you tried to use a whip? Do I need to show you the scar?"

That shut Dean up for a second. "Yeah," he finally agreed. "Took me ages to repaint the Impala's fender after that little slip of the whip."

"I was talking about my arm, you moron!"

"Shut up, Sammy. Some of us haven't seen the movie yet!"

Sam hadn't either. Or at least he didn't really remember those parts during which he had bawled his eyes out the last time he had seen the movie. So in a way, he too was watching the movie for the first time. And it confirmed his opinion from the last time. Entertaining, but definitely lacking the flair of the old Raiders movies.

And then the movie was nearly over, and with some dread Sam realized that the only thing that was left was the wedding scene.

"They didn't."

Obviously, Dean had noticed that, too.

"They didn't seriously let Indy marry. And Marion on top of it. I mean, come on! This is Indy we're talking about. The guy doesn't get married! He falls for one lady in each movie, and for another in the next one. He's not supposed to get married!"

"Calm down, Dean."

"Calm down? How can I calm down when Henry Jones Jr. just got married right in front of my eyes? That's not right, Sam. He's not supposed to get married."

The movie was over, and slowly the lights in the theater were turned on again. Sam looked to his left, where his brother was still staring at the screen with an incredulous expression on his face, another handful of popcorn halfway to his mouth.

"I mean seriously, Sam. Married. He got married."

Sam smiled. "Let them have their happy ending, Dean."

Dean shook his head, and tossed the popcorn back into the bucket with a grimace. "Seriously."

Putting the bucket down on the seat beside him, Dean grabbed his jacket.

"Come on, let's go before they throw in another scene that's going to make me wanna take a shot of insulin just for precaution."

Sam followed his brother out of their row.

"But you liked it?"

Dean stopped and thought about that for a moment, then he shrugged. "It wasn't like the old Raiders movies, but it wasn't that bad. I mean, dude has gotten older, but he still knows how to work the whip. Of course it was fun." He shot Sam a grin and slapped his brother's shoulder. "Thanks for doing this, Sammy."

"You're welcome."

"How about we grab something to eat now? A man can't live on popcorn for an entire evening. Come on, Sammy."

Dean gestured for Sam to follow, then turned and proceeded to walk out of the cinema. For a short moment Sam simply stood and watched his brother.

Let Indy and Marion have their happy ending. Sam knew for a fact that it was going to take a while longer for him to get his. If there ever was going to be a happy ending for him between the demons, the ghosts and the monsters. But for now, he had his brother back. And with Dean around, it all suddenly seemed so much easier to bear.

Dean's head appeared back on top of the stairwell that led out of the cinema.

"Dude, are you coming? I'm starving here!"

With a shake of his head, Sam started after his brother.

In a way, he already had his happy ending. Loud, foul-mouthed, and grating on Sam's nerves like nobody else, but Sam wouldn't exchange him for anything in the world.

The End

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