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Ranger-Princess Mira Nova stirred, waking slowly. For a moment, she forgot where she was – she most certainly wasn't in her bunk at Star Command.

"Oh, right," she muttered, sitting up. She was in her bedchamber in the Royal Palace on Tangea. She'd arrived late last night, just in time for her father's birthday. Royal birthdays were always a big event on Tangea. Every last Tangean noble was invited for a huge, three-day celebration.

Mira hadn't really wanted to come, but she had to be there, for several reasons. For starters, it was her father's birthday, and as a member of the royal family, she was expected by everyone to attend. Her only excuse for not coming would have been if Team Lightyear was busy.

They weren't. Things at Star Command had been exceedingly slow and dull for the past couple of weeks, and Team Lightyear had been given furloughs. Booster had gone home to Jo-Ad, to visit his family. XR was enjoying the sun, sand, and surf on Mahamba 6, with his girlfriend, 42 (the two bots had recently made up). And Buzz was on Karn, of all places, with – of course – Dr. Ozma Furbanna, his fiancee.

Yawning, Mira rose and glanced down at her nightgown. She missed her ranger suit. This dress felt flimsy and thin. It wouldn't stand a chance in a firefight.

She ghosted out into the hallway, narrowly avoiding a collision with . . . someone she never would have expected to see in the Tangean Royal Palace.

"Rocket?" Mira exclaimed, backing up a step. "What . . . Why are you . . . What are you doing here?"

Ranger Rocket Crocket – leader of Team Rocket, Team Lightyear's greatest rivals – replied, "Commander Nebula wanted a few non-Tangean rangers here, to represent Star Command. So he sent my team."

"Why didn't he send my team?"

Rocket shrugged and eyed Mira's nightgown. "Don't think I've ever seen you without your ranger suit on."

Mira flushed self-consciously. "Well, I wasn't exactly expecting you see you here."

"So, do all Tangean royals walk around in their pajamas when they're at home, or just you?" Rocket asked.

"We don't make a habit of it. I guess you just got lucky," snapped Mira sarcastically. With that, she turned and ghosted back into her room, glad that it had no doors (King Nova had installed some doors for the convenience of non-Tangean visitors, after some rather messy business with the renegade Lord Angstrom). Huffily, she slumped on her bed, ignoring the fact that it wasn't exactly proper posture for a Tangean princess.

"Why did the Commander have to send Rocket's team?" Mira grumbled to herself, folding her arms and staring sulkily out her window at the countryside. "Any ranger would have been preferable to him." Idly, she wished Nebula had sent someone like Ranger Petra. The two girls had become good friends during Petra's training.

But Petra was currently on the ski resort planet of Sitka 7, on her honeymoon. She and Plasma Boy had tied the knot only two days ago.

Seems like everyone is hooking up these days, Mira thought. In addition to Petra and Plasma Boy, Buzz and Ozma, and XR and 42, Booster was spending time with his childhood sweetheart, Babster (though it couldn't really be described as dating), and there was a rumor that Commander Nebula and Madame President were seeing each other, although that rumor hadn't been officially confirmed.

It was as though almost everyone in the known universe had been bitten by the love bug, except for Mira.

I wonder if Rocket is seeing anyone, thought Mira, than dismissed the thought as quickly as possible. She didn't care at all if Rocket Crocket was dating anybody. He could go jump in a lake, for all she cared. Why had she blushed before, in the hall? She didn't care what he thought.

Mira stood up and quickly got dressed, slipping on a maroon gown, again yearning for her suit. Dresses always got in the way. You couldn't do anything in them except stand around, looking fancy and being useless.

She hesitantly stuck her head out into the hallway, quickly looking back and forth. After reassuring herself that Rocket wasn't out there, she ghosted out of her room and went to have breakfast with her father.

* * *

Commander Nebula strode into Mission Control and promptly demanded, "What the blazes is goin' on in here?!?" He glared at the three LGMs playing a game of poker with XL – XR's brother, the photocopier/fax machine – and the Commander's desk. "Why aren't you workin'?"

"Sorry, Commander," said the three LGMs in unison. The desk sheepishly backed up a bit.

"Aw, come on, Pop," said XL. "Nothin' is goin' on around here. No emergencies, no planets in distress . . . We got bored."

