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Celeste's POV

My head was killing me; and it felt like it took all of my strength to just my eyes and looked around. From what I could tell I was in a dark room, somewhere in my own home. I attempted to move my arms only to find that I was tied up as well.

"Celeste…can you hear me?"

I squinted in Rosalie's direction to try and see her face.

"Yes," I whispered, "can you break your ropes?"

She shook her head and looked down at her feet in shame, well it served her right! This was her entire fault, if she had just let Edward and me be neither of us would be in this situation.

"No, these aren't normal ropes."

"They must have charmed you to the chair." I said with an agitated sigh.

"Celeste," she said once more, "I am really sorry…I just didn't want our way of life to be endangered."

I laughed sarcastically and glared coldly.

"Well look where your brilliant plan brought you…at the mercy of the Head Warlocks."

I could hear her sharp intake of breath and then nothing for about five minutes. I looked around the room trying to figure out where my parents had left me. I knew that we were in the Manor, I could tell by the smell but I was not familiar with the room.

"What are they going to do to us?"

I didn't want to tell Rosalie what they were going to do to torture us, because half of me was considering doing it without the council's help.

"They are going to have me kill you." I said callously. "And before you ask, no I am not going to…although I am highly considering it."

I watched Rosalie bow her head again and sigh deeply ashamed. I leaned back and sighed as well, this really sucked. There was no way for me to see where we were and there was no way I had enough energy to cast magic and be able to leave the Manor with Rosalie. We were stuck, with no hope and no chance of getting out of this dilemma.

The corners of my eyes began to burn and I could feel tears fill my eyes, I tried to keep myself calm and sane but for the love of God…I knew what was going to happen if I did not kill Rosalie. Tonight would be my last night on earth, because tonight was the night that I would die.

I tried to breath through my nose but it was filled to the brim with mucus and as I went to breath through my mouth a shaky inhale was heard. Rosalie's head shot up to face me and I could feel her eyes bore into my flesh.

"Edward loves you Celeste," for some reason that only made me sob harder, "He will come for you!"

"I…I don't want him too…h-he'll just be in…m-m-more danger…"

We sat there in silence and as the length of time began to lengthen I could feel my eyes start to close, I was so tired and I wanted nothing more then to just fall asleep and pray that this was all just a bad dream.

"Celeste!" Rosalie spat.

I woke up with a start to find Rosalie's head moving in all sorts of directions.

"They are coming!" she whispered frantically.

My stomach suddenly knotted up with dread as I heard the footsteps leading to this room. This was it; I would be taken down with Rosalie to be condemned to a life of Hell. I would burn forever and ever in eternal flames never to see the light of day or…Edward Cullen.

The door flew open and the golden light from the outside hallway surrounded us. The hooded men that I had come to fear stepped in and pulled Rosalie from the chair very roughly. The man that came in next was unmistakable, it was my father. He untied my ropes and took both of my hands in his own. He knew that I was too weak to try anything, which is why he didn't need to be completely forceful.

"Hello dearest daughter," he said playfully, "when will you ever learn to just do as you are told."

"Never." I spat.

"Hmm, pity." He said pulling me with him from the room and into the hall.

Nothing illuminated our way other then a few candle sticks; I knew that we had to be on the fourth floor of the Manor because when we finally got to the staircase it took us a good ten minutes to walk downstairs.

Where were the going to have me do this? In the living room, the kitchen? It wasn't like our home was built for such a thing. As medieval as it was there was no dungeon to keep prisoners or dueling room!

We reached the final landing and turned down another hallway, we continued to walk until, finally, we reached a large oak door. This was the door that led to the Library! What were they going to have me do; read Rosalie to death with Sense and Sensibility? The Warlocks opened the doors and pushed Rosalie inside, I unfortunately had father attached to my wrist.

We waited there and waited, there were no lights, no sound. If it continued I would surely go mad from the ringing in my ears!

"Ah, young Celeste!"

With a loud clap lights filled the room and I once again was facing the Head Warlocks. The leader, who I had never had to pleasure to meet, was wearing dark blue robes and a very distasteful look on his face. I wanted to kill him. His graying hair and partially wrinkled skin did not fool me, this man was dangerous.

"It is so nice you took time away from your boyfriend to join us!"

I looked up at him; if only looks could kill…he would be dead right now!

"Ms. Webber," he said sweeping down in front of me, "you are being charged with the horrid act of helping vampires. How do you plead?"

"Not guilty." I said through pursed lips.

"Pardon? You are denying the fact that you helped these…things?"

I laughed, "No, I am not denying it…but I have nothing to be guilty of."

Uproars of yells and curses were sent my way but I kept my eyes and ears on the scum that stood before me, then again they were all scum. Okay, the scummiest of them all.

