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Edwards POV

It was a nice school and a nice little town, there was no denying that. Although new to me and my family it would probably take but five minutes to remember every single little detail that pertained to it. I sat back in the seat of my Volvo and continued to drive to the school, normally I was so calm and collective but today was a like Hell. It was my first day at this school and already my head was filled with unwanted voices. It hurt but that was expected when you did not know any of the people. I rubbed my temple with my left hand while the right one steered into the school parking lot.

I got out of the car and looked up at the cloudy sky, London was famous for this. Which was all too perfect for our kind, unfortunately we had to go out of town to hunt, which was very annoying. Just like my first day at Forks High all the girls in my year and younger looked and stared. I could hear every single little detail of their inner thoughts.

"Oh my Lord is he gorgeous!"

"Bloody Hell! I have never seen someone sooo sexy in my life."

"What I wouldn't give for five minutes with that…he's probably American."

I refused to smile, this chatter was irritating and all the voices had that blasted accent. I went into the main building which was one floor; the office clearly had its own department, and walked inside. Once again I had another set of eyes on me. I approached the receptionist and placed my hands on the desk.

"Can I help you?" she asked winded.

I blinked once and smiled politely at her, just because I was not enjoying myself didn't mean I was going to make a bad impression.

"I am one of the Cullen children; you have already received my sister and brother Jasper and Alice."

She turned away from me slowly and to her computer. Quickly, as if anxious to see my face again, she typed into the database to pull up my families file.

"You are sixteen correct?" she asked.

Unfortunately, because here in England students graduate at sixteen that was the new age I had to go by, really I was seventeen but who was going to argue against me when they could barely talk to me without passing out.

"Yes, ma'am." I said softly.

"Alright, and your name is?"

"Edward Cullen."

She typed it in nodding in compliance.

"Yes, your brother and sister are here…are there any particular classes you would like with them?"

I tilted my head to the side, I loved my brother and sister but at the moment I was not in the mood to spend every minute of my endless life with them. There was only one period that I really felt the need to see them.

"Would lunch be alright?"

She nodded and typed it in.

"They have lunch 5th period is that acceptable?"

I nodded.

"Okay, I have a schedule and a map and I will call down your guide-"

"A guide won't be necessary I am pretty good at finding my own way."

She looked at me and nodded entranced.

"Okay, so then your schedule and a map?"

I nodded.

"Thank you," I looked and saw that the name on her desk said, "Mrs. Stellmach."

"Oh, your welcome love." She said blushing.

She stood from her desk and walked down an opposite hallway, I assume it was to go and get me my schedule and map. I walked over to a seat and sat down in one of the chairs. I sighed and leaned back strangely my mind continued to wander away…back to Forks.

I shook my head, it was what was best…leaving Bella was a good thing. She was safe and I didn't have to fight my thirst anymore. Well I did but-

That smell…it…it was magnificent…who-

I turned and saw that a thin red head was walking into the office. She had long curly hair and gorgeous liquid blue eyes. And…and her smell…her smell was more overpowering then Bella's. Bella had a floral smell but this girl…her smell was sweet and spicy…like cinnamon. She smelled absolutely…delicious…her blood was probably like a sweet…apple cider…WHAT WAS I DOING!?

She turned for me for a brief moment and her eyes widened, she looked almost in shock…but then her expression changed it went from amazed to angry. I wondered what she was thinking I was just about to jump head first into her thoughts when a pain that I have never felt before seared through out my head. My eyes widened and I slammed my closed fists to either side of my temples.

As the pain began to go to a tiny tingle my body relaxed and I was able to calm myself. Whatever that was I knew that she was the cause of it, whoever she was I knew that I had to see her again…I had too know who she was, why she had seemed so alarmed and then so furious.

"Alright dear, "Ms. Stellmach had returned holding a dark blue notebook which I assumed to be my schedule, planner, and map. She handed me the supplies which I took with a shaky hand, "there you go."

"Um, can I ask you something Ms. Stellmach?" I asked in a sickly sweet voice.

"Of course dear."

"A girl just came in here a couple of minutes ago, you wouldn't have happened to of seen her?"

Mrs. Stellmach put her finger to her chin in thought.

"Red hair?"

I nodded vigorously.

"Rather quiet?"


"It is most likely Celeste Webber…she is one of England's oldest Families here."

I nodded, Celeste, she was named after one of the star constellations…she was about as beautiful as one. I grinned slightly…now I know how Bella felt when I first met her. I didn't know why she hated me but I knew she hated me, more so I was determined to find out.

"Is there any chance that I can get a few classes with her?"