"Work is never boring!" Nebula retorted with his characteristic loudness. "Now get back to your stations!"

The LGMs scurried to their spots, while XL and the desk quickly left.

Suddenly, an alarm started blaring at one of the computer terminals. The LGM sitting there said, "Trouble on Capital Planet!"

Nebula read the information on the monitor screen. "The Galactic Alliance Senate Chamber is being invaded by hornets?!? I thought security there was supposed to be extra-tight today, what with the 10th Annual Galactic Senate Conference going on." He immediately opened his wrist-com and tuned it into the frequency of Amar Krillian, an Asian ranger who was the head of Team Krillian. "Krillian! What's goin' on down there? Security is supposed to be air tight!"

"I'm sorry, Commander," said Amar, looking apologetic. "But Star Command's two best teams aren't here. Without Team Lightyear and Team Rocket, we're in trouble!"

Nebula rubbed his temples. "I'll get in touch with Team Lightyear. Ranger Nova and Team Rocket are staying on Tangea – our relationship with the Tangeans has been rocky lately, and I don't want to make things worse by interfering with their cultural traditions. Can you hold the fort til backup gets there?"

Amar nodded. "No problem, sir."


* * *

Mira spent most of the morning avoiding Rocket. She was sitting on a doorless terrace – which only Tangeans could access – sketching (one of her hobbies), when her wrist-com flickered to life. Booster's image appeared. "Booster, what's up?"

"Buzz, XR, and I have to report to Star Command immediately," Booster said.


"Some hornet problems at the Senate Chambers on Capital Planet. Commander Nebula wants his best rangers there."

"I'm on my way," said Mira, getting to her feet.

"Actually, the Commander wants you to stay on Tangea," Booster told her, looking uncomfortable.

Mira's eyes narrowed. "Why?"

"He said something about not wanting to interfere with Tangean traditions."

Mira made a wry face, thinking, So, I'm stuck here while my team is fighting Zurg? Thanks, Commander. She always got sarcastic when she was angry.

"What about Team Rocket?" she asked suddenly. "Are they being called back?"

Booster shook his head. He said, "I gotta go. See you later." His face vanished.

"Ugh!" Mira exclaimed to herself. "This stinks!" She glared sulkily at her sketches and ghosted into the palace, where she promptly ran into – guess who? – Ranger Rocket.

"That's the second time this has happened today, Nova," said Rocket with a crooked grin on his face and a glint in his eye. "You'd think someone with powers like yours wouldn't have this kind of trouble."

"Sorry," Mira mumbled.

"Got the message from Star Command, huh? About us being left out of the action at Capital Planet?"

"Yeah, I got it. I can't believe that Commander Nebula would do this to us. It's not as if you or I have to be here. This is a birthday celebration, not a major 'Tangean tradition'. Unbelievable! I hate having to sit out on all the exciting missions."

What was really unbelievable, Mira realized, was that she had just spilled her guts to Rocket Crocket, of all people. Another example of what stress and frustration did to people.

Rocket was watching her with an infuriatingly amused expression on his face. Mira scowled at him and sauntered away, fists clenched. What had possessed Commander Nebula to send Team Rocket? Any other ranger would have been preferable to Rocket.

Whenever Mira was frustrated, there was always one thing that made her feel better. She went to the palace launchbay and hopped onto the nearest hovercycle.

The wind whipped through Mira's long, red hair as she zoomed along above the trees. She knew of a special spot a few miles away from the palace, a place that only one other person knew about.

Don't think about that, she told herself. She had promised herself that she would never think about him again . . .


The relationship would never have worked out. She was a royal, he was a Tangean grounder. Anyway, she would never know if they would have worked out, because Romac had been destroyed by Zurg a year ago . . .

No, Mira wasn't destined for romance. She didn't really mind. She was a natural tomboy and could take care of herself.

And yet, whenever she thought of Buzz and Ozma or Petra and Plasma Boy, she felt strangely empty. As though she was missing something in her life.

She reached the small forest clearing and landed the cycle. Mira leaped off and sat down on a boulder on the side of the small stream that ran through the woods. She yanked off her uncomfortable shoes, submerging her feet in the cool, clear water.

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