"You are also guilty of dating a vampire, how do you plead?"

"The same as before, yes I did, no I do not feel one ounce of guilt for loving Edward Cullen."

I could see the Lead Warlock glare at me severely as if he wanted nothing more then to kill me right then and there. I almost hoped that he smacked me, maybe if I became angry enough I could gather some of my magic back and try and fight. I didn't care if I died, I only needed twenty minutes to impair the lot of them.

"We are here," he said sweeping away and turning to the council, "to discuss the case of Celeste Webber! Clearly she has refused to accept the calling that has been so graciously put upon her. But tonight we will give her the chance to redeem herself and return to the Head Warlocks!"

Applause broke out in the library and reverberated off the walls. I looked to Rosalie who continued to keep her head down, I could not blame her, some of the ugliest people were in this room. By appearance, maybe not, but my morals…yes!

"Now Celeste Webber, we have decided to give you the chance to redeem yourself! We have brought you a healthy vampire that was willing to sacrifice your life for her own. Kill her and we will set you free."

I felt my father finally release me but they kept Rosalie firmly tied. I stared into her eyes, they reminded me of Edwards. As a matter of fact, all I wanted to think of right now was Edward. How would he feel if he saw me at such a horrible state? I had even considered to kill Rosalie before they came up…I really was a monster.

"I…I don't want to be a monster."

Gently, with his icicle like fingers Edward cupped his hands around my face. He pressed his lips once again onto mine and breathed, "You are no monster."

I smiled slightly and looked back up at the leading scum bag.

"No!" I said firmly.

"What?" he spat.

"No! I will not kill Rosalie Cullen! I will not kill her or any of the other Cullens!"

I stood up as best I could and went to Rosalie to untie her ropes but before I could I felt someone grab me by the shoulder and push me to the ground.

"You insolent little beast!" he screamed!

My father stood over me with a face filled with rage, as I looked into his red face I felt myself become angry as well. And without a second thought I kicked him right in the shin sending him back.

"I am not beast, you are the beast!" I spat kicking him again.

"What do you intend to do child? Fight all of us?" his laugh and mocking was enough for me to feel furious, but before I could react a pain seared through my spine.

I screamed out in agony and began to sink down to my knees, very carefully I opened my eyes to see a ring of lightning surround me. It was white and zapped me into a frenzy of pain I did not know existed. I yelled and yelled but the pain did not lessen.

"Kill Rosalie Cullen-"


"It will not stop until you do!" he spat.


I opened my eyes once more to see the white bolt come closer and closer to my skin. I guessed that once it touched my skin it would kill me on the spot. I bit my lip to keep myself from screaming and waited for my death to come near. I looked to Rosalie who was wrestling to break the magical ropes that had been wrapped around her torso.

She turned to me and I could see her say something. I could see her, but I could not hear her say anything. As a matter of fact I could not hear anything period. It was like I had been put underwater, everything sounded fuzzy. It was strange, now that I thought about it I also felt rather numb. I closed my eyes for a brief moment but then it came to the point that I could not open them anymore.

It was strange, I didn't feel anything, I didn't hear anything. This was the first time I felt at peace in the longest of time.

"Celeste, can you hear me?"

What was Edward doing here? Well at least I knew that I wasn't in Hell.


I waited for an answer but none came, and I didn't really feel like talking at the moment, all I wanted to do right then and there was sleep. I wanted to lie down but I didn't think I would be able to move much without feeling pain. I waited for death to come, for something but nothing. Maybe this was death? Maybe there was nothing after death, maybe I would be stuck in this black void for the rest of my life.

I had always hoped that there would be nothing beyond death, I really did not want to go to Hell. Out of all the things in life that scared me Hell was at the top of my list. I wonder if I would be able to keep my magic? If I did I would at least be able to defend myself against demons.

Awe, who was I kidding…there was no hope! There was no hope of anything saving me or Rosalie! I was screwed and going to burn in a fiery pit of flames! At least I would have company; I already knew that April was down there waiting for me.


Edward…again? Maybe this was a different type of Hell. The type where you could hear the one you love call your name but no answer you when called back.


Would he just give it a rest?! Satan sure did have a cruel sense of humor…evil bastard.


Wait…I wasn't dead?

My eyes flew open and immediately I found my body writhing in agony. The burning…Oh, God…IT HURT LIKE HELL!

"Celeste…oh, thank God!"

I looked up to see Carlisle facing me, and the library being dismantled. Explosions could be heard, not from this room but from the ones down the hall.

"Can you stand?"

It was strange, I could not answer him; all I wanted to do right now was fall back asleep.

"Celeste!" he said shaking me awake.

I opened my eyes briefly but unfortunately…I could not keep them open for long.

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