Mrs. Stellmach looked a little troubled by this but I flashed her my most dazzling smile and batted my eyelashes. Bella was right I could get whatever I wanted whenever I wanted it. She went back to her computer and began pulling up Celeste's schedule, she turned the computer towards me and I looked down the list.

Celeste Webber Semester 1 Schedule

Period 1: Mr. Rita Science

Period 2: Ms. Michaels English

Period 3: Mr. Marks Chorus/ Ms. McMinn Gym

Period 4: Mr. Alleman Social Studies

Period 5: Lunch

Period 6: Free Period

Period 7: Mr. Gates Mass Media

Period 8: Mr. Custer Calculus

I followed her schedule, I wasn't sure what classes I wanted to have with her but I knew that I already had lunch with her.

"Hmm…can I have her same free period, her math class, her choral class and her social studies class?"

As I spoke Ms. Stellmach typed it into the computer. As she was doing so I ran over the classes Celeste had memorizing every single one. Then when it was gone I smiled. She quickly handed me a copy of the new schedule and I left with a brisk thank you and good-bye.

It was drizzling outside as I walked carefully to the new building. Well it wasn't new to them but it was rather new to me. I glanced at my map quickly memorizing it as well and began to my first period class.

I walked into Mr. Bixler's science class and handed him my papers.

"Okay, well you can sit with…hmmm…ah; you can sit with Lydia Smith."

He pointed to a blond girl that was sitting by herself but talking to another girl from across the other side of the room. I rolled my eyes and sat down next to her distancing myself as far away as I could, not because she smelled appetizing but because she smelled sour…bad blood. She was no doubt one of the snobbish types.

"Hey I'm Lydia."

"Yes, I got that just now." I said coldly.

"Don't have a heart attack love."

I chuckled and shook my head.

"I'll try and contain myself." I retorted.

She frowned at my rude remark and at first turned but then faced me again.

"Would you like to go out some time?"

Lydia turned to her friends and winked.

"No." I said so quickly that her head was probably spinning.

She turned away and I sat back smugly in my chair and watched Mr. Bixler as he started his lesson.

The class was far to long and dragging for my liking, it probably just seemed that way because I had already learned all of this in Forks or before. Or I lived through it myself. Being a vampire had that advantage. When it was just about to end the door to Bixler's class opened and a familiar red head slipped in.

"Hi Celeste." Mr. Bixler said.

She smiled politely and I felt my still heart beat…wow!

"Hello Mr. Bixler."

Her English accent was so perfect and beautiful, not at all like her other classmates that had that quick paced and annoying accent that was mocked constantly in America.

"Did you need something?"

"Yes, actually…umm would it be too much to ask if I could borrow your new student…I need a picture of him for the school paper."

Mr. Bixler smiled and said, "Wouldn't you rather have a picture of me?"

The whole class laughed I just gave him a weak smile.

"That's okay Mr. Bixler…it's not a high strength lens."

I chuckled, that was actually a good shot.

"Ha-ha," he said pretending to be upset, "okay Mr. Edward you can go…if the camera sucks out your soul just give a holler."

Celeste smiled and led the way out the door.

I followed her until we stopped a couple of feet down the hall. She took out a Nikon Digital Camera and immediately it reminded me of Bella, she had gotten the same camera from Renee for her birthday.

"Okay, if you would just stand here." She motioned with her hand for me to move over to the left.

I did so but apparently not far enough, she took her hand and gently moved me a little bit farther.

"There we go…oh, I almost forgot." She took out a pamphlet and a pen. "I didn't even ask you if you wanted your picture taken."

At first it took me a moment to find my voice; it was as if all the suaveness from my voice had disappeared.

"I don't really mind but is there any way we can turn off the flash…it bugs my eyes."

I looked at her to see a thin lipped smile appear on her face, as if I told her exactly what she wanted to hear.

"I don't mind, the picture will be in black and white anyhow."

I nodded and watched as she aimed the camera. I leaned back against the wall with my hands in my pockets and smiled slightly.

"Say…cheese." She whispered.

I could hear the click of the camera and once I was back at my normal stance she took another picture, this time with the flash. I quickly turned to see her smiling smugly.

"Just in case the original doesn't come out right…besides it is more natural."

I pursed my lips but didn't say anything, the flash probably wouldn't effect my skin too much it, she probably wouldn't even notice.

"Okay thanks, I'll give you a copy of the paper later when the issue comes out…see ya."

And quickly as if afraid she would be contaminated by my presence she scurried away. I watched her jog down the hallway and turn to the right. I wish…oh how I wish I could hear what she was thinking. I wanted to know why she was avoiding me like the plague and what I had said that had amused her so much. Well I only had one more period to go and then I would find out personally. But Maybe while I was in my- was it English-class I could find out more about Celeste.